Donna's Diner

150 W. Front Street, Battle Mountain, Nevada

In the rustic town of Battle Mountain life is hard. The residents wear a tough skin from life in a dessert town. There's not much to do here than "gamble and drink," as residents say.

Donna's Diner sits among the non descript buildings of downtown Battle'll know it by it's sign that reads 'Donna' Diner' ( they didn't have room for the missing 's'). Donna's Diner is known to be haunted by The Lady in Blue.

Sometime in the history of the diner a drunk and angry resident of the town followed an out of towner into the womans restroom. In a drunken rage he murdered the woman. Today, her ghost haunts the diner.

The Lady in Blue is known to swing the light fixtures back and forth and turn the lights on and off in the restrooms. People also have claimed to see the Lady in Blue in the mirrors of the restroom. They have been surprised at seeing a ghastly woman all dressed in blue standing over their shoulder. However, when they spin around no one is there.

People have also claimed that if you stare long enoung into mirrors at the diner the Lady in Blue's face will slowly replace yours in the reflection and then slowly fade away.

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