The Grenville Hotel

345 Main Ave., Bay Head, New Jersey

The Grenville Hotel came to life in 1890.

The Grenville is known as one of the most luxurious summer hotels that populated the shore during the late nineteenth century.

For many families it would become an annual voyage to stay at the Grenville and enjoy its cool ocean shore.

Today, the Grenville still operates, and is creating more memories for visiting guests. While most guests enjoy a quiet uneventful stay, some come away with a story of how they encountered one of Grenville's ghosts.

The employees of Grenville have many stories about the ghosts they have encountered in Grenville's hallways and lobby. Employees have stated that they have heard the sound of footsteps in rooms that are unoccupied, and also stomping down hallways in which they are alone. Many have stated the sound of children, playing and laughing, can be heard throughout the lobby, typically at night. Like the disembodied footsteps, the sound of children has also been heard traveling down the hallways.

Guests have experienced the same phenomena as the employees, however, some have encountered strange ghostly occurences in their rooms. Some guests have claimed to see apparitions of people dressed in nineteenth century clothing walking through their rooms. Others have said that they have witnessed an impression in their beds as if someone were laying there.

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Mar 6, 2010 8:26pm [ 1 ]

stayed in room 306 last night...have never even thought about ghosts ever....about 10 pm i heard children giggling and laughing and it sounded like it came from my bathroom....i turned down the volume on tv and still heard it....went to bathroom and assummed it was coming from the room next to mine....then at midnight i see this and it totally freaked me out.....a man in a 3 piece mid century suit with a beard and a top hat standing near the bathroom door with his hand outstretched to he was asking me to come with him or help him.......i blinked and it was gone...i was freaking out.....then i call downstairs around 1am and ask if there are children staying on the floor and am told that no children are staying at the hotel....i then tell him about the man i just saw and he assures me that many have seen things and they are harmless....around 2 am i hear my door knob rattling...i go out into hallway and nobody is there...i go to end of hall and hear a baby crying....and kids giggling.....i never believed in ghosts...never thought about them before and now i am googling hauntings at grenville b and b......weird day!

thomas petronella
Aug 28, 2010 1:31pm [ 2 ]

In1967 Labor day weekend I was a young man sitting alone on Karge bbeach Bay Head betweeen 2:00-3:oo A.M. It was a dark night. Two siiloette ghost were gliding accross the water approx.10-15 feet out close. They were having a conversation. I heard a male and female speaking---not english. As I stood up and yelled Hey they turned and headed out to Sea.

My phone # 845-635-8584 if you want to discuss etc.

Tom petrronella
janice de munno
Feb 17, 2016 8:26pm [ 3 ]

A few years stopped for dinner at the Grenville because we were in the area. Having been in CA never heard of the hotel. The dining room was SO quiet with only one other couple in the room. I just had the strongest sense of a small group of young people timidly standing at the lobby/entrance to the restaurant. I did NOT hear or see anything, so I'm aware my account is less than remarkable. But that very strong feeling has stayed with me, so I just googled the restaurant to see if there were any reports on the place. I'd like to go back to visit, but now my husband won't go back. Anyone else have the experience of strongly sensing rather than seeing or hearing what I felt to be a sweet rather than sinister presence?

janice de munno
Feb 17, 2016 8:39pm [ 4 ]

PS I did NOT have these feelings because of the age/look of the building. I live in a 1790's historic home, all the restaurants in the area are in old inns, historic buildings etc.and never feel that way.

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