Centennial Hall

3rd and Macomb Streets, Valentine, Nebraska 69201

Centennial Hall was originally built in 1897 and used as the school in Valentine, it is now listed as a historical marker (Nebraska's oldest standing school.)

According to folks around town, you could hear music coming from inside, though the building was empty. During an investigation of the building multiple photos were taken with "orbs" visible. Also, video tape evidence showed a rocking chair (barely) rocking on what seemed to be it's own power. Most interestingly, an EVP was recorded. All males were in the building - though a female voice can faintly be heard.

The haunting is supposedly a girl named Lila who died after becoming ill at the school in 1943.

Be aware that the building is now a museum and open to the public during the summer. The building is closed to the public at all other times.

Our thanks to Zach Dean for alerting us to this haunting!

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Jul 31, 2007 6:37pm [ 1 ]

One note that was left out - The Valentine Jaycees invited a group of paranormal investigators to check out the haunting. Being with the Jaycee organization, I was lucky to get to go with them on this investigation. At one point during the night, we were in a room without any lights on, except for that which was provided by their cameras and other equipment... about 4 or 5 units in all... and EVERYTHING that they had went dead... all at once! It was probably the spookiest thing thats ever happened to me... I consider that better evidence (personally - since it happened while I was there) than even the EVP, or photographs, or anything else. It made for an awesome night.

Jul 31, 2007 6:37pm [ 2 ]

I should also mention, that we were there with special permission from the Centennial Hall Board of Directors. I would hate for anyone to be ticketed, etc. for trespassing, conducting an unauthorized investigation, or whatever.

Feb 11, 2010 4:09pm [ 3 ]

I've read that it is fairly common for your equipment to go dead, they feed off of the electricity makes them stronger kinda thing. I wonder if that's what happened to you.

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