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Reports seem to be of a varying degree...

Students that have never had a problem with depression or anxiety seem to be overcome by feelings of sadness and fear. Other students have reported intense nightmares of them murdering or of being murdered.

Other reports have been of apparitions, strange lights and noises, and foul smells in certain buildings at certain times.

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Hope Hurst
Jun 25, 2009 10:26pm [ 1 ]

I've recently been accepted into the Concord University Upward Bound program where high schoolers can take class/live on campus. My experiences in Wilson Hall (where our dorms are located) have been frightening. Me and my roomates chose the three person room located on the right side of the building where we have a clear view of the hall. Room 319. When I first arrived at our room, I was told a story of a young college student who hung herself in room 320-the room beside ours-a few years back. We've heard strange noises coming from that room at night. We've also heard a voice. My Mentor said that while she was on a steak out, trying to capture these supposed noises, she heard a closet door opening and closing. The student that hung herself used the clothe hanging bar at the top of her closet to tie the noose around. Many of the other girls on our floor have supposedly seen a young girl dressed in a white dress. One even claimed the girl waked through a vending machine. We've also heard furniture constantly moving on the fourth floor, which is completely unoccupied. I could go on for hours about the horrifying experiences I've endured while staying at Concord, but I'll stop here. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Wilson Hall
Sep 13, 2011 9:27pm [ 2 ]

Ok. So, this is my third year living in Wilson and I have always felt strange, especially when I am by myself. I live on the fourth floor of Wilson and I always hear strange and freaky noises. One time I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, looked up just to see the shower curtain to the showers fall, it had been a few minutes and the showers never came on. I looked in there to find that I was the only one in the bathroom. Another thing that scares me is when you go into the little room where the elevator is you instantly feel like you should leave. You just feel like you are not alone in there.

Oct 19, 2011 9:21am [ 3 ]

The girl who hung herself did so in Sarvay, not Wilson.

Feb 11, 2012 5:06pm [ 4 ]

Just because a girl hung herself in Sarvay doesn't mean it didn't happen anywhere else!!!

Jul 11, 2012 8:20pm [ 5 ]

I never finished at concord. In one semester I changed rooms 3 times. I lived on the third floor of sarvay hall. A little girl in a white dress followed me to every room I moved. My roommates woke several times to her looking down at me while I slept. I would wake up to my clothes thrown out of the closet and a picture drawn in chalk inside the closet by a child almost every morning. The pictures were always different (houses, flowers and sunshine, puppy dogs, etc..) but it was always signed by Kate, Katie, or Kathren..

At my time there I also had dreams about this same student killing me or me killing myself. This certain student even admitted to dreams of murdering me as well.

I sat in class one day and had a conversation with a troubled boy named David who felt as though another student was stalking him with intent to harm him. I returned to class the next class and he wasn't there and being as scared as he was for his safety, I expressed my concerns to the teacher and after describing him to the teacher, I almost had a heart attack when he told me that this same boy was in fact murdered several years before and the building we were in was named after him.

That is just the most disturbing things out of so many more. It actually escalated so severely that I had to leave the college. I can say for a 100% fact that sarvay hall is in fact haunted!

Sep 11, 2012 9:13am [ 6 ]

What building were you in? I know of no buildings named after children. Just curious.

Jun 19, 2017 10:05pm [ 7 ]

Hey, I hope I am not crazy and I want to know if anyone else has been this severely bothered by the paranormal here at cu. I use to room in Wilson and I place thing in certain places in my room like a paper and when I would return to get said paper it would be gone, and I would look for days and find it later for example on my micro wave. During my stay there I would wake up feeling nauseated and I would find bruising on my body that wasn't there the night before. I lost a lot of sleep because I always would see shadows moving. I don't believe in the paranormal but I am starting to. My resent experience happened in the Fine Arts building, and this one scares me. I left the choir room to go to the rest room and I could here the organ playing and we were just told it was broke and no sound was coming out; so I went into the auditorium to check and when I did no one was there. When I was walking out I felt someone grab my hair and pull me backwards. My body went limp, I got really dizzy and sick, I almost hit my head against the concrete wall if I had not caught myself. I went onward to the restroom and when I got in I threw up. It took me several days to gain my strength back. I was told today about a kid named David who died in the front of the building by his girlfriend. I want to get the bottom of this and I want to know if I am the only one to go through this? Please let me know.

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