Holley Inn

235 Richland Ave., Aiken, South Carolina 29801

The Holley Inn, also known as the 'Holley House', has a history dating back to 1898. It maintains most of its old charm, including a hand operated elevator. It is also a spot for supernatural activity.

Most activity seems to reside on the second floor. People have reported seeing shadows move and hearing noises. The noises often seem to be whispers coming from the corners of rooms. The ghosts have been known to wreak havok on the housekeeping staff. When they enter a room and leave their cart in the hallway they are often surprised to find their cart pushed to the opposite end.

Guests have reported hearing the sound of a woman crying travelling from one end of their room to the other. Sometimes they are awakened by a scream. It's been described that it's so loud that they are convinced that someone must be in their room, but upon investigation, they find no one. The television in room 225 has been found on, even though it has not been occupied for days.

Other activity throughout the inn include lights turning on and off by themselves, toilets flushing in unoccupied rooms, and doors opening and closing. The staff has also reported the sounds of footsteps in the same room that they are in, yet they see no one.

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