Lithia Park

59 Winburn Way, Ashland, Oregon

While typically serene, it appears that the 93-acre Lithia Park is haunted by multiple ghosts.

The most common haunting people come into contact with is of a young girl that was brutally raped and murdered near the duck pond in 1875. After the girls murder people have witnessed a strange blue mist forming above the pond at night. Many have stated that the mist will move like it's alive. Some have said that the mist has actually chased them threw the park, darting between trees and maneuvering over large rocks.

Some brave souls have actually ventured into the mist. People have stated that they are overcome by feelings of fear and confusion in the mist. Some people have passed out by being overcome by emotion when enveloped by the mist. Most disturbing, is that when more than one person has ventured into the mist they appear bloodied and beaten to each other.

Another ghost that is said to haunt Lithia Park is of a disfigured train robber. It's believed the man escaped to the park after robbing a train that made its way into Ashland. However, a group of vigilantes caught up with the man and held him under the waters of Ashland Creek until he stopped struggling. It's rumored that the vigilantes have buried the train robber somewhere in the park, the exact location unknown.

Today, people have encountered the apparition of the disfigured man shuffling through the park. Many have seen him near the creek, and also appearing along with the strange blue mist that appears above the duck pond. Apparently, the man is still a thief; many people have reported that after witnessing the apparition they will discover that a pocket that was full of change is now empty.

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There's one story from 1975 in which some college students were driving near the park when a blue, misty apparition appeared in front of their car. As they drove through it, everyone inside felt a cold chill. Later that night one of them - a woman closely resembling the figure they saw - abruptly woke up from deep sleep, so hysterical she had to be taken to a health center to be sedated.

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