Mount Marty College - Corbey Hall

1105 West 8th Street, Yankton, South Dakota

Corbey Hall, up to 212 women of Mount Marty College make Corbey Hall their temporary home while gaining higher education. It is also where many of the women have their first encounter with a ghost.

The ghost that haunts Corbey Hall is known to be a woman. It's commonly believed that she was a depressed girl that left the college, took her own life, and returned to Corbey in death.

However, there is another story about the ghost’s origins. During the 1960's the hippie movement found its way onto the conservative campus. One girl in particular rejoiced in the ideas of peace and love. She was very generous and charitable, she helped as many as she could. On a cold autumn night she was walking back to Corbey Hall when she was stopped by a stranger. The stranger engaged her into a conversation. The last that was seen of the girl was with the strange man, walking off campus.

The girl was reported missing, no one knew where she had gone. Months later, a short distance from campus, a horrific find was made. A single mangled hand was found. The hand was so butchered that it could not be properly identified, but many believe that it was the missing girl's. Many believe that the girl that haunts Corbey is the girl that was butchered.

Today, many women in the residence hall feel an uneasy feeling overtake them. This is often accompanied by seeing strange shadows move across the walls and floors. Many have explained that it feels like 'the room suddenly goes cold, and feel like you're not feel like you're not safe.'

Others have claimed to have seen the ghost itself. The ghost appears to be a young woman with a very sullen look. Her hair is dirtied and bloodied, her clothes appear tattered.

Many believe this is the girl that saw the world as a hopeful place, only to be brutalized. She has returned to Corbey Hall, confused and hurt, looking for answers. Some believe that she will not leave the residence hall until all of her remains are found. It's not uncommon for residents to hold a séance in order to help the girl find her way into the next life. So far, it has not been successful.

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Feb 4, 2009 2:13pm [ 1 ]

This is a load of bull. I am a student at Mount Marty College and this does not happen. People do not hold a seance. This is just another made up story that has found its way onto the internet and has been stretched completely away from any idea or truth that there may actually be to living in corbey hall.

Jun 26, 2009 2:36pm [ 2 ]

Former MMC student, THis is getting out of hand this story is false. There have been some werid events that i have heard of and witnessed but this one is false.

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