Mount Marty College

1105 West 8th Street, Yankton, South Dakota

Mount Marty College was founded in 1936 by the Sisters of Saint Benedict of Yankton. Since that time the college has expanded. During a construction project, a construction worker met his end.

Working from a high precipice the man lost his balance and fell to his death. Since that tragic event, strange haunting activity has been reported around campus. A common occurrence is that water fountains and showers will work by themselves. At other times the temperature of the water will vary between extremely cold and extremely hot instantaneously.

Students have also reported that disembodied footsteps are heard around campus. Many have reported hearing footsteps walking loudly behind them only to turn quickly and find themselves alone.

There have been a few accounts, during the harsh winters of South Dakota, that people have seen footsteps appear in the snow, walking across campus. A few impressions the size of a large boot will be made and then stop suddenly, only to begin again in a different area.

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