Kemper Hall

Third Avenue, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kemper Hall once served as a female seminary known as St. Claire's Hall. In 1878 the hall was under the care of Sister Margaret Clare. Sister Margaret Clare was known for her unrelenting temper and demanding persona.

It's rumored that at one time a seminarian became enraged with Sister Margaret Clare and pushed her down a flight of stairs. Sister Margaret Clare, however, survived the fall and lived a long iron-fisted life until she died in 1921.

People often see Sister Margaret Clare's ghost now haunting the area. She is described as a nun in a habit, and looking very stern. Some have described her eyes as purely white; others have said her eyes appear to be empty.

During it's time Kemper Hall witnessed one of its seminarians take her own young life.

Sister Augusta arrived at the seminary in 1899. Under the rule of Sister Margaret Clare she soon became exhausted with her duties. On New Years day of 1900 Sister Augusta disappeared. Sister Margaret Clare, embarrassed by her disappearance, fabricated a story to tell Sister Augusta's prominent family. Sister Margaret Clare told them that their loved one had traveled to Springfield, Missouri.

A frantic search began for Sister Augusta, she was found on January 8th by a brother and sister along the shore of the nearby beach. Sister Augusta had drowned herself in the icy waters.

Sister Margaret Clare demanded that due to Sister Augusta committing suicide that she not be allowed to be buried in her habit. A rare occurrence, Sister Margaret Clare's demand was ignored and Sister Augusta was put to rest in her full habit at Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis.

Today, people have stated seeing Sister Augusta's ghost frantically running the halls of Kemper. Others have witnessed her in a dark corner, on the floor, hugging her knees and weeping. People have also seen Sister Augusta's ghost outside of Kemper Hall walking the shoreline of the nearby beach.

Other paranormal activity has been witnessed at Kemper Hall. People have heard strange noises, from disembodied footsteps to the sound of prayers being spoken. Often the hall is used for events and meetings, organizers will spend a full day setting up tables and chairs. In one strange event the organizers left for the day with everything set up properly. When they returned the following morning all of the chairs were placed on top of the tables. They inquired if the maintenance staff had done it, but discovered that there was no one in the building that night.

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