Arcadia Academy

128 South College St., Arcadia, Missouri

Arcadia Acadmey originaly began life as a Methodist school. However, during the civil war it was repurposed as a Union hospital. In 1877 Catholic nuns with the Ursaline Order bought the academy and operated it as school until 1970. It remained a convent for nuns until 1985.

Many of the Ursaline sisters that lived and taught at the Academy are buried in a large cemetery located on the grounds.

Today, Arcadia Academy is home to a bed and breakfast, a gift shop, an antique mall, a spa, and the five-room Arcadia Academy Bed and Breakfast Inn. The academy chapel, which still contains its original stained glass windows, is now used for weddings.

There has been a variety of haunting activity reported at the academy. Of the physical type, doors will open and close by themselves, and doors that were once locked will mysteriously unlock themselves. However, most activity is captured with cameras. Photos taken at the academy often show orbs, vortexes, mists, and figures that the naked eye couldn't see. In fact, there is a sampling of photos on Arcadia Academy's website located in the 'photo gallery' section under 'Mystery'.

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Carin Les
May 11, 2011 10:36am [ 1 ]

Hi. My name is Carin Les. I am researching haunted locations for a new book I"ve been writing. I would love to include your academy in this.

I am the founder of GoDark! MPR based in southern Missouri. I would like to request permission for my research team to conduct a private investigation at your academy. We would happily sign notarized releases, freeing you from any responsibities whatsoever.

My phone # is 573-747-5791 Sabrina or 573-421-6042 Maresa or 573-944-0858 Carin

We pray for a favorable reply.

Thank you. Carin Les

Jason Wyeth
Jul 24, 2011 9:40pm [ 2 ]

Hello, I am the founder of a paranormal group originally based out of Fort Polk, LA I have since relocated to Fort Leonard wood, Mo. Our group specializes in using scientific instraments to study reported haunted locations, I would like to request permission to investigate your facility, we provide the owner with a cd of any evidence we catch and Our research is privately funded. Thanks Jason Wyeth (Founder/Investigator) 337-353-7635

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