Gilson Road Cemetery

Gilson Road Cemetery, Nashua, New Hampshire

Many tales and urban legends have evolved around this cemetery, making its history hard to pin down. However, among the tales told are of a gruesome Native American battle that took place on this parcel of land in Southern New Hampshire long before a cemetery appeared.  It's believed that when the land was blessed and non-natives began to be buried, the spirits of the Native Americans arose angered. Today, their angry ghosts roam through the cemetery creating an overall oppressive and ominous feeling.

Another tale is that an insane medicine man was banished to this area. He would lure young braves to this area and promise to unleash spirits that would follow the braves, making them stronger and wiser than others in their tribe. Instead, the medicine man sacrificed the braves to dark spirits that prolonged his maddened life. He died on this spot and now haunts the area still looking for victims to bring him back from the grave.

The origination of Gilson Road Cemetery is just as strange as the urban legends. The cemetery was started with little documentation, many graves are unmarked. Some believe that this area became an illicit area to dump bodies of the murdered and later became a cemetery. Overall, it was an isolated area, and a strange place to start a cemetery.

One fact is known about Gilson Road Cemetery - it's incredibly haunted.

The most common paranormal activity that people witness are light anomolies. Many people have reported seeing orbs float up out of the ground and disappear into the night sky. Others have seen streaks of light zigging and zagging through the gravestones at a high speed.

Others that have been to Gilson Road Cemetery have witnesed full apparitions. Most commonly a woman in white is seen walking between the graves. Many have seen her appear at an unmarked grave and disapear when she reaches the stone wall in the back of the cemetery. Others have seen ghosts that have appeared in 18th century clothing to more modern suits and dresses.

Another common ghostly phenomena that is witnessed at Gilson Road Cemetery are the sounds of whispering. Many have reported hearing the names whispered in their ear only to turn around and find no one. Others have stated that the whispering contains threats, telling people to 'get out' or threatening death. Many have heard the whispering not only in the cemetery but also the wooded area near it.

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Nov 10, 2007 11:26am [ 1 ]

Hi everyone, I received this email from Kevin and wanted to put it in the public comments, if you have any info please leave a comment or feel free to email me. Thanks!


Im looking for any information you might have on the Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua either historical or paranormal. I live maybe a mile from the cemetery and have witnessed some unbelievable things there. I've begun to look up the historical records of the Gilson family and have tried to find record of the "accident" that gave the biker his name. Its almost impossible to put everything into one email. The Gilson road area and site was allegedly the scene of a large battles between indian tribes. This I havent been able to prove. It seems like that text has been copied and pasted to many ghost hunting sites without any reference to its source. The closest I could find is a 17th century battle between the Penacook and Mohawk which almost killed off the Penacook but the location is not clear.

The first time I was there, it was a spur of the moment decision. Our group had just begun to investigate haunted places and had only been to Blood Cemetery, which has a few stories of its own. We met a small group of kids there who, apparently were there ALL the time. For some reason this particular cemetery has an almost addictive quality because they had been going several times a week, for months. We later met other people who said they were there over the course of 6 months or more regularly to witness things happen. The following things happened to us among others:

  1. My finance was haunted by a ghost who we identified as John Gilson, who apparently hates intruders into his cemetery and is bitter about the deaths of his children at young ages. He liked to see himself as a cowboy or gold prospector but never made it out west. His wife may have died in childbirth. Much of this information was given to us by other friends with some psychic ability.

  2. There is a ghost (presumably), called by the regulars there "the biker", who appears most nights and is always dressed in the same clothes. He rides westward away from Main Dunstable Road. We were told by a friend with some psychic awareness that he is a watcher and rides by to see who is in the graveyard. After his arrival each time, activity within the cemetery increases dramatically. We got one picture of him which shows his face blurred and the rest of his body in focus. We actually got in our car to follow him once and he had somehow transported himself way ahead of us. There is no way he could've physically traveled that distance that fast. Ive seen him personally 3 times. Others say he has been seen as late as 3am.

  3. A voice that says "I can do it" has been heard in the left part of the cemetery near the wall on several occasions. Voices are often heard if you are very quiet but most times people are way too loud and its frustrating not to be able to hear anything.

  4. People with us complained of something touching their legs.

  5. Activity or energy in the woods behind the rear wall. Once, someone we met there had been hanging out there with a friend and they didn't know that it wasn't illegal to be there after dark. He spotted a police cruiser and jumped the rear wall only to come face to face with a man in old fashioned dress. He looked away and when he looked back, the man was gone.

  6. Definite cold spots, especially near the front row of graves at certain times. My finance's sister didn't believe me that the temperature was at least 10 degrees colder in one spot until i pulled her into it.

  7. The cemetery seems to push you back when viewed from the road, and the sense of depth perception within can be really strange.

Thank You for your help, KM

May 18, 2008 12:59pm [ 2 ]


My names Tim and i have been going to the gilson rd. cemetery for the past 2 yrs now, i try my best to go once a week,and i can personally tell you that i have seen apporitions of a man in a hooded sweater about 20ft behind the back left wall. i also have many pictures of orbs at this cemetery " 17 to be exact" i havent experienced voices since ive been going there but, there was one night on april 14th 2006 that i went there alone "which i highly recomennd nobody do under any circumstance" and as i was walking along the back wall i heard crackling of leaves about 5 ft behind me and when i looked nobody was there, i then turned around and headed back for my car and as i stepped over the left back corner of the wall i was violently shoved over the wall....i got to my feet turned around to find absolutely nothing behind me, as i was walking back to my car i again was pushed as soon as i got to the entrance of the cemetery as if something was trying to tell me to stay away....i havent been to the gilson rd. cemetery since

Jul 3, 2008 1:34pm [ 3 ]

At, we have many pages of articles about Gilson Road cemetery. We also feature a map showing which areas are the most haunted. Ours was the first website to post information about Gilson Road cemetery, and we've been researching there for nearly 10 years now.

We consider Gilson Road cemetery one of the most reliably haunted locations in New Hampshire.

Jul 11, 2008 6:01pm [ 4 ]

Just for the record, I have lived next door to this cemetery for 5 years. Aside from a few earthly visitors from time to time, the cemetery is the most quiet place. It does not deserve the supernatural reputation that others have bestowed upon it.

Jul 21, 2008 5:28pm [ 5 ]

Hello my grandfather lived in Nashua, New Hampshire and so had his father and grandfather if i recall however i was born in RI my father was raised in nashua.Well i had read that mike had mentioned a john gilson above and he had wanted to head west to go gold prospecting well in 1990 i had went west and my hobby was gold prospecting i found a little when i say a little i mean it spent more trying to find it and as far as i can track down to the 17th century a joseph gilson that had maried a sara blood but i was unable to track down the family tree line if any of you can be of any help please reply to thanks

Aug 15, 2008 12:38pm [ 6 ]

i visited gilson rd. cemetery today. i stayed for about 20 minutes. i planned on staying much longer than twenty minutes, but i brought my dog along with me. it was just my dog and i and it was about 1pm in the afternoon. nothing ghostly happend to me nor did i see or hear anything, but being very sensitive to the paranormal i could feel an almost electrical current, kind of wierd to explain. i just felt very much like there was someone exsisting around me, its almost the feeling you get when someone creeps up behind you (you know they're there but you didnt see them yet) yes that feeling. after about 20 minutes by dog began to get very uneasy and fidgetety and he began to pull me toward the entrance with force. my dog is a very small dog but he was pulling me hard to the entrance. it was clear he wanted out. knowing that animals are sensitive to paranormal activity i started to think my dog could feel/see/hear something. this made me want to stay longer, but my dog wouldnt let us walk around more and every step he tried pulling in opposite direction, to the entrance. i eventually gave into him and left with him he was nearly running to the entrance when he figured out that i was okay with leaving and he pulled us right to my car withour stopping. i now know not to bring my dog again for it was a short visit. i plan on visiting tomorrow with out my dog.

Kevin M
Aug 25, 2008 9:17am [ 7 ]

Ive successfully filled in most of the family tree for the Gilsons buried here. They can be traced back from England to Reheboth, MA for a generation or 2, to Groton, and then to Dunstable (Nashua). Back in those days, the only real settlements in the area were Dunstable, Groton, and Chelmsford, with the towns of Pepperell and Brookline (known as Raby) coming later.

The next to be researched is the Robbins family who have both the oldest and newest legible stones. It is really odd for someone as in the Robbins case to be buried there long after the last other stone. This was Hannah Robbins, who died at the age of 99 and somehow insisted on being buried there. She was likely the last of her direct line and the only one who would have known the origin of the cemetery which was unknown even in the late 1800s.

You're definately right in trying to avoid the place while alone at night. Its stronger by night. I live just 2 miles away from here and it takes some balls to go back and even look inside.


Sarah Dawn
Sep 10, 2008 3:30pm [ 8 ]

The past few nights we have been at Gilson. At first not alot happened. Other than me getting sick standing by Gilson Babies. The second night alot of orbs and movement and the mysterious "shadow person" appeared and we left. We later found what appeared to be a man with a gun of sorts in his hand and two little children (boys possibly) LAST NIGHT: we had seemingly more activity than usual. Knocking sounds. A whooovooo noise. Being tapped on the back, the legs, the neck, cold corner was colder than usual and we got a big breeze even though it was a calm night. alot of oyur pictures revealed that there were indeed alot of orbs. I used to be so frightened I didn't want to go inside, but now we have someone on our team who has the know how and experience to assist us. It was pretty scary though last night.

Oct 3, 2008 8:07pm [ 9 ]

My paranormal team will be investigating the cemetery at night in October 2008. We have already been to the cemetery during the day on 3 occasions. Please see our website for details.

Oct 7, 2008 8:35am [ 10 ]

Hi Their Well maybe this time the post will come up?I had posted one last june when i was doing some research online and came across this gilson road topic.Well i had never heard of gilson road before which seems odd because my father is from laconia NH and his dad and so on my grandmother lived in Belknap County nh.I had read in a post that one of the hauntings was of a man that had always wanted to head west to go gold prospecting well the weird part here is i had moved to california after i left the service and all my live that was one of my goal/hobbies to do well i did do it but didn’t find any however i i had met my wife and had my son and now we live here in kansas which is a hell of a lot better than California.from what i had gathered on the internet i,m not sure if its the same gilsons or not but in the early 1600 the link to the line is below if you have any information on this please let me know my email is and as you can probly tell my last name is gilson.Also i have a doorknob that was on sutters mill i had bought a bunch of stuff from a yard sale when i had lived in woodland hills california and i had ask the lady about it after i found it she said her husband that had worked for the army back in the 1950s had kept it when the had redone the fort to a landmark the sutters mill was the start of the gold rush but hen became a fort during the war i have a picture of it on my website under the indian items

John F
Nov 11, 2008 12:04pm [ 11 ]

i went to the gilson road cemetery the other night with a couple of my buddies. we stayed there for about 30 minutes criss crossing the entire place and absolutely nothing happenned. we were a little disapointed and left.

Jan 2, 2009 5:46pm [ 12 ]

I'm a local that lives about a mile and a half from the cemetery. When I was younger my family took me there one Halloween night with our dogs and a friend of mine. They didn't tell me anything about the cemetery except that there had been complaints of hauntings from the people living in the houses of the new development across the street. When we went there we took many photos and wandered around for almost an hour.

As dusk began to deepen, I started getting uneasy. The back corner of the cemetery (the one that connects the left wall with the back wall) seemed to have a physical pull on the people I was with but I could tell that it was no good. They all wanted to explore and I wouldn't let them. It was then that the dogs began to bark madly, staring at the corner and pulling on their leashes towards the entrance to leave. The group I was with became uneasy and started to head back to the car but I remained for a few minutes longer. My head began to swim and I started to see a men fighting, fire, blurred shapes, chaos. It's hard to describe it, even today. I thought I was crazy. I felt a presence in front of me, screaming at me to get out. I ran to the car. I didn't tell anyone of what I saw.

The next morning my father came downstairs early to load the digital pictures from the night before. He immediately pulled us all out of bed. "I got up," he said, "to photoshop the pictures and give you guys a real scare but... then I loaded them and realized that I didn't have to." In about 7 or 8 of the pictures there were orbs. They were all surrounding me or in front of me. They asked me if I saw anything and I repeated my story. My mom's eyes grew as she told me about the battle between Native American tribes that she had read about online. I decided to go back.

I've been on many trips to Gilson, more than I can count. Usually they've been during the day and I always make sure to leave before dusk but, one time I took a friend of mine there. He parked the car across the street and got out the flash lights and cameras. He double checked that all the equipment was working before we got out of the car. It was already dark so we turned on the flashlights as we crossed the street. As soon as we got over the stone wall the lights began to dim, then flicker, then go out. We tried them several times but they were dead. We tried to take pictures but the camera's battery was drained after three, it had been fully charged across the street.

The cemetery grew colder but we stayed, thinking of the events as simply a little odd, a tech malfunction. Again, he was drawn into the corner. I told him not to go but he seemed to go into a kind of trance, saying that he was being pulled there and wanted to find out what was back there. I had to physically restrain him from exploring the corner. I saw a man on a horse standing in front of me. The horse pawed the ground frantically, as the man told us to get out. My friend did not see this, but suddenly commented on the tension and saying that he had a feeling that we should leave, so we did.

When we got back to the car, the flash lights and cameras worked once more. My friend told me later when reflecting about the experience from the safety of my home, that he did not remember me restraining him, just that he had wanted to go in the corner. He told me that I would never get him back in that cemetery ever again and he begged me not to return. He calls it evil and refuses to go into any depth of conversation about it. I haven't returned since, although I have often felt the pull of it. The place is something like a magnet for me, and I have no idea why but I don't like the feel of it.

Please, if anyone has similar stories to mine, contact me. I'm interested in learning all that I can about this cemetery, past and present. If you'd like to see the pictures from the cemetery, you can also e mail me. There are some good ones of orbs, if you believe in that sort of thing. (Most find it hard to, blaming dust or such and I respect them for it. You can never really tell about orbs, or validate them completely either way.)

Also, if you know the history of the Hanging Tree located in Tyngsboro, I'm studying that as well.

Jan 26, 2009 11:19pm [ 13 ]

my wife and i went the other night about 8:00 pm for the first time. I had read about this site in a (haunted new hampshire) book with little about the detail or history there.but it was close so we decided to check it out. wow, what a strange place, and the moment we got out of the truck to cross the road, we were feeling a strange force almost like something was pushing us back. We only stood outside the stone wall because there was alot of snow on the ground. But even for those few moments you get the feeling that something there does not want you to be there. of course after that experience i went on google to check out all the details and history of the land, and it seems that there is alot more to this site than i originaly expected. We will return when the weather gets better,and we will be better prepaird next time.

Jordan D
Apr 21, 2009 10:48am [ 14 ]

I'm doing a documentary on Gilson Road Cemetary for my video class and I'm interested in talking to people who have had these experiences in person. They're great to hear but I need a personal, on-camera interview for this project. If anyone's interested, let me know at (I know, it's a weird email but there's a story behind it). Thanks!

taylor close
May 30, 2009 6:03pm [ 15 ]

Me and my friends went to the gilson road cemetary on may 15th after a dance at a church, and we walked near the far side of the cemetary over by the woods. there were other people there, but we didnt't know them, and they were shining a flashlight over by us to see if we were ok. next to my friends shadow was a shadow of a little kid on a tricycle. it freaked up out so we ran out as fast as we could.

Kevin M
Jul 14, 2009 12:39pm [ 16 ]

Just a few comments to add here. I re-found this page after not seeing it for a while.

  1. Most of the stories you've heard are NOT true. The stories of Indian battles are unfounded, repeated rumors. Attacks and raids on settlers did happen in the area. Further north possibly was the raid that killed the men who are buried in the Old Cemetery in South Nashua. There was no medicine man.

The story of the burned house was possibly true. It has been confirmed with contemporary sources that an attack on a homestead that stood near the school happened in the 17th century. I could tell you the date but I haven't looked it up in a while. Research the history of Dunstable and don't take internet rumors for truth. The original actual house most likely stood further from the road behind the stone wall, near where in the old times, the people who were thought of as unworthy of being buried with the rest were put. Gilson road at one point was probably a cart path between fields like those found lined with stone walls in the woods all over New England.

That said, this place does have a lot of energy. The cemetery was referenced in a book on the history of Nashua written in the 1890s where they at the time did not even know of the history of the cemetery. I bet few of you know that the oldest graves in the big Nashua cemetery (Woodlawn) were actually moved there from somewhere else to build a school (which was years ago demolished)!

  1. To comment Austin Gilson: It is nice to find someone with the name but unfortunately Austin likely decended from an older branch of the family from Mass or Brookline, NH. The oldest member of the Gilsons was recorded in the 1860 census as living with unrelated people before he died. The family died out because most of their kids did not survive birth or childhood. This is confirmed in the repeated names. If a baby Jonathan for example died, they might years later name a new son John.

  2. To anyone researching this, I can give some info if I can but don't just cut and paste all internet stories without confirming they are real! I've looked all over the net and too many times, I've seen the same exact text apearing on different sites. It wouldn't surprise me at all if someone started quoting me too. I live 2 miles away from the site. I clocked it in my car.


Aug 10, 2009 4:21pm [ 17 ]

I also live about a mile from Gilson Cemetary and went there today to check it out. I was there alone for a good 30 min. and found nothing. I ven walked through the the gap in the back left hand corner and walked behind the cemetary. I do belive in the paranormal and would like to visit this place at night, but I would like to go with someone who has experienced this place before. If you would care to join me let me know. Kate your stories interest me, they are amazing.

Sep 11, 2009 7:04pm [ 18 ]

The group I'm a part of visited Gilson Road Cemetery on 9/5/09, and we are still analyzing the data we gathered. To be quite frank, I assumed that all the stories and information available on the Internet were exaggerations, but after our interesting visit, I now believe many of them.

Even in the afternoon, the place had an oppressive feeling, and at times the energy was palatable. In addition, what we experienced matches up very closely with the multitude of other reports from many paranormal investigators.

Considering that this site is very small and easily accessible, it lends itself to convenient exploration. As ghost hunters tend to be a respectful bunch, we hope that this wonderful location will remain accessible to the general public as it is rare to have access to such a wonderful place that regularly elicits such varied and numerous reports of possibly paranormal activity.

Ryan Sullivan
Nov 1, 2009 12:01am [ 19 ]

I have read the stories and legends about gilson road cemetery on this site and others. It wasn"t until Oct. 27,2009 that I decided to look it up and go there myself,My first trip gave me an incredibly eery feeling< something just feels "off", thats how to easily describe it there. My kid was uneasy so I left only to want to return as soon as possible. A few days later my wife and I and our three kids all went to the cemetery.My wife immediately agreed that the feeling she had was one of strangeness, something just not right.We took several pictures and the photos are astounding, one photo has an enormous ball of light with one smaller orb beneath. There were several pics with one or two orbs and some with none, besides the picture of light i mentioned above there was one which i couldnt believe-the picture of the back wall surrounded with small white orbs, id say roughly 70 easily all over the pic. This experience was amazing and i have never seen anything like that on my pictures even though when i took them i was hoping for such a result. AMAZING. this site is worth a visit even from a serious skeptic, perhaps they will discover something unbelievable just as i had.

Mar 23, 2010 7:56am [ 20 ]

I have heard about Gilson Rd. Cematary and I had to check it out for myself. I went there in October of 2009 at approx. 130 in the afternoon. It was a chilly but sunny day. No one else around. I walked the site and took numerous pictures, none reveiled anything unusual. As I walked the area for a second time I head a very distinctive growl over to the left by the stone wall. It is best described as a growl from nothing I have ever heard but was similer between a wolf or lion, very distinctive and frightning. I decided to walk over closer to where the growl came from hoping to see something. Nothing was there, no movement in the woods, nothing. I took more pictures with no results. I began to get a very uneasy feeling so it was time for me to go. I am still bothered by this and plan to revist this site again. Has anyone else heard growls for this site?

Jul 22, 2010 2:02am [ 21 ]

I was there in March 2010 on a nice clear day and at the left side on the stone wall I have a face almost dog like maybe that is your growl!

Hayley Lago
Sep 21, 2010 11:57am [ 22 ]

Me and a few of my friends went to Gilson Rd. We had EVP telling us to "GET THE FK OUT" repeatedly. And I have a pic of a figure walking out on the right hand side of the woods my entrance gate, as well as many orbs and skull looking faces. It was crazy how much we got. and the feeling was crazyness! We didnt last more then 15 minutes! We were not wanted there... This was about 12-1 am in July 2009.

Sep 23, 2010 1:04pm [ 23 ]

i love this place, you guys have to go on a full moon...aka tonight. i have tons of EVPs pictures and stories from this place. Ive been here over 100 times and still continue to go as much as possible, some nights are quiet and some nights the energy is craaaazy. if your interested in the paranormal like i am please go more than once, you will not be disappointed.

Beth Kane
Sep 30, 2010 7:55am [ 24 ]

Please Stay out of the Gilson rd. cemetery. You are disturbing the spirits that are there. This is there home and their resting place. Let them be. Not only that but the graves are also very soft, it is not safe to walk in the graveyard itself.

Joe Gagnon
Oct 29, 2010 6:26pm [ 25 ]

Out of curiousity I did a search for the Gilson Rd. Cemetery and have read all of the posts. I was raised for fourteen years a mile from the cemetery in the 80s. My friends and I frequently passed there and spent time there at night as the Halloween scare dare. Two things have not been mentioned that I have witnessed. The eerie loss of sound when you are in the cemetary. Several times we did not hear a car coming, fearing a cruiser catching us, until it was right along the site. The other thing is what about the fallen gravestone that has the creepy poem? This may be rough since I have not been there in years, but it went something like "I am now what you shall be, to hell follow me" Over the years we found several cats gutted in the cemetery and signs of people there. This cemetery does not have the strange urban legends of the Pine Hill or locally known as the Blood Cemetery, but there is no doubt that this place is haunted. The Blood Cemetery makes my mother nervous who was born in 1956, but strangely it has the same effect on my father who was born in 1936. There is something more to this.

John a slosek
Nov 19, 2010 2:41pm [ 26 ]

I did an intense research project on the gilson road cemetary in 2003 to gain a half credit in order to graduate high school. This research was given to the nashua historical society and to my knowledge is still there.I found many legends about gilson cemetary and could not seem to prove any of them. My favorite was of a tale about a colonial family that lived in a cabin located behind the spot of where the cemetary is. According to legend their house was burned down by area natives and all perished. And supposedly they were the first to be burried in the cemetary. I have explored the woods behind the cemetary, and have found logicala spots of wall that conceivably could have been a foundation. More than likely the rocks would have been reuused to form some of the rock walls. To me this makes the most sense out of all the legends.

Craig B
Feb 8, 2011 12:32am [ 27 ]

I live in Chelmsford, MA and I've been to Gilson Road Cemetery about 10 times in the past 3 years. Most of my visits were very quiet and I didnt hear or see anything but 2 or 3 of my visits were very intense and convinced me 100% that there are spirits there. On a 'good visit' to the cemetery it feels more like a portal to a hellish spirit world than a haunted cemetery. I picture a haunted cemetery as having a couple creepy sounds and maybe you see ghost once in a while but at Gilson its more like theres a dozen people screaming in your face to get out and you just can't see them, you can only feel their presense.

Ive had a few really bizzare things happen to me there, one was when I almost blacked out while walking over the baby graves. Everything just went really hazy for a second and I almost fell over. Another bizzare thing that happened was when I was standing in front of the two similar tall graves next to each other right near the entrance, I was just looking at the one on the right and I had this vision in my head of a young man on the ground with this look of agony and despair on his face. It was very detailed too, I still remember his face and how much agony he was in. I believe that if your sensitive to paranormal activity than the cemetery will visually show you brief glimpses of the horror of what happened there, whatever it was.

Ive never actually seen any orbs or ghosts in person at Gilson but I have dozens of orb pictures (white and orange orbs) and one picture which you can see what looks like a man riding a horse. Another thing I have noticed on my 'good visits' is just the remarkable energy you can feel while in the cemetery. The closest thing I can compare it to is when you swim to the bottom of the deep end of a pool and you feel the intense pressure squeezing your whole body. Its such an amazing place, I cant wait to go back once the snow melts.

Feb 9, 2011 3:55pm [ 28 ]

I have a picture almost identical to the one that has the skulls in it. That I took with my camera back in 2009. And my experience there was 1 of horror.... I lasted 10 minutes if that! I also have a picture of what seems like a something walking out of the woods. That was taken on the right side wall by the entrance. As I didnt get futher then that. Because I was soooo scared. We went it was a night in aug. and it was hot out. It was about 12:00 am when we got there ( dont know why we had to wait so long) Scary none the less. That was my first and last time going into Gilson Rd.

Apr 30, 2011 8:07pm [ 29 ]

I have been to the Gilson Rd Cemetery once Halloween night at midnight about 3 years ago. I went with 3 other people, we parked across the road. Myself and one of the guys that went with me both stopped dead in our tracks at the same time in the same place while crossing the road. We both experienced the same exact thing at the same exact time, but the other 2 people did not experience anything. Him and myself felt like we walked through a wall of pins and needles. It was like a thick wall. It started from our front and passed through us as we walked. Very very creepy.

Peter Donovan
Jun 1, 2011 5:24pm [ 30 ]

Hey guys,

I just started getting into this whole paranormal stuff, I know that there is afterlife because i sometimes have conversations with my late Father....

I drove by gilson cemetery last night because i couldnt take all the hype and i wanted to see for myself...when i drove by the cemetery, i felt very very unwanted, like a big eerie feeling, about 2 seconds after my car died and rolled and started again....i turned around and drove by it again and nothing happened that time...I went with a friend of mine last night to another cemetery and took some pics there...if you would like to see them, please feel free to email me...

I went to the cemetery (gilson) today to take some pics, I got out of my car and walked across the street and i immediately felt like something was not right...i have an app on my phone that measures emf and i walked along the wall facing the street, as i got to the end of the wall where it turns to the woods, the level spiked...i was very very impressed, it recorded to my phone and i went home shortly after friends and i are planning on hitting it up on saturday night to check it out, then we are off to (blood) cemetery~!!!!

Aug 31, 2011 7:53am [ 31 ]

hi there.

  my wife and i went to there yesterday at about 11.30 am and we both never experienced anything  except for,my wife notice these handcherciefs they were of the fancy kind you would buy with embroied etchies on them.otheries than that nothing happened.
Pat S
Nov 4, 2011 6:54pm [ 32 ]

Kevin M wrote that the oldest member of the Gilsons was recorded in the 1860 census. Today I took a walk to Woodlawn Cemetery in Nashua and found a marker for Jerome F. Gilson, September 25, 1849 - Jan 31, 1908 and his wife Anne J. Gilson Feb 5, 1852 - May 29, 1913.

They were married in 1879. Anne's maiden name was Greenwood and 1900 census says she was born in New Hampshire. Jerome was born in Dunstable, MA (later Nashua). Jerome's middle name was Ferrin. It appears that Jerome may have been previously married to Ida Brackett.

I just thought any Gilson descendants might be interested.

Jan 21, 2012 4:55pm [ 33 ]

well i have photos that i had took at the cemetery with my cousin and in the pictures there is ectoplasm and in the ectoplasm you can see well looks like a soldier and a demon they are amazing photos

Jan 21, 2012 5:03pm [ 34 ]

and while i was there i had a question asking if there was anyone there with us and could they tell us there name i got home and listened to my voice recorder and when i asked that ? i got a response of the name frank it was really low but you could hear it distinctively has anyone else had anything similar please let me know

Apr 1, 2012 1:49am [ 35 ]

I have lived on Gilson Rd about one half mile away from the cemetary for 65 years. When we went to school Me my Sister and my Brother had to walk by the Cemetary every morning and night to get our bus and sometimes my Parents would take us for a walk and we would go into the Cemetary with them so we could read some of the sayings on the backs of the stones and we never seen or herd anything . I think a lot of imaginations are running wild .

Apr 17, 2012 7:16pm [ 36 ]

On April 17 between 2:00 a.m and 4:00 a.m , me and a friend went here and just were waiting. Then my friend started taking pictures and we looked at them. We saw orbs and lines. Then it started to get weird. We felt uneasy and my friend said he was tripped. He wanted to stay but i said to leave and we did. I plan to go again.

Authored by Kali based on true events

Apr 17, 2012 9:34pm [ 37 ]

Two days ago my sister and I visited Gilson Road Cemetery during daylight hours. We found it to be a peaceful and safe place. Upon reviewing my video/photos nothing out of of the ordinary appeared. However, after I asked if any of the Gilson's wished to speak with us, we managed to capture an EVP featuring the voice of a woman who spoke the words, "answer her." I was very excited and cannot wait to bring some friends back there during the night, preferably on a full moon night. I appreciate everyone's comments here on this site. I certainly hope I'll have something to report back to you all after my next visit to Gilson!

May 26, 2012 1:19pm [ 38 ]

If i could get a hold of the email address to the owner of the photo portraying the "eyes" at gilson, I have something you might want to see that is similar, but more clear.

Sep 27, 2012 11:37am [ 39 ]

I have gone to this cemetry for any years.. i am native american so i do believe i can reach out.. in fact i did i ha e a picture of me and the grim ripper standing behind me.. infact the next day i ended up in the hospital for for acute chronic pancreatits.. at this point my pancrease is failling.. i am now on enzyms for it.. i have pictures of my dad being surrounded with orbs.. i have done test cuz i have a picture with fog and a skull inside the fog. my 7 year old found that.. there was no fog.. and it surrounded my car.. my son loves going there but my full blooded red noise pit will not put a paw in that cemetry.. i have evps on that cemetry.. i will keep on goin there until i am not to go back... halloween seasson is here so i start my jurney ....

Robyn B
Oct 11, 2012 1:23pm [ 40 ]

i have not been not yet been to gilson but ive read a lot about it and am very interested in learning more about it before i visit. please if you have any tips and/or pictures i would love to see them. in return i will send you whatever evidence im able to collect from my first visit. please email me at

Carter C
Jan 19, 2013 7:29pm [ 41 ]

I have recently been to Gilson Road cemetery and me and my friend were using a ghost box and we caught a spirit say "slaughtered 7". we have heard legends saying that the Gilson's had a barn and a home on the property and in was set on fire and burned to the ground, and that all of the Gilsons were killed in the fire. Another legend we've heard was that the Native American's in the area had a conflict with the gilsons and attacked their home. All died in the conflict. Now, I am not exactly sure what happened (I don't think any of us know what happened) but If anyone has heard those legends as well, please let me know. I specifically want to know how many people died in the fire/conflict. thank you, my email is if you have any questions or suggestions for me.

Jun 6, 2013 3:52pm [ 42 ]

I used to go to Gilson Cemetary back in the late 60's earlly 70's..The story we all heard was Betty Gilson killed her husand cut off his head and burried it away from the body out in the field that used to be beyond the grave site. She was told at her death that she would not be able to rest in peace until she found the head and put it back with the body. And that now she wanders the site at night usually when it gets foggy you can see her walking and moaning out in the grave yard still looking for the head... We were their one night with a bunch of kids and all the girls went walking and we saw betty all in white moaning we all just ran back to the

Sep 20, 2013 12:16am [ 43 ]


I have been going to this cemetery 2-3 times a month for about 3 months now. Have experiences numerous different sounds, (most of which from the woods behind the cemetery) the worst one however came from what sounded like right near the front gate. it sounded like someone was whisteling through a megaphone, so loud it could probably be heard up the street, followed by a large square-ish shaped shadow quickly moving across the grass. Also there was a spirit present who's name i believe was Charles. Some other events happening have been being touched and the two streetlights going out (the one by the gate and the tanglewood road sign) at the same time. I would love to go with new people who have had there own experiences there, if anyone is interested or if anyone can tell me a bit about there experience with the betty gilson figure please email at

Rachel Gilson
Jan 17, 2014 7:19am [ 44 ]

I'm curious if anyone knows why it's called Gilson Rd? I was born and raised in NH and with the last name Gilson am thinking maybe I'm related to the individual who the road is named after.

hailey baird
Sep 2, 2014 1:14pm [ 45 ]

Hi I'm hailey I've been there twice the first time it was cool night me and my boyfriend walked in just checking it out we walked to the far left corner where we heard a voice well when i got over there i felt burning and a sharp pain on my back we walked back to the car after 30 mins it was really hurting me my boyfriend looked and there was one deep scratch i can handle paint but that hurt so bad we went back Saturday. 8-30-14 and a friend came with it was cool out again we heard whistleing and what sounded like kids playing we left it really is haunted

Jul 1, 2015 11:50am [ 46 ]

I was there a few days ago at around midnight with 3 friends and we were using a Ouija board with sage and we did it just past the stone wall next to a grave stone because some of us felt uneasy being in there, but at first we weren't getting much. So then we decide to move a little further into the cemetary and we began using the Ouija board once again and we asked "Are there any spirits here?" And it moved to 'yes', then imediately after that we all heard crackling in the woods surrounding us and three of us heard a scream or a high pitched noise, then we all stood up and tried to take pictures, hoping we'd get some apparitions, but then one person got really spooked and jumped the wall and ran back to the car and the rest of us followed shortly after. We plan on going back soon.

Isabella Wang
Oct 5, 2015 4:51pm [ 47 ]

My friend lives just across the road from Gilson and one time, while we were biking along the road, we swore we heard a clear baby cry coming from the graveyard and definitely not from one of the houses. There were ghost hunters there at time who also heard it and went to investigate. They did find traces of some sort of apparition/ghost with their devices. I also thought I saw and heard a dog bark from the cemetary too, but that could of been from one of the neighbors.

Bob Pasquale
Nov 3, 2015 2:25pm [ 48 ]

Went on an investigation 10/31/15 at Gilson. Didn't hear or see anything unusual..... fully charged camera battery drained in less than three minutes and my son's always reliable camera picked up a couple of "smoky" images in a few shots and no one was smoking. Oh......and the battery on my camera went back up to near full after we left. Not sure what to make of that.

Bob Pasquale
Nov 14, 2015 1:03am [ 49 ]

On 11/13/15, after scrutinizing 117 photos taken on 10/31/15 at Gilson Road Cemetery, these 3 show what appear to be orbs which were NOT seen while there

Bob Pasquale
Nov 14, 2015 1:05am [ 50 ]

I tried submitting the photos....not sure if it worked.

Jim Gilson
Nov 20, 2015 8:02am [ 51 ]

As a direct descendant of the Gilson family of Groton I now must try going to the cemetery to check it out myself. i only live about a hour away. Sounds like an interesting spot.

Jeremy Bull
Mar 9, 2016 11:03pm [ 52 ]

Mu brother is very sensitive to the paranormal and believes that he may be haunted by someone from the cemetery. We went there a few days ago. What should we do?

Also, does anyone know anything about Benjamin Robbins? I felt at ease over by his grave but uneasy by the gate.

Aug 21, 2017 1:07pm [ 53 ]

I spent years trying to remember the name of this Cemetery! A few years ago (2010-2013) my aunt had taken me to some sort of "ghost hunting" group thing because I was interested in this stuff, and I'm an empath/sensitive/slight clairvoyant. I wish I remembered the name of the group, as they reached out to me after and asked me to be a junior member, but my experience was just wonderful.

The second our car drove into the lot I was feeling all sorts of stuff. The group introduced themselves, and talked about some phenomenon that went on. Now that I've read this article, some of the stuff that I was told came back. Like, how the Medicine Man appears in a form of a portal or something like that? We listened to recordings from previous investigations from the place, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think they were true and real.

We took the tour, the whole time I'm feeling weird so I sit down in a field. I swear I could hear a young lady screaming "help, help!" But no one else was reacting to her cries, so I knew it wasn't real.

I remember taking a picture of the hanging tree when no one was around it, I wish I still had the picture but right through the tree bark was a lightning bolt. The sky was so clear that night...

After we all re-grouped (we were taken as smaller groups to tour with) we decided to all join hands and be in a seance. Now, this is where I get messed up. I have a knee injury, even at the ripe age of 13-16. It was my left knee, but as we were getting the spirits to come to us, my right knee started to kill, it felt like I've been shot. All through my mind I felt like I was an general, but a Native American. I felt like I was getting my troops pumped up for war, but I wasn't. I remember chanting thoughts " We WILL not let them take our land, we WILL not let them live to try again." Or something of the like. After the circle was broken (because you NEVER break until you are ready) I sat down for a good 10 minutes and chatted with the investigation, who somewhat knew what had happened to me (I mean, I couldn't have been the only one to have felt something?)

Now, as I know the name of the place, I'm going to go again. See if I can see and feel the same stuff.

Sep 24, 2017 12:15am [ 54 ]

Went there tonight with a member of my paranormal team. Saw nothing, heard nothing. Just the typical sounds woods make. We did feel cold spots and it was hot tonight. But other than that, nothing. Kinda disappointing.

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