Abbeville Opera House

Abbeville, South Carolina, 29620

The Abbeville Opera House dates back to 1908. In its original construction the Abbeville Opera House contained an area reserved in a back balcony for African Americans. Today, of course, it is not used for segregating the audience; in fact, the balcony has been abandoned except for one lone chair.

The chair sits there in honor of the opera house's ghost. The ghost is believed to be an African American patron who frequented the opera house. It's rumored that he started a romance with a white actress and was murdered in the balcony by intolerant locals.

Today, people have witnessed strange lights appearing in the abandoned balcony. There have been reports of people hearing humming coming from that area and the sound of creaking floor boards as if someone is pacing back and forth.

It is said that during the rehearsals the performers will often hear the sound of someone applauding coming from the balcony.

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May 7, 2013 4:26pm [ 1 ]

i am going to practice at the oprea house.i am wondering if the ghost has ever harmed any one.also my lil sisters alicia,brianna,marigha,carrie,garce,lica,and taylor are gonna watch.dose the ghost not like childen?let me,jessie and jennaand clare BYE BYE BYE LOLZ

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