Billy's Bar and Grill

Heron & G Street, Aberdeen, Washington

Billy's was named after it's colorful opportunist owner, Billy Ghol. Billy lived during the early 1900's, a time when Aberdeen was a bit more 'colorful'. During this time Billy was involved with the unions that looked over the lumbering, fishing, and sailing work.

At first Billy was known as a stand up guy, but as greed gripped Billy he began to make his own rules. In order to enforce his rules, Billy resorted to murder. Some murders happened in his own establishment. Eventually, Billy was sent off to die in prison, but his victims now haunt the establishment where they met their end.

Staff and customers have commented on the cold spots that plague the establishment. Other activity includes the flickering and total cut off of the lights. The large mirror behind the bar will mysteriously fog.

People have also witnessed strange mists that move rapidly through rooms.

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Feb 21, 2014 4:49pm [ 1 ]

I have been at Billys many times and always wondered about the story, but never actually did see or hear anything. I do like the building though, and the lights on it. Looks very cool. I am wondering however if anyone else in the area has also witnessed anything "paranormal" or the like at, or around Sam Benn Park. I and someone else have both witnessed what can only be described as some sort of paranormal experiences there, especially when walking on North I Street along the park sidewalk. If anyone else has, or knows about any paranormal things at that park or in the very near vicinity of it, please comment.

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