Big Moose Lake

Adirondack Mountains, Big Moose Lake, New York

Grace Brown was in love with Chester Gillette.

Unfortunately for Grace, her feelings were not shared by Chester.

Chester was a playboy and felt that his relaitonship with Grace was smothering him. Grace, however, became pregnant with his child. Chester, selfish and arrogant, decided that the only way to now rid himself of Grace was murder.

In the summer of 1906 Chester planned a trip with Grace to the Adirondacks. Grace believed that during their journey they would be wed. Instead, Chester used the trip as a guise to rid himself of Grace and his unborn child. He chose a secluded place on Big Moose Lake, known as South Bay, to bash in her head and throw her overboard while still alive.

There Grace drowned.

Chester tried to convince the authorities that Grace had committed suicide. His jury did not buy 10:18 on the morning of March 30, 1908, Gillette was executed by electrocution.

Grace's, tragic soul now haunts the area. Many have seen her apparition walking along the area of the lake. Some have seen her body floating right underneath the surface of the water, her eyes wide open. Others, staying in cabins near the lake, have reported unseen cold hands touching them.

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Dec 1, 2011 10:48am [ 1 ]

Has there ever been anyone go in there (psychic or not) with the express intention of trying to talk to Grace to find out what is keeping her there? With her murderer being punished decades ago for her murder, there has to be something else holding her there. Has anyone ever offered her help in resolving whatever issue that might be?


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