Devil's Tower

The Esplanade, Alpine, New Jersey

There are differing accounts of The Devil's Tower:

The most popular seems to be that The Devil’s Tower was owned by a rich married man. He built the tower so his wife could see the New York skyline. One night, his wife was looking out of the top of the tower and she saw her husband with another woman, heartbroken, she jumped right down the center of the tower. The husband was so upset that he stopped all the work on the tower.

After unusual events began to overtake the tower, the man had an underground tunnel that led to the tower closed off, fearing that his wife had returned from the dead for revenge.

People have reported that at times it feels like someone has taken control of their car while passing the tower. This has resulted in many accidents aroung the vicinity of the tower. It hsas happened to a group of teens... something controlled their car and drove it into a tree, killing a girl.

Yet another account states that the tower was used as place for satanists to conduct devil worship early in the 1900's. After many horrible events plagued the town the locals murdered and burned the satanists in their forsaken tower.

Since this event there have been several attempts to tear down the tower, but tragedy has struck each work crew making the attempt.

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