The Biltmore Estate

1 Approach Road, Asheville, North Carolina 28803

The stunning Biltmore Estate houses more than just beautiful artwork and architecture, it also houses the spirits of its past residents.

The Biltmore Estate was built by George Vanderbilt. It was a work of passion for him, after years of construction the house was finally opened in 1895. The Biltmore Estate quickly became the Vanderbilt's primary residence. During that time the estate oversaw joyous occasions such as the birth of Geoge and Edith Vanderbilt's daughter Cornelia. However, the house was witness to sad events too.

In 1914 the estate's master died from complications of surgery. Edith was heartbroken. Servants witnessed Edith holding full conversations with George after his death.

Today, there are numerous hauntings taking place on the estate. Most notably is the presence of George Vanderbilt himself. Many have seen his apparition reading and smoking in the 2nd floor oak sitting room. Some have also reported hearing George and Edith laughing and talking near the marble fireplace. Employees have remarked that they often hear disembodied footsteps.

Other hauntings unrelated to the Vanderbilts also take place on the estate. Many visitors have seen the apparition of a headless orange cat running through the estate.

Disturbing events have taken place at the pool. The sounds of swimming can be heard along with insane laughter. Also there have been reports of a dark figure seen under the water's surface.

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amy prater
Aug 11, 2008 2:57pm [ 1 ]

How can there be a dark figure under the waters surface? There is no water in the pool.

Oct 25, 2008 1:27pm [ 2 ]

how could people have seen Gorge Vanderbilt smoking when he didn't smoke?

Jan 17, 2009 10:49pm [ 3 ]

Ive been to the biltmore, but i have never witnessed anything weird about the house. I have read about it all over the internet and i have heard about the headless orange cat. Although, ive been in the pool area and i have seen some people looking strange like they have seen something. Idk but our teacher made us do a big report on the biltmore last year and i wander why i have never seen anything?..People say the pictures of the vanderbuilds eyes follow you when your walking and i would like to know more! Thanks, heidi

Apr 28, 2009 7:45am [ 4 ]

i have been to the biltmore and remember hearing laughter around the pool area.At first i thought it was someone from our tour but it obviously couldn't be coming from somebody still living.ive never heard about the orange cat thing...but it intrests me...ive also seen apparitions in the dining hall and the master bedroom of a woman wearing an 1800's style corset.

Apr 28, 2009 7:49am [ 5 ]

luna!!!! i remember that!i heard and saw exactly the same thing that my vampire friend luna did. it was really very creepy.

May 6, 2009 8:59pm [ 6 ]

In the fifth grade we went on a field trip to the house and at at the pool I heard something (( && I don't know what )) in the drain, as the pool is empty && cracked, and in the library I saw George, but he wasn't smoking.

May 25, 2009 10:03am [ 7 ]

I'm the one who has the cat's head.

May 25, 2009 10:29am [ 8 ]

I've been to the house on many occasions growing up. I have seen ghostly clowns dancing in the gardens, the cat, George (but not smoking) and the last time I had a spirit of a large balding woman chase me around the kitchen with a meat cleaver. She kept screaming in a horrible, haunting voice....Floyd, Floyd come back and eat your grits. I've not been back since.

Fred Bazornski
May 25, 2009 10:49am [ 9 ]

I've been in that house and all over the grounds, tomany times to count. Not only have I never seen anything out of the ordinary, I've never even heard or met someone else who has.I've heard the rain at The Myrtels plantation in Louisiana, and lived in a haunted house outside of Asheville for years. But I have never heard of any one that even ever heard of someone that saw anything in the Biltmore house. My Uncle remodled on it for years, My friends aunt was head of housekeeping for 30+ years, on and on...You guys are just fishin...

Fred Bazornski
May 25, 2009 10:53am [ 10 ]

How can anyone have aghostly photo of the house? when you aren't allowed to take pictures inside the house?

Valerie Church
May 25, 2009 10:53am [ 11 ]

I've been to the Biltmore Estate many times. I was about 8 the first time, and I've never experienced anything weird or ghostly. It is a lovely home and grounds. How lucky we are to have it to go visit. Many more rooms are opened up to view. They now have wines from their winery which is in the horse stable area. I took my Grand daughters there and they loved it. "Cool" It can be seen on a clear day from the farmers market in Asheville. I'd sure like to spend a week or two there, with all the servants of course. What a life they must have had! Cheers!

Jan K D
May 25, 2009 11:08am [ 12 ]

I once visited the Biltmore House on the way with my four kids and my Husband to Pigeon Forge. I had never heard of any Ghostly things at the Estate. I am from NC but I live in SC. This is the first time I have ever read anything like this!! The one thing that haunts me to this day, I went in the Mid-Eighty's is a feeling that I had been there. I told my Husband to come out here on one of the Porches. I said I feel a funny feeling. He said what kind. I said I know that I have been here before maybe in another life. I am adopted and have been told I come from a very Promenent Family in NC. Politics I have been told. The kids were busy looking at everthing. One of my sons, the Middle one said I want to leave, I don't like this place!! We just thought that it was boring to him. He stills needs rapid change! Then my only Daughter said Mama does this place make you feel funny?. I said kind of so. Well, we made them go on through the whole house and bounderies that we could included the Maze and I most enjoyed the Flowers. My Sister in Law used to go at Christmas every year. She has been in Off season as well. I will share that I have the 6th sense and do not want it. The son that wanted to leave and my Daughter had it as well. Now, my Granddaughter of my middle son has it too and looks like my Daughter and I. Both the son and daugher looked and acted a whole lot alike. I have 3 grandsons and one Granddaughter i want to take to the Estate. I must say this article makes me feel better. Now I know I was right with my feelings and the remarks and actions from my kids. My Husband is aware of my extra sense ability and wonder why the kids acted like that. As the grew to be adults the extra sense became stronger and my Granddaughter has it because I sensed it right away. Her mother said she did too! I feel like one of my Grandsons has it. Or maybe both. I will know it I take all of them to the estate. I am not insane and I am quite sure if you would let yourself think. You would remember something in your life that did not seen right and wanted to leave. Some call it DE-ja-VUE. I call it the Lords work!!

May 25, 2009 11:09am [ 13 ]

Fred, Your family has a history with the estate. Interesting. Have you any stories to tell? Real stories? I was at the Biltmore a few years ago, I loved the outside of the building! Everywhere you looked you saw some kind of statue or creature.

Jimmy K
May 25, 2009 11:43am [ 14 ]

I have been to Biltmore many times, and never seen or heard anything weird, all I ever hear is the fat ladies complaining about the heat!

Peter Byrd
May 25, 2009 11:46am [ 15 ]

The Biltmore House wasn't built until the 1890's, and opened in 1895. (The wedding site said the estate opened in 1888.) Also, the swimming pool was removed a few years ago because it turns out it wasn't original.

May 25, 2009 12:18pm [ 16 ]

Jimmy, I see that you are a mean person. You must be insecure about yourself to have to pick on the heavy women.

I have also experienced deja vu...but in Central City, CO. I looked down an alley and knew I had ben there before. I've also seen a ghost but in Texas in a General Store. Pretty cool!

May 25, 2009 12:19pm [ 17 ]

I wonder how much it cost to be married there? It's such a lovely place and the wine is the best.

Joe I
May 25, 2009 12:35pm [ 18 ]

I've been to Biltmore on several occasions and different seasons. I've been at night during Christmas season as well as broad day light. First, I don't think anyone can walk in that house and not get a sense of awe when you think about its conception, design, complicated construction (during a time when building technologies had not ben thought of to build a structure such as this) and the end result the Biltmore family still owns and we are lucky enough to be able to visit. The swimming pool is still there Christmas before last and has no water. However, I can understand why Mr. or Mrs. Biltmore would not want to leave their home and its grandure, size and splendor. I don't care if you have to travel cross country to see the house (and have the means) it's something and an experience that can't be put into words. I live in NC but am 3 hours away and have no vested interest if anyone sees it or not but it's got to be one of the 10 wonders of our nation. I heard nothing unusual but did feel amazed at the turn of each corner or entry of each room. When you walk in the grand front doors, wait and see if the spectacle of the entry way doesn't maske you stop i your tracks. It's mindblowing that the largest home in our country was originally designed to be a mountain get away. It was built with railroad money and they had to lay miles of track just to get the tons and tons of stone in for construction of the home and gardens. This house was built so it will be standing 500 years from now. Maybe George has just begun his stay in his home.

May 25, 2009 12:45pm [ 19 ]

Did anyone enlarge the picture and see the person with the suitcase?

May 25, 2009 12:52pm [ 20 ]

The dark figure behind the waterfall was a grossly under paid Negro about to serve Tea for "Tea Time"

May 25, 2009 12:58pm [ 21 ]

I have lived in NC for many years and visited the estate many times also. I went to college with a girl who was related to the Cecil Family and she used to have pajama parties there..she said. She never mentioned ghouls or ghosts or spirits but that does not mean they do not exist. With the renewed interest in ghosts and hauntings, and our declining economy, it is probably good for business to publicize that there are reports of hauntings. I hope their prices will come down so I can visit to see the newly opened rooms and maybe find the missing cathead. Right now the prices are too high for a whole family to go for one day of viewing.

May 25, 2009 1:00pm [ 22 ]

I live in Asheville and have visited the Biltmore House many times. I have never seen or heard anything unusual there. This is actually the first time I have heard of anything like this. No matter how many times I go, I still find it amazing. It would be an incredible task now, much less at the time it was built. To clear up the matter of the swimming pool. Yes, the indoor swimming pool is still there; however there was an outdoor pool off the library side which has been filled in. It is where they now hold the summer concerts.

Anne Ewald
May 25, 2009 1:06pm [ 23 ]

I am a retired native of Asheville, have visited the Biltmore Estate many times, maintain a yearly pass, and I have never heard any of these stories.

May 25, 2009 1:17pm [ 24 ]

Jan KD, it's true, you should have edited your writing. Your piece is difficult to follow as your sentence fluency and conventions (use of punctuation, capital/lowercase letters, etc.) need some improvement. I am an elementary teacher which is how I know these terms. I am not judging you at all. Not everyone enjoys writing nor cares that much about it (my fiance, for example!).
Also, I do understand how you felt a deja vu because I have felt that same feeling in my hometown of Grosse Pointe, MI. The War Memorial home where I took ballet classes in the basement and years later I'd visit the place and walk the grounds. Then indoors exploring at my best friend's wedding reception...a strange connection that could mean something or not.
I know you are a mother, so this is why I replied. I am sure you would want your kids and grandkids to focus on writing...they have to in school for sure.

May 25, 2009 1:49pm [ 25 ]

Unfortunately, the public schools in this part of the country do not teach english grammar, penmanship, vocabulary, or spelling; and they do a very poor job of teaching reading in the lower grades. Therefore, it is not surprising to find adults who have not had the same advantages as "Jimmy". I have found that young people who love to read end up with be best use of english grammar and the best vocabularies. As for the Biltmore Estate, it was the highlight and most memorable part of my visit to Ashville. I did not hear or see anything unusual; however, I believe that some people are more sensitive to paranormal experiences than others.

May 25, 2009 1:51pm [ 26 ]

Hi-I was lucky enough to see the Biltmore in March of this year, and it shows what excellent planning, workmanship and vast resources can do. I haven't had the fortune or misfortune to interact with "ghosts' but I could really feel the age or whatever it was in the building. I enjoyed pretending that I lived in the house, both as an aristocrat and as a servant and I tried to imagine what life in the US was like at that time. I think I would have preferred it, as long as I was afforded food, shelter and decent health. There is so much we don't understand about life, I don't feel comfortable scoffing. I believe there are other dimensions and that our energy or spirit will continue living after our body dies. I don't know where we will be, but I reckon the Biltmore is a little bit of heaven on earth and could appeal to the spirits.

May 25, 2009 2:24pm [ 27 ]

This website is about the Biltmore Estate, it's not grammar class...and yes, the Biltmore is awesome

May 25, 2009 6:33pm [ 28 ]

i agree with brandi. visited the Estates when i was in college. marvelous architecure. The movie Being There was made there, with Peter Sellers. a good movie. thou.

May 25, 2009 7:31pm [ 29 ]

due to my job I used to have full access to the grounds and free unlimmited tours of the house. Ive never seen anything spiritually unusual. You do get that creepy feeling in the house though. I cant imaging any house with that history and size, not to mention some of the items housed there such as the desk that held napoleons heart right after it was removed from his corpse. So, theres an ellement of creepiness but, if you are going there for a scarefest its not my recommendation to you. This place is so lovely, beautiful, colorful, and full of life you would be missing out if you didnt go for a happy bright or seasonally cheerful time. I miss it!!

May 25, 2009 9:23pm [ 30 ]

My husband and I are season passholders at the Biltmore Estate and have been for several years. This is the first time I have heard of the hauntings officially, but I do believe them to be true. I have always had very strange feelings in the pool area (which does not have water but has not been removed as reported above) and in some of the upstairs hallways. In the pool area I have always felt like I couldn't breathe and I'm convinced someone drowned or almost drowned there. My husband has had similar feelings. This may sound strange but we are both "sensitive" to spirits and have had many experiences like this. My daugher visited when she was about 8 and got a very strange feeling in one of the upstairs bedrooms. She grabbed my hand and said, "Mommy, they do not want us here. The little girl just finished ballet class and she is tired and just wants to go to sleep!" Strangely enough, when we got to the other side of the room we could see small ballet slippers sitting next to the bed (which were not visible when my daughter said that). One of the guides said, "Oh, honey, they would be very happy that we were enjoying their lovely home" and my daughter said, "no, that is not what the little girl told me!"

Spirits or not, Biltmore remains one of our favorite places to visit in NC!

May 26, 2009 10:35am [ 31 ]

check out more history of Biltmore with us here at this address

Heather Thayer
May 26, 2009 2:19pm [ 32 ]

I was hitchiking to the East coast many years ago and the truck driver I was riding with suggested that I see the Biltmore House. I knew I would probably not be that way again and rides were easy in those days. A forest ranger gave me and a "bike tourer" a ride to it. I don't remember wine but the iceream was so good!!! No apparitions but then I wasn't looking for any.

May 26, 2009 8:28pm [ 33 ]

Catharine, since you are pointing out the various ways in which Southern schools are inadequate, I thought I'd correct your usage of "english grammar." English is always capitalized when it is used as an adjective. How do I know? Well, I am a middle school English teacher in North Carolina who has a BA in English and German, an MFA in Creative Writing from Hollins College, and a Master of Professional Writing from the University of Southern California. I happen to know that we do, indeed, teach spelling and vocabulary; in fact, we also teach Greek and Latin roots in middle school.

One other thing--the period goes inside the quotation marks, not outside. So please don't criticize the poor job we are doing teaching grammar and reading until you can use proper grammar yourself.

Joni R. B.
May 26, 2009 9:21pm [ 34 ]

First of all, everyone should save their money and make a special trip to Asheville, NC, and plan an entire day just for the Biltmore House and visit every site on the estate's grounds. If I was granted one wish to live anywhere in the United States, I would choose the Biltmore Estate. As you drive through the beautiful grounds, you can't help but feel the specialness of it all. I just want to extend my appreciation to the family of George Vanderbilt for opening the grounds and especially the magnificent mansion to the public. Pictures do not do the estate justice--one needs to physically see it all--at least just once in a lifetime. I bet you can't see it just once!!!!! If one could have a wedding there, they should look into it. It also would be a great place to propose to your honey--so romantic!!

Joni R. B.
May 26, 2009 9:26pm [ 35 ]

First of all, everyone should save their money and make a special trip to Asheville, NC, and plan an entire day just for the Biltmore House and visit every site on the estate's grounds. If I was granted one wish to live anywhere in the United States, I would choose the Biltmore Estate. As you drive through the beautiful grounds, you can't help but feel the specialness of it all. I just want to extend my appreciation to the family of George Vanderbilt for opening the grounds and especially the magnificent mansion to the public. Pictures do not do the estate justice--one needs to physically see it all--at least just once in a lifetime. I bet you can't see it just once!!!!! If one could have a wedding there, they should look into it. It also would be a great place to propose to your honey--so romantic!!

Joni R. B.
May 26, 2009 10:03pm [ 36 ]

I think in a house as large as the Biltmore, one might hear or see unusual happenings. Your imagination has a tendency to try to go back during those years and experience what it was like to have a lifestyle like the Vanderbilts. I know I could not stay there by myself without imagining all kinds of weird things. Back then they didn't have to close their windows or lock their doors. Our problem is that we live in a totally different world now. Oh, to have a safe world like that again!!!

Jun 22, 2009 2:32pm [ 37 ]

In the 90's I visit the Grand Biltmore Estate, the fire places. The grounds and the library and that stair case just blew me away! When viewing the many gorgeous bedrooms I said to a guide I felt someone is in this room, that was not of this side of life. The guide said to me that ghost does exist in that magnificant mansion.

Jul 4, 2009 2:53pm [ 38 ]

i was only there once, but i deffinitly don't like it there. i'm a medium, so i know when there paranormal activity in a house or building, and i deffenitly felt something while i was there. i was there only about a week ago, but i need to go back. i didn't go intto the basement, but i'm going to next time i go. i have to go!

Jul 18, 2009 8:42pm [ 39 ]

i have been to this mansion and i have to tell you i felt a little uncormfortable around the swimming pool and i don't know but the guide took us in the underground tunnel where on the sides were the book cases and the library was just gorgeous i remember entering at one of the bedroom with pictures on the wall, oh and the servants room and bathroom also made me feel uncormfortable and as soon as i saw the place i felt it was haunted and when i visited this mansion i had no clue people claimed for it to be haunted i found out after i reaserched about it because i knew something was up in that mansion

Sep 13, 2009 11:43pm [ 40 ]

I love the Biltmore mansion. I've been a passholder for about 8 years now and I never tire of visiting the house, gardens, and surrounding grounds. I've spent many afternoons on the property and a recent experience there led me to search the internet for some answers. There is a small room in the basement with very basic furnishings. I believe it was a servant's room at some point in time. When I stopped to look inside the glass window on the closed door, there was a girl wearing period costume sitting in a chair by the window. She appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties, wore her hair in a bun, and was fairly thin and pale. Her clothes were very plain and she wore what I would call "Granny" boots. I got a good, long look at her and she appeared to be very much alive. She just sat in the chair staring ahead, never looking up at me. It was as if she was bored and just hanging out waiting for someone. At first, I thought she was a staff member dressed in period costume for a special event, but I turned my head for less than a second to look for my fiance who was with me and when I turned back, she was gone. The room was very small and I was blocking the only entrance to the room. It isn't possible for someone to exit the room in less than a half second even if there were some other hidden entrance. I also never heard a sound, which would be most unusual since the room had hard floors and every little movement in the basement creates noise. I even looked in the rooms to the immediate left and right of the one she was in even though the walls all appeared to be solid in the room she disappeared from. She was no where to be seen. You can draw your own conclusions, but I think I might have seen a ghost. On other occasions, I've been most uncomfortable when walking through the pool area. The room has a cold, unpleasant feel to it, but I've never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary there.

G. J.
Sep 28, 2009 2:39am [ 41 ]

The Biltmore Estate is one of my favorite places on earth. I'm a yearly passholder, and I've been there several times during the past 12 months--both during the daytime and at night (for the Candlelight Christmas Tour). I have never experienced anything which could genuinely be called paranormal, just vivid and intense. Frankly, the thought of Biltmore House being described as sinister or eerie is almost offensive to me--I love the place far too much to ever think of it in those terms! Now, having said that, I hasten to add that I in no way attempt to discredit the experiences of others.

Obviously, I've never been in Biltmore House by myself, by day or by night. Frankly, I wish I could be there alone--when visiting, I always have the almost irresistible urge to tell all the casual visitors to get out of the way and let those of us who are deeply in love with it experience it "up close and personal"-ly. I'd give anything for the opportunity to explore every detail of the rooms alone (or with only a few others) with the velvet ropes removed. However, I can easily understand how a person who was there alone on a floor (especially in the below-stairs areas) in the evening could get an uncomfortable "creeped out" feeling. I don't think this in itself gives any evidence of paranormal/spiritual presence(s). I believe it's merely a function of the enormous size of the place, the dim lighting in many areas, and the elaborate labyrinth of passageways and long corridors all over the place. It would be hard not to feel slightly "on edge" in any environment with those physical characteristics alone at night. Indeed, even large churches and cathedrals can seem very spooky at night--and, of course, that's the time when I love them best! ;-)

I was extremely interested to read that several people had unusual experiences involving the eyes in portraits at Biltmore. This was about as close as I came to experiencing something "paranormal." The famous John Singer Sargent portrait of George Vanderbilt hanging in the long gallery at the entrance to the library certainly has a very intense quality to the face and eyes. Vanderbilt's huge dark eyes have a deep, brooding, mysterious quality about them; they seem to draw you in and seduce you. To me, they aren't at all frightening, however--instead, I find them to be very beautiful. I also feel a gentle, wistful sadness in them. His eyes in the Sargent portrait made such a powerful impression on me that on more than one occasion I stood stock-still in the long gallery for 15 or 20 minutes at a time, just staring into that face and those eyes. I didn't see his eyes move, but I did get the uncanny feeling that he was looking back at me, aware of my presence and returning my rapt gaze. Interestingly enough, George Vanderbilt's eyes have the same quality in several photographs as well--it isn't just confined to the Sargent portrait. As I'm typing this post, I'm looking at a framed reproduction of a photograph of him that I have hanging on the wall in my home office. He's about the same age in this photo as in the portrait--which is, I believe, late 20's. The eyes are exactly the same: large, darkly beautiful, brooding, a little sad, and quite seductive. Of course, the fact that he was (at least in his youth) a stunningly handsome man doesn't hurt the effect, either! If I felt those dark eyes following me around the long gallery, I'd feel a tingling thrill rather than fear--and I'd wish he were standing before me in the flesh so that I could get lost in those intense eyes of his.

I had another "quasi-paranormal" sensation in George Vanderbilt's bedroom during the Christmas Candlelight Tour. In the rich, dim glow of candlelight and firelight, that elegantly masculine room took on a very atmospheric quality. There was an overwhelming--almost palpable--sense of his presence there. Again, it was thrilling and exciting rather than frightening. I almost felt that I could've reached out and touched him, and I longed intensely to do exactly that.

kevin crosby
Oct 5, 2009 12:42pm [ 42 ]

there are definately other visitors walking throughout the biltmore mansion. we took a digital recorder in there and although there were people all around us, we did pick up other "voices" that were not of this relm. a female in one of the many bedrooms once spent alot of time sitting by the window. theres also a gentleman with a very deep voice in that same area. i also agree with the little girl in one of the other posts. some of the spirits there are not happy with all the visitors. one is a female. and at the start of the inside tour we very definately smelled cigarrette smoke in the downstairs billiars room. even the tour guide remarked on it. so yeah, it's active.

Courtni D.
Oct 7, 2009 3:15pm [ 43 ]

Hey people be real! There probably are ghosts but I've been a few times and have never seen or heard anything weird. I have only felt a strange feeling like someone was pushing me out... weird huh?

Kendra F
Oct 8, 2009 10:35am [ 44 ]

I went the the Biltmore Estate this past Spring break with my family. The pool was not taken out and they had just opened 4 more rooms. The pictures do follow you. I never heard about the superstitions like the headless cat and George smoking but there is a smoke room where he had 'casually smoked' with the friends he had over. I love the gardens and all the animals. I plan to go back because I am an architecture student and want to do things like that house.

Oct 12, 2009 1:54pm [ 45 ]

Kendra, what are the new rooms?

Oct 26, 2009 12:25am [ 46 ]

If you people, and by you people I mean, you people that can't read...

The grounds had an outdoor pool up until around 1993-ish, and it was filled in to return the grounds to the original design.

The indoor pool under the house is still there, although empty of water...

Hopefully this clears up some puzzled people's knowledge or lack thereof.

Nov 2, 2009 8:15pm [ 47 ]

help i want to know whats really happens there can anyone tell me something thanks kiristie

Nov 16, 2009 9:05pm [ 48 ]

i need help an my history fair project please comment ive been to the house butttttt...... need info so please comment on this pg if you have any thing i can write

Dec 29, 2009 12:07pm [ 49 ]

peter byrd i was there last year and the pool was there

Dec 31, 2009 9:44pm [ 50 ]

I have been to places that felt hostile and unwelcoming but Biltmore is different. It is my feeling that the house harbors nothing but good will. I have never been to a place that felt more gentle and welcoming. George and his wife liked to entertain and I'm sure would welcome the people who visit. Plus George died far away from Biltmore, to my knowledge there were no tragedies at the house only love and good times spent with family and friends.

Feb 1, 2010 4:28pm [ 51 ]

I have never been to Biltmore House but I get dejavu every day at least once. Also, I have dreams and then the next day usually one or more things in that dream come true. I have seen ghosts and lived in a haunted house. Actually, I saw many ghosts there, but only in one room. I lived there from the ages 0-9. I'm 13 now and my brother (who is 14 years older than me) owns that house. Everytime I visit him I feel compelled to just stay in that room for a little while. If I close my eyes, I can feel the spirits around me, but eventually I get freaked out and run to him. Once, not that long ago, I was just sitting in there, and the light went off. I flicked the switch a few times, but it still wouldn't come on, so I told him and he went and changed it, after he left it went out again so I screamed, naturally (reflex) he ran through and I could see he was trying hard not to be freaked out himself especially since he never believed me before. He waited with me that time, and once again it went out. We then noticed something outside, we both very cautiously walked to the window (it was snowing) and we saw footsteps leading to the window. We turned around, officially freaked, and saw a glass of water on the table. My brother picked it up and drank it and I said "you know that wasn't there three seconds ago..." we just looked at each other for a few minutes as that sank in, and then we screamed. I made him promise me never to let his newborn son go in there because I didn't want him to be physcologically scarred like me. :P I try not to let it get to me, but I see figures everywhere I look.

Feb 3, 2010 5:38pm [ 52 ]

Ditto to the two uptight critique (er's) re. southern English. It has been said that in NC, you can't walk out you back door, pick up a rock and throw it without hitting a Southern writer (novelist). The region and Southern experience just breeds writers. So lighten up and let us be. (do I detect the ever-present envy of non-Southerners?) In any event, I was up there last week for my first time and I too, felt the above mentioned uncomfortable feeling in the pool area, the servants quarters on the 3rd floor, as well as in the kitchen area. When we were in the area of the servants qtrs, I looked down a hallway to the left which led to more private servants quarters and felt a very uncomfortable feeling. We had the headphones, but a guide was standing nearby so I asked him if he had ever experienced and paranormal incidences? He said, rather sheepishly, as if he was not supposed to say what he was about to tell me, but he said he was once leading a private tour and was down near GW's wine cellar when the door to the cellar suddenly slammed shut, startling everyone, including the guide (who was facing the group and had his back to the door.) He asked the group if they saw anyone back at the door when it slammed shut? They said they did not. He then turned back around and continued his presentation when moments later, the door suddenly opened and slammed against the wall. Again, the group said they saw no one, but all saw the door slam open and shut.

Feb 5, 2010 1:48pm [ 53 ]

About 3 years ago, my husband and I visited Biltmore House for his company's Christmas dinner. The mansion was decorated beautifully. We have been there before, but this was our first Christmas there. As we toured Mr. Vanderbilt's bedroom, I noticed a man sitting in a chair behind the roped off area. No one is allowed past the rope during the tour. I pointed him out to my husband and he also saw him. He was a slight man with a moustache and gotte. He had graying hair and wore a gray tuxedo type suit. He was rubbing his forhead as if he were tired or thinking about something. He looked our way, but it was like he did not see us. There were other people around on the tour, but I have no idea if they saw him or not. My husband tried to dismiss it by saying the man was probably one of the men from the small group of musicians playing Christmas music as you entered the mansion. All of these people wore black, not gray. When we came out of the Great Hall I stopped in my tracks when I noticed the man I had seen in a large painted portrait on the wall. He was the architect who designed Biltmore House!

Feb 12, 2010 5:04pm [ 54 ]

I am going on a school trip to the Biltmore and my friend and I want to do some debuncking there on the pictures they have here on the website. The only problem is that we will be there durring the day and we all know that usaly when profesianls come in and do invistagations at night in the ,if anyone has any thig that should help us durring this debunking sesion pleas reply :) :)

Feb 13, 2010 10:23am [ 55 ]

I can debunk all of those picks from the Biltmore. The first one is already debunked, the second one is a spot of water on the lens, and the last one is so photo shopped!!! What really gets me is that some people think they catch some thing on a picture and they know that it is photo shopped or not real, but, I do respect the people that really think they caught some thing. Well......those photos are not real ghosts but I do under stand why some one would think that in number two that was an orb. :) :)

Feb 27, 2010 9:20am [ 56 ]

I am just thankful we can visit there cant Mr. Vanderbilt and his family continue his living there its his house its over 100 years old what do you expect.

Feb 27, 2010 9:25am [ 57 ]

I still believe Mr.Vanderbilt and his family should be able to continue his spiritual life

ashley moore
Feb 27, 2010 4:12pm [ 58 ]

i have been to this house once before when i was a kid just a 5th grader it was the most remarkable manison i had ever seen and to this day....i cant recall if there were ghost stories being told during the tour but it was a great tour if it were haunted it hasnt scared anyone away lol but if it is id like to go bk to it cause it was so beautiful and amazing part of north carolina

Mar 24, 2010 10:42am [ 59 ]

I was just there Saturday and did not feel, hear or see anything paranormal. I have never heard of anything at "The Biltmore" being paranormal and I have always lived in the Asheville area. The pool issue that was mentioned earlier was that there used to be a pool outside that has been filled in. The person said that they now have concerts there. I know where that is I just don't know if there used to be a pool there or not. The pool downstairs is still there and still has it's original underwater lighting. The only thing that I can say about that area is that it is very stuffy. Did not seem to be much air flow. It is a very remarkable place to visit. I know that they just opened a new attraction on Friday called Antler Hill Village. If anyone has not been I suggest you go atleast once.

Apr 9, 2010 9:37am [ 60 ]

I love the biltmore, but I do have to say it does feel like the eyes of the paintings are following you. I think the place is beautiful but it always freaked me out, it was just so eerie, like something could go wrong at any moment. Especially the basement, that place freaked me out. There is just something off about the place.

Apr 10, 2010 5:11am [ 61 ]


Apr 10, 2010 5:16am [ 62 ]


Apr 10, 2010 5:17am [ 63 ]


Haley L.
Apr 21, 2010 7:54pm [ 64 ]

I have been to the biltmore for a school feildtrip, matter of fact I was there three days ago and NEVER saw one thing that was hauntly or anything like that or ghostly.

Apr 28, 2010 9:32am [ 65 ]

I went there for the first time a few years back. While it was remarkably beautiful, I remember feeling something "off" in the 2nd floor reading room but didn't feel threatened by it. However, the pool area was different... my daughter and I both were completely uncomfortable just being there and I couldn't wait to get out of there. It felt like there was something very unfriendly there. I just came across this site and I got the chills! Never saw a headless cat but I thought I saw shadows in the pool room but mostly it was just creepy feelings. I've learned to pay attention to those feelings.

Apr 29, 2010 9:28am [ 66 ]

Ok I used to live about 5 min. away from Biltmore and my mom used to work there. We have never seen anything unusual or heard of anything out of the ordinary happening. I'm not saying it's not possible , I just haven't witnessed anyhting myslef.... well not that I remember ....

Jun 22, 2010 11:49pm [ 67 ]

I've never experienced anything creepy at Biltmore. In fact, the most disturbing thing i read about on this page was GJ's apparent sexual fantasy about George Vandy :-/

Jul 24, 2010 10:15pm [ 68 ]

I went with a friend there in May 2008. As soon as I walked into the mansion I felt an odd presence. When I entered Edith's bedroom I felt the most oddest feeling I have ever felt in my life! I literally could not move or hear anything and something went through me. My friend said I turned as white as a ghost. When I was able to move again I stepped out of the room back by the window in the hall to get some air. Then I told myself that I must be crazy and nothing is there so I walked back in her room, this time I could tell someone was there....perhaps her...but it was a calm feeling and it was all around me. Maybe I am crazy? But I have never felt anything like that in my life.

Jul 30, 2010 8:33pm [ 69 ]

hey everyone!

hey i do believe in ghost by my experience with" Walt Disney World" which is haunted by numerous of accounts of sightnings throughout the property with plathoms and spirits which can be seen on "" then put in "Walt Disney World Haunts" in the search...Anyways by my personnal witness to the Biltmore House tour I received in the 7th grade field trip when i lived in Hendersonville N.C. I witnessed some bad erie feels in the basement and in the pool area which i felt uncomfortable there and had to get out of that location! The pictures on the wall seem to follow me going up to the second floor on the grand case will I was on the shoot of the film "Richie Rich"...Yes I was there that day the film was film.... But anyways I believe Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt still living in its building which Mr.Vanderbilt built some decades ago...I never heard about the phatom orange cat! I dont think thats real but it might I have heard rumors of that kinda of stuff here in "Walt Disney World" with "Space Mountain", "Spaceship Earth","Tower of Terror","Test Track","its a small world",and "Pirates of Carribean" being haunted which i have witness the spirits of the ghost there in those locations @ 4 in the morning while I was cleaning those locations for the next morning so it can be possible but its up to u to explore for yourself at both locations............Remember this!! Old walk this path before We did so You got to think this - Are we alone? Yes OR No?

Thanks! Devin

Also think this!! "All of U.S.A is haunted by spirits from our past- We except the past as our own, and We greet the spirits in our place, as We gather them together in our fun!" ~Walt Disney~~~~~~

Jul 31, 2010 9:27am [ 70 ]

I went and when I seen the pool immediately felt familiar. I had drempt of that pool for a couple years. Concrete on the sides plants around there seemed to be a upper ledge? Anyway in the dream people were hanging out laying around the pool and I felt the sensation of swimming in the pool. WEIRD after I seen the pool for real never expecting to feel this way I sort of believe I was some how there before! Maybe the child/gal who drown. Also felt kindred in the upper halls where the main maid servents lived in those little rooms. Can anyon e help me figure this out? Maybe a servents baby drowned?

Person Biltmore
Oct 16, 2010 10:57am [ 71 ]

I've been to the Biltmore and I have never seen anything strange or heard anything strange.

Oct 18, 2010 8:54pm [ 72 ]


Dec 18, 2010 5:14pm [ 73 ]

I had my girlfriend take the best ghost photo ever at the Biltmore Estate. There were 4 of us and we all saw it. The face appeared to us in one of the front windows. I think it was on October 9th or 11th 2010. Shoot me an email if you are interested in seeing it. Very spooky!!!

Julie Sanchez
Dec 30, 2010 2:56am [ 74 ]

My husband and I visited the Biltmore a few years ago on our vacation. The house and grounds were truly a sight to behold. While we were walking through the estate in the basement area where the inside pool area was, I did experience an overall uneasiness, creepy feelings and a sense that someone else was in there with us that we couldn't see. Some of the dressing rooms presented cold areas and we visited in the month of July which was very hot. I never mentioned it at the time to my husband. Just recently we were watching a program on the Biltmore and at that time I had told him about my experiences in the pool area and some areas in the upper floors. My husband advised me that he also experienced the same feelings in the pool area. I was totally shocked because he is not someone who believes in anything paranormal. And, he has never mentioned to me any kind of experience that he has ever had prior or sense that time. I never actually saw anything paranormal, but I do have to say that I felt quite uneasy in the pool area the most. I wouldn't want to spend any time in that area alone at all day or night. However, I would definitely go back and visit the estate. It truly is amazing and a must see for everyone old and young. Lovely place and grounds.

Apr 2, 2011 3:03pm [ 75 ]

The house is most certainly haunted, by spirits of the family and others who just like the place (I absolutely plan to go there and snoop around as a spirit one day, when no one can call me out for being too close to those priceless artifacts). It is almost laughable to think that there are no spirits there! The items alone have some serious history, and you cannot tell me that people who built that house and lived in it would not continue to have a strong attachment to it! And this is about the twentieth time I've heard someone express dislike for the pool area, myself included. I despise that area, as well as that weird basement where the adults were most certainly partying hard when they painted those strange scenes on the walls in the "Halloween Room". The place is pretty impressive, though, whether or not you happen to see anything strange, and the most common spiritual feeling I get is a great feeling of affection and pride for the house and grounds, along with a pleased feeling that people from all over come to marvel at it. I don't know about headless cats and demons. To me, we're mostly talking regular people who just love the place, and come on - wouldn't you want to stay there a little longer?

linda cline
Apr 30, 2011 8:17pm [ 76 ]

Ihave been to biltmore estate many times on the second floor after viewing the pictures there is a hall to the right and as i was standing there down the hall there was a servent with a suit on and a maroon scharf at his neck ,he was holding a cloth and polishing a silver dish when he turned and looked at me and smiled and turned back and sit the silver dish back on the table ,i then looked away and looked back and he was gone --He was very handsome and dark brown hair very neat looking [ will never forget his face and his smile .the hall i seen him in was roped off and he was dusting that dish on that table it was amazing experience and i will never forget him,he was so realand his clothes looked like a uniform suit with an maroon ascot scarf at his neck .I am going back in May again and i always look down that hall and havent seen him again we go about two times a year I WAS SO CALM IN SEEING HIM AND I KNOW HE WAS A SPIRIT AND SO FRIENDLY

May 7, 2011 2:18am [ 77 ]

I have been to biltmore 3 times. been throught he house and looked at evewrthing i could., we took afew tour and we plan to go back and do more. on a rule big and old hosue freek me out,this house did not . you would think it would be. i am surporied built more dont have anything on sighting of ghost. least mr vanderbult gets to see his dream fullfilled by his family.

May 23, 2011 1:59am [ 78 ]

Anyone have any phots of the Guess Who Band in 2005 concertthat night at the Biltmore..please email me

audra nezami
Jun 11, 2011 1:08am [ 79 ]

vanderbilt was a beautiful person in soul as well as mind.he did alot for ashville. all i can say that when i vist back in early 1990 i felt a sadness on back porch where you see the lake. i could feel the sadness of him because he lefted this earth to fast he wasnt finished and his wife know this. thats why i say the force of the sadness was strong on the porch area overlooking the lake and the garden house.

linda c.
Jun 12, 2011 9:25pm [ 80 ]

just visited biltmore estate the 20 of may the house was beautiful i looked down the hall where i witnessed a servant on the second floor last visit the hall was ropedoff the table where i saw him was still there in same place i stood there and did not see him this time,though i remember his face and his smile and will never forget this man .i was not afraid and realized it was a spirit that i seen at that time i continued going through the house and did not see anything this time the rooms were beautiful and they displayed all the clothing of the 1900s the detail of ediths dresses were beautiful wished i could have taken pictures i will be going back in october and enjoy the estate again ita just amazing house and the lifestyle of centuries ago that amazes me.the vanderbilts are an interesting family to read and the hystery is amazing we ate at deerpark and bought wine at winery the antler hill village was so nice i did see edith and georges personel car on display then we went to gardens in evening to take pictures of gardens we then walked back up to the house and it was about 5 or 6 p.m. no one was there and the house looked so empty and lonely i looked in the library windoe and there were round globe lights on in the library it looked very hazy and so spooky .well i will be looking forward to going back in october and enjoy my day and the food at deerpark is amazing ---but i did not see the man that i definately did see last visit it was an awesome experience and made me a believer in his spirit and he is still there serving in his job and devoted to george and edith vanderbilts

Devin Mitchell
Jun 23, 2011 3:30pm [ 81 ]

i came across this page looking if anyone else has photos like i do. inside the estate??? i have a picture of i belive is George Washington Vanderbaoult II. i googled him and found a picture of him holding his daughter coraline... and the photo i have of a apperation on fire. in a doorway. the picture is 100% distorted. u cant make any thing of the picture as if i was taking a picture of a door? the apperation is infront of the door light of fire, and redish orange color. it distinctly shows a mans face to the side. you can see his hair is parted, his eyes, his nose, his mustace, a light shadow of his ear. and the man looks identical to Georage, and makes sience me taking the picture there inside the estate. doing a little research on the men in the estate. it seems 100% to me! now what would i do with a picture like this ? frame it? i would like to upload and share to show everyone else the photos side by side to get a over all opinion.

linda c.
Aug 10, 2011 6:00am [ 82 ]

the biltmore is my favorite place in my life i have intensive studied the vanderbilts -all the relatives of george and edith respectively and so interesting life all the vanderbilts lived .God bless the grandson that has shared theestate with America and now passed it to his son and daughter.It is history for all to see and enjoy.wE WILL BE GOING BACK SOONtheres always new things to see and enjoy the antler hill village is open and very good loved the history of the vanderbilts history and life there went to winery and ate at deerpark every time we go it is amazing food all fresh and grown on the estate the people are so friendly and always good service they had the glass panell doors opened this time and it was like we were eating outside.we stayed our longest time all day and enjoyed it so much this place just enthralls me ,if you study Mr.andMrs. Vanderbilts life and there lifestyle and then visit you will enjoy the house so much more and i bey you will go back the second time .good luck in your adventure and enjoy ,you will love the estate and take home a souvenior .T HEY NOW TAKE PICTURES OF YOU AND YOUR PARTY IN THE HOUSE ,AFTER YOU TOUR THE HOUSE YOU CAN SEE YOUR PICTURE AND BUY IT much to see and do just take your time and enjoy the lifestyles of the 1900s

Katie V.
Aug 28, 2011 4:57pm [ 83 ]

I am a person who has certain feelings when I am places such as bad feelings in my stomach, to feelings that it was a happy place. When I visited Biltmore I got nothing but happy feelings in the house. The only creepy feelings I have ever felt in that house was in the pool area I just felt very stuffy and to me it was just a place where I would never want to go swimming. I have never scene any people in the house nor heard sounds. The only other place I got a strange feeling was going down the steps to the basement and through the stone hallway, it was just more of a feeling of I wouldn't want to be down there at night. But I think it was just because it was stone and it just looked very old and maybe needed some work. But other than those places I felt that the home had a very happy vibe and even in the servents quarters I believe they lived very happy.

Oct 17, 2011 8:50pm [ 84 ]

My husband and I were visiting Biltmore House and stayed at the Inn for our wedding anniversary. The house is magnificent, the only thing you can experience there was peace. Their owners lived there happy times, and they really loved each other and that is what you can feel there, happiness. My husband got all his allergies around the pool and the halloween room area, but that was because of the mold and humidity of the area, but a Zyrtec worked fine with this. Everyone must visit this house, one of the most beautiful ones in America.

Dec 31, 2011 1:02am [ 85 ]

I went there just today and found that the mansion is haunted. I had three seperate encounters that took place in three seperate rooms including a strong hand on my shoulder before going on the stairs into the bachelor's wing. It felt like a comforting hand as I had just had another ghostly encounter that had left me quite shaken and made me think that someone was telling me it would be okay. I asked my mother who was with me if anyone had died in the house as she had been there before. She replied that she didn't think so and I said that someone did. Probably a male in high authority in the house. It was not until later that we learned of George's death in the house. I also had a strange encounter in the slave/basement area of the house as well as when heading down into this area. When I asked one of the guides if the house was haunted, she got a strange look on her face and stated that everyone that enters the house is perfectly safe. I believe that this house and all who enter it are now gaurded by George Vanderbuilt himself.

Jan 3, 2012 9:53pm [ 86 ]

I was there with my family this past april.My 7 year old daughter was pushed in the Gypsy basement.Man it was weird no one was around her except for me.I saw something in the pool room,my wife saw something in the changing room.It is a beautiful Mansion but something is there. You can just feel it.

linda c.
Jan 7, 2012 11:15pm [ 87 ]

just spent one week at biltmore over christmas time from dec 22 untildec, 28th it was an amazing time we bought the biltmore package ,received breakfast at biltmore every morning entry all days that we were there entry at biltmore estae went to candellight evenings and was amazing we ate at stable cafefor our anniversary on dec 23 the food was so good they brought us dessert and wrote hppy anniversary in chocolate icing .it was an amazing week at our favorite place iwe enjoyed our biltmore pkg over christmas holidays and received a crystal ornament .we stayed at doubletree biltmore hotel for our week visit and we enjoyed our staythere it was a great christmas present and holiday the house was amazing they had entertailment i young girl playing a harp and a chorus in white robes that was amazing singing christmas carols . hope to go back for another holiday we were truly blessed.

Jan 9, 2012 3:04am [ 88 ]

I visited and could not get out of the pool room fast enough! I have tried to find out if there was ever a death in the pool room or in the pool. Does anyone know? The grounds were beautiful but I did not like being in the house. I came away feeling like something evil was in the main house. A murder maybe? Rape? Abuse? Are there any articles on untimely deaths or bad things that happened in the Biltmore house? Something bad occured there and I would like to know what.

Jan 10, 2012 1:02pm [ 89 ]

I went to the Biltmore about 4 years ago and felt something when I went to the pool area (which by the way had NO water in it). I didn't see anyone or anything, I just got a strange feeling over me that whatever it was, didn't want me there. AT ALL! So I left. As soon as I left and went to the work out area, it stopped.

Jan 18, 2012 10:49pm [ 90 ]

I never been there but is there a built in horse stable In the estate?

Jan 18, 2012 10:50pm [ 91 ]

I never been there but is there a built in horse stable In the estate?

Jan 30, 2012 8:50pm [ 92 ]

I am an annual pass holder, have been to this wonderful, fantasy like castle. Yes, there are horse stables to one side of the house, in an outside location. The stables have been converted into a restaurant, in which I have eaten several times. What bothers me is the fact they never tell you what really happened to Cornelia (the daughter). It is pleasant to hear that she never returned to Biltmore by choice but it adds to the drama of this amazing place. Instead of keeping this place a romantic fantasy, the family should also release the tragic details of Cornelias divorce and life away from the estate. It would make an awesome movie, especially since truth is often stranger than fiction. In fact her ex husband lived out the rest of his life there, without her.

Katy Olmstead
Jun 25, 2012 1:41pm [ 93 ]

The pool area was very errie! The Biltmore is lovely and of course impressive. My family and I certainly enjoyed the tour however,my son William was just very anxious to move from that certain area!!!

William expressed that in the pool area and Cornelias room were the places he felt a strong presence.

Jun 28, 2012 4:30pm [ 94 ]

I went there today. I didn't really feel much of anything upstairs (there were a LOT of people there today though so it would make it hard to feel any other presence besides the crowd), but when I went downstairs the crowds lessened and I had a chance to be alone. I admit to feeling like someone was walking next to me in the hall near the dressing rooms before you get to the pool. The feeling increased as I got to the pool room. The energy felt very strange there, and I wondered if it was ghosts of servants long lost. But I can only go off of what it FELT like; in the end I didn't see anything. You could feel there were a lot of memories in the place of good times and not so good times (so it is hard to tell if that was the energy I was feeling or not). A beautiful place...I only wish I could have went there with much less people.

Jul 5, 2012 5:03am [ 95 ]

It's been 30 years since I toured the Biltmore House, and I STILL get chills thinking about that indoor pool. I was a young teen at the time, and my mother and I were both creeped out and felt an urge to move on despite our curiosity. As I read the other accounts, I vaguely remembered hearing some kind of laughter or voices too, but it may have been others on the tour or my imagination in response to the "playful" environment.

I seem to recall there being a big faucet or pipe for filling the pool that fascinated yet frightened me. Can anyone else confirm if it exists? All the pictures I've found online (which never fail to make me shudder) are of the deep end with the wooden ladder platform. What does the other end look like? Did I hallucinate that faucet or somehow imprint the one from the game Monopoly onto the scene? Sorry, but that's what it looks like in my mind, only silver, 3-D and huge. I've always wondered and been somewhat bothered by the idea of how loud it would sound running.

Those noose-like safety ropes are sort of disturbing too, but I don't remember them being there back in the early 1980s. It's possible the pool seems eerie because it's underground, echoey and sort of dark or tomblike. On the other hand, it should have been a place of fun and cheer in its heyday, so why does it scare so many people? I would love to know if there were any drownings or other accidents there, especially involving the faucet or drain. Something about the filling or emptying of the thing disturbs me. Maybe I just don't like large-scale machinery or plumbing.

If you have any comments, feel free to email: LostLenore at

Aug 16, 2012 10:26am [ 96 ]

Okay, so here is the deal... I myself have been to the Biltmore and can't recall any creepy feelings, however for the person who mentioned how can you have scary photos when you aren't allowed to take pics? Just beause they tell you not too doesn't mean you can't. I myself was very tricky in taking pictures of the ceiling inside the library, holding my camera in my hand face up just clicking away. After we left, we drove in our car by the gardens at the point I changed the film (pre-digital) to take pics of the flowers... We never left the car, but somehow the film had disappeared. I searched everywhere first without getting out of the car, then very carefully once I did remove myself and could never locate the film, it is forever a mystery. I would love to see something mysterious and although the pool can be a little creepy in itself, I witnessed nothing. Maybe they just don't care that I am there! LOL

Oct 30, 2012 11:21pm [ 97 ]

I was there just today and smelled a terrible sulfurous (fart) in the Tapestry Gallery. Nobody was there and it wasn't me. It was a third of the length away from the library. It could have been an emploee but it just smelled so old and dusty and sudden. It's weird.

Dec 6, 2012 7:08pm [ 98 ]

i was in the laundry room and the light on the wall like the little light bulb on the wall randomly turned on while i was leaning on the wall it was freaky but no one noticed it but it was kinda freaky but i never really knew the biltmore was "haunted" so i wasnt closely looking for anything out of the ordinary so idkk?

linda cline
Mar 12, 2013 1:55pm [ 99 ]

Love the Biltmore estates. Its the history and the house ,winery,gardens ,shops ,antler hill village and restaurants that make this. Biltmore estates so very special if you have not gone before ,please put it on your list to go its a once. In a lifetime of the courtyard they have the best pretzel hot dogs are great ,the stable café is above the shops we ate there for our anniversary was so romantic we sat in front of window upstairs and could see the house and sun setting behind it was amazing December 23was our anniversary and they.wrote on our dessert happy anniversary in chocolate icing the stable café made it so special for us. We also ate at deerpark where all food is grown on the estate ,cedrics is an old fashioned pub and great food and drinks at the winery I bought a Tiffany lamp and it is one of a kind and so special to us we love the lamp because we bought it there at the Biltmore we are going back soon always on our vacation .I hope you all will get to go soon and enjoy it as much as we always do god bless you all

linda cline
Mar 12, 2013 1:58pm [ 100 ]

Biltmore is amazing

Mar 14, 2013 10:22pm [ 101 ]

nearly 30 yrs ago --- the halloween room was very disturbing --- glad to read i wasn't the only one ---

Jun 10, 2014 10:57pm [ 102 ]

While visiting Biltmore Estate in March of 2006, I had a quick vision of a woman lying on a bed in one if the bedrooms dressed in a black dress and dark hair lying on her back on the bed with her hands folded across her chest. I got the impression she had been laid out in death. Never had an experience like that.

Tom whitter
Jun 21, 2014 10:11pm [ 103 ]

Maybe george didn't start smoking until after he died. Also, how do they know it was George and Edith's laughter they heard

Jan 18, 2015 7:32pm [ 104 ]

Nothing but wonderful times there. Linda C., sounds like you love the place as much as I. Would love to share stories: :) Thank you for all your informative posts.

Feb 5, 2015 10:59pm [ 105 ]

My husband and I went to the Biltmore yesterday and I can tell you that George Vanderbilt's presence was strongly felt in his bedroom and the hall way area that's close to his bedroom doorway. I am very sensitive to energies, but frankly wasn't really expecting to encounter anything as we walked through the house.

I can tell you that the feeling I got was that he is NOT happy with people coming through his bedroom!! I have no doubt that this was a paranormal feeling, not one of residual energy, because of how "alive" the feeling was I was getting.

I did take photos of the outside of the building from the front and there are many reflections in the windows. I'll be enlarging those photos to see if there's anything unusual there, if you know what I mean! There are MANY windows. Upon examination of some of the windows in a few photos it's looking like there may be some figures in there, and I'm not talking about the people in the house at all.

Feb 5, 2015 11:02pm [ 106 ]

I should add that there was another hallway I felt something there, but nothing like George's bedroom. And the room where the babies were born, there I felt a beautiful energy. Nothing scary. Just beautiful. As far as the pool goes, I felt nothing there. Nothing scary.

Deb K
Dec 28, 2015 10:53pm [ 107 ]

Well I have a picture of a ghost with an arm in front of the mirror where the dressing room is. I took the pic by not using flash and also extended my arm around the inside as no one is allowed inside the dressing rooms just outside separated by a half door which is open at the other half. This is where I got my camera inside the room by bringing my arm around the door and facing the camera towards the room which is where the ghost shows up with a chain or bracelet around the arm, orbs, and something lying on the floor. Email me and I will send pic to you. A child was supposed to have drowned in the pool area during a child party to which most likely the adult was was supervised to watch the children, didn't. It was said that a mean child pushed the other child in the pool and the children were not trained to rescue at that age. Possibly life rafts were not as required back then along with safety pool rules or precautions. However, the death was kept secret for the sake of the Biltmore reputation. The Biltmores paid the news big money to keep it secret for the reputation for Biltmore mansion. I also saw a women fall down steps and cut her legs in the garden area. Odd since one time I was on the steps and fell but something kind of lifted me up so I wouldn't hit the concrete. The servants there were lifetime indentured so they could not have been that happy. Maybe one of the servants didn't watch the pool area that day, went to get something to eat/drink and then came back and it was too late as the child drowned.

Jan 11, 2016 11:55pm [ 108 ]

I've been to the Biltmore 2015 in December for a filmstrip and I went to the basement and all the bed rooms and like every spot I was freezing to death out there lol finally we got inside and then I got to the pool area and I could hear screaming and I saw people hanging from the ropes beside the pool!:( it was horrible and the kept screaming.then my mom said Solara?! Then I snapped out of it and I side it time to go mom.:)

Jan 11, 2016 11:57pm [ 109 ]

Field trip* lol typo

Jul 2, 2017 3:06pm [ 110 ]

As kids we used to ride by there on our bicycles. We would see all sorts of things, some to horrible to mention. One time we saw the ghost of an old lady (maid) who tossed a large bucket off dirty water at us as we rode by. We took off like crazy and vowed never to be back. Half way home we realized we were al drenched and smelled like sewer water. Our moms didn't believe us and thought we were messing around down by the sewers.

Oct 16, 2017 6:30am [ 111 ]

Yall have some vivid imaginations. Been there numerous tines and never see, heard or felt anything strange...but then again i dont believe in ghosts.

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