The Alliance Theater

410 Box Butte Avenue, Alliance, Nebraska 69301

Today, the Alliance Theater shows first-run movies, but in the past it was a majestic sight for live theater.

An actress, only known as 'Mary', met her fate in the theater. Mary was a renowned actress, she played every part with passion. On the night of her death she was playing a bride and as the play was about to resolve into a happy ending tragedy struck. A large light fixture broke loose from the ceiling and crushed Mary in front of the horrified audience.

The theater is now the habitat for Mary's ghost. In life Mary craved the spotlight, and it seems she still does. She will move seats, play with the lights, and open and close doors. The staff of the theater have heard footsteps on the stage area. They have also heard the sounds of weeping, and sometimes they will hear someone bellowing out lines in the theater. When they rush in to investigate they find no one. Those that have seen the apparition of Mary have described her as wearing the wedding gown costume that she wore on the night of her death.

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Apr 2, 2011 11:10am [ 1 ]

this is 100% true. i've visited this theatre and it's deffinatly haunted it was so wikkid !

Apr 11, 2017 11:17pm [ 2 ]

I just went back theer a few days ago to see the Wicked performance and I saw a ghost child with a candle. Wick kid was wikkid. This place is tottaly spooky. Will go agian in 2023.

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