Chapel of Ease

Land's End Rd., St. Helena Island, South Carolina

The St. Helena Chapel of Ease is also known as the White Church because of the brilliant white color it once had when it was originally constructed. Made from oyster shells and lime the Chapel of Ease seemed to glow at times.

The chapel was built prior to the Revolutionary War, and was destroyed in a horrendous forest fire that happened after the Civil War.

Today, the ruins of the chapel and a graveyard remain.

People have witnessed a number of ghostly occurrences. The sound of names being shouted is often heard, along with the gentle sound of prayers and singing. People have seen apparitions of people dressed in 18th century clothing. Others have seen the ghost of a lady in white that carries a child through the graveyard.

Maintenance crews and local volunteers are busy trying to restore the area from the destruction of time and vandals. Often their attempts are thwarted by the ghosts inhabiting the area.

One odd occurrence happened to two brick layers that were repairing a wall. Completing their days work they headed home only to return the next day to see the brick wall taken apart once again. The bricks were stacked in neat piles. Local security confirmed that there had been no one seen in the area the previous night.

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tom gomez
Jul 9, 2012 11:12pm [ 1 ]

my wife and i went to the chapel of ease on st helena last week. we are retired and made a day trip there. i snapt many pictures on my cell phone. when we got home i decided to look at the pictures. in the grave yard i took pictures of the trees. in the middle of one picture there was a cloud of mist or smoke. i zoomed in and what i saw was unbelievable. an image that had eyes like e.t. of smoke. over the left eye a circle like a mag glass over an image. i zoomed in more and it was an old man sitting in a tree. clear as day. i caught a goastly image on camera. then my wife noticed on the side of the man in the tree, was the face of a black women in an open color dress. to the right was an image of what looks like sand stone blocks like a entrance to something . with a symble on it. i called all over and am waiting for a return from mr wise at paris island. the pic is real. it mad a belieaver out of me.

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