Bullock Hotel

633 Main St, Deadwood, South Dakota

In 1876 Seth Bullock arrived in the lawless town of Deadwood. He had come there to start up a much needed hardware business with his partner Sol Star. Wild Bill Hickock was shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall the day before Seth rode into town. Those that had established themselves in the town were tired of the lawless ways of Deadwood. Soon, Seth Bullock, who had previously been a marshall, was elected as the first sheriff in Deadwood.

Seth was known as an even tempered and fearless man. He often found himself in the middle of disputes, (some political, some mortal) but the disputes were often resolved by the unstaggering gaze of sheriff Bullock. Bullock's ability to stare down any adversary became legendary. He was the sheriff 'whose gaze could stop fights'.

Seth Bullock was a part of many successful ventures in Deadwood. However, the original hardware store burnt down in 1894. Instead of giving into defeat, Seth and partner Sol purchased a warehouse and converted it into the finest luxury hotel in the area. In no time at all the hotel became a success and Seth took great pride in the building.

In 1919 Seth met his fate, not at the end of a pistol, but from cancer.

Many believe that Seth still watches over Deadwood from the vantage point of his hotel. Guests and employees have said that they have heard the sound of footsteps walking the halls, yet no one is there. Others have reported feeling a hard tap of fingers on their shoulder, sometimes accompanied by someone saying their name sternly. Employees believe that this is Seth Bullock after he had caught them slacking.

Guests have commented that they have witnessed strange activity on the second and third floor rooms. Alarm clocks will go off suddenly, the water in the bathrooms will turn on and off, televisions will flicker and turn on and off rapidly. People that have taken photos on these floors sometimes capture strange anomalies.

People have also claimed to have seen shadowy figures moving about the hotel. Others have said that they have seen the actual ghost of Seth Bullock. He's a tall man dressed nicely in nineteenth century clothing. And they say it's true about his gaze - it can stop you in your tracks.

It's probably best to rethink stealing any towels if you plan a stay at the Bullock Hotel.

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Jul 31, 2007 6:47pm [ 1 ]

I think it's important to note the sherriffs ghost's good contributions. It's well documented that a lost little boy in the hotel was able to find his way back to his room by the assistance of sherriff Bullocks ghost!

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