Firesteel Coal Mines

Firesteel South Dakota

In the north central part of South Dakota lies the town of Firesteel.

Along with the town lies 137,580,000 tons of coal. Prior to colonizing the west, Native Americans would use the coal for their own use. However, Andrew Traversie and William Benoist found the amount of coal a lure for profit and began mining the coal in 1907. The mining was tougher work than they thought and made little profit. Fred Hammersly and Charles Lindt took up mining in 1911. Eventually this mining operation became known as the Firesteel Coal Company, formed in 1923.

Mining was dangerous work, and some time during the 1930's an explosion killed several men working the mines.

While coal mining in the area ceased permanently in 1969 the ghosts of the men killed in the explosion have been reported for several years.

People claim that near the mines you can hear screams of the men. Some have said that they have seen strange lights in the area, like someone is carrying a lantern, but it soon vanishes. Upon investigation, no one is found.

Legend says that during the time of the mining the town of Firesteel was a booming town. However, fear of the ghosts have driven most people away, leaving a population of around 100.

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