The 40 Club Restaurant and Bar

Hwy 210 West, Aitkin, Minnesota 56431

In 1999 a man died in an apartment located above the bar. Since his death strange activity has been reported in the building.

TV's have turned on and off by themselves, and stations that should be coming in clear will display only static. The staff has reported hearing footsteps throughout the building, even though they are alone. Cold and hot spots have also been reported.

The upstairs apartment has remained unoccupied since the death, but there have been sounds as though someone is still living there.

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Jun 7, 2011 10:18am [ 1 ]

ok well first of all, my aunt works there and you have it all wrong you didn't say anything about the dog or the chef or any of the other things that are there and its not all the rooms it just the ones next to the pool and the top of the bar. there are two more there is one by the Confection Center there is one on the bottom of the stairs and on the opposite stairs there one at the top closest to the stairs, the dog runs the pool area, the chef runs around the bar and turns on the stereo, i know this stuff that is like my home im there almost everyday

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