Ada Witch

Near Ada Cemetery, Ada, Michigan

Legend states that around the turn of the 20th century murders led to the haunting now known as 'The Ada Witch'.

An unfaithful young woman would meet her lover in the wooded area surrounding the cemetery on 2 Mile Road. One night, the woman's husband, seething with jealousy, followed his wife to her encounter. As the lovers embraced rage overcame the husband and he murdered his cheating wife on the spot. He then turned his attention to her lover. However, the lover was not such an easy kill. They were both evenly matched and died at the spot of their battle.

Today the apparition of the woman is seen in the woods. She is sometimes described as being a beautiful dark haired woman, but others described the apparition as a ghastly looking woman that bore the injuries of her murder. Other activity witnessed includes seeing bluish-green mists and orbs floating near the cemetery.

Hunters in the conservation area have reported footsteps behind them and the sounds of a woman weeping and sometimes bone chilling shrieks. Hunters have also stated that they have felt a tap on their shoulder and upon turning around discovering that no one is there.

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Jul 31, 2007 6:33pm [ 1 ]

My sister died 11 years ago and is buried in the Findly Cemetery. The first time I went to visit her was eeiry, but just a month ago when I went the only thing that I saw was flags blowing . No Wind. My grand-daughter went to jump the fence and she fell off the fence and ripped her pants. I guess that something didn't want her to leave the cemetery that way.

Sep 20, 2007 3:51am [ 2 ]

I have been there many, many times now. Never left there without being scared out of my mind. If you go watch out for the cops, they keep an eye on the place cause some people did some destructive things there. The neighbors across the street will call the cops if they see lights/cars being parked. So be sneaky!

Nov 4, 2007 7:43pm [ 3 ]

yea i was there not long ago n we went to the cemetary for a sec but left n went down to the park and took the trail at about 11 with no lights n after about 10 mins of walking we herd somethings then we herd a loud scream and we all ran

Nov 17, 2007 3:57pm [ 4 ]

I am doing some research on the Ada Witch, I can debunk part of the legend...The Gravestone that belongs to Sarah McMillen is not the Ada Witch, according to her death record she died from typoid fever, which would make it impossible for her to be the girl in the legend (this is the broken headstone that people believe to be The Ada Witch's Grave)

However I did find one Sarah who is buried there that died from Conjunction to the Brain (Head Truama, most likely tumor) that is the right age...I am looking into her more to see if I can find out any information on her husband (the tumor or injury may of been the result of a strike to the head)

Nov 27, 2007 3:56pm [ 5 ]

A family friend of ours has told us stories about her before. Not fake ones. Real ones. The one guy is a cowboy and his brother rides too. Them and a couple others were on a trail going to the Ada cemetary. Full moon. The horse just stopped, took a couple steps to the right, watched something go by him as if something walked right next to him, then stepped back over and kept walking. Also, a bunch of people including the two brothers were messin around in the cemetary, peeing in there and what not, the brother said that he started walking toward him through tombstones and he ran and the gates of the cemetary started closing. He was 17 when that happened hasn't gone back since. He's in his 40's now. Crazy.

Jan 10, 2008 1:10pm [ 6 ]

just went there last night about 1 o'clock in the morning with a couple of friends and while we were driving down 2 mile we started seen a woman peering behind trees while we were driving. when i started to speed up i kept seeing her peering behind a tree up ahead. she kept moving as we were moving. My friend thought he seen her holding a cat at one point. i don't know if its true. but if anything knows anything about her and a cat, let me know. it was a crazy night

Jun 1, 2008 9:25am [ 7 ]

Me and my friends went there the other not it was a nice peaceful place. Nothing was that scary about it. we even went to her grave and stood there for 20 minutes.

Jul 8, 2008 11:41am [ 8 ]

A bunch of friends and I checked out the cemetery and the park a few nights ago. And there wasn't anything scary about it. We even did the ouija board at the park. It didn't work though, and it usually works when I use it.

Jul 8, 2008 7:37pm [ 9 ]

Last night me and my friends drove down there, and there was no moon and it was so foggy you could barely see. When we were about to leave we stopped at the bottom of this hill on a road. I looked to my right and I thought i saw something in the trees so everyone looked that way. Then i looked to my left and saw a woman in a long white dress with long dark hair about five feet away from the car. I screamed and we booked it out of there.

Oct 3, 2008 12:33am [ 10 ]

We went there tonight, 10-2-2008, took us a while to find her grave, it is right about in the middle of the graveyard, nothing spooky happened, some of the girls freaked out we took some pictures and there was fog, ohhhhhh spoooky :)

Oct 19, 2008 11:04pm [ 11 ]

Me and my best friend's mom and a few friends went last night (10-18-2008) at about hmm im not quite sure probably around 12:30am-1:00am. It wasn't that hard to find. But when we got there it was pretty scary jus walking in. It felt really eearie. It was just an uncomfortable feeling. The only thing i cought on my pictures was a bunch of orbs. we did hear a faint like moaning type of sound right when we were leaving but that's it. It was a noise i couldn't really describe. Kinda scary but nothing to bad!

Nov 4, 2008 10:14am [ 12 ]

yeah me and some friends went up there on halloween and we were there for about ten minutes and it was scary as hell but we didnt see anything unil li ke 20 minutes of being there when we found the grave. one of my friends who doesnt believe in it started messin around with the grave and out of no where we see this lady in a white dress and black hair screaming and comming towards us. we booked it outta there. scaryiest thing of my life

Nov 17, 2008 7:53pm [ 13 ]

I've been here many times.... and alot of crazy * has happened to me everytime i start driving down that road, my headlights dim and my radio gets fuzzy... we went there and played a game where u have to walk by urself and put a waterbottle sitting on the tombstone... the person in front of me got scared and threw the waterbottle and ran back.. so i walked over there thinking i was going to have to search for it and it was sitting perfectly in the middle of the gravestone on top of it... another time i was there i barely even walked into the cemetary when i saw her sitting on a gravestone with her long black hair and a white dress on..... ive also walked in there many times and had my shoulder feel like its being tapped and i turn around and no ones there. when i was back there one night i saw a house and a bluish thing like jetting behind tree to tree.. the house didnt look very big but it was all lit up... i went back the next day and it wasnt there... crazy *... but for some reason i keep going back.

Jan 9, 2009 12:53am [ 14 ]

me and my friend have been to the cemetary many times never really seeing much and we taken alot of pics we actually ended up getting something on camera a few times. here r some of the pics. it looks like there are faces in the pics kind of wierd so take a look and this wasnt at the cemetarty it is actually in the woods down honey creek rd. south a little from 2 mile that leads to the cemetary. when we took the pics we didnt see anything and when we looked at them this is what we saw.these r the four locations of the pics. sorry if they r hard to type

Editor's note: Photos posted in the gallery

Feb 7, 2009 12:03pm [ 15 ]

I went there last night and nothing happened. We heard a yell, but we're assuming it was just someone calling for their dog or something. We weren't there at midnight, but close to it. I'll make another attempt soon, but as of now, I'm pretty disappointed.

Apr 2, 2009 4:35pm [ 16 ]

Wow--this all sounds so dramatic, especially to someone like me who grew up down the road from Findley Cemetery. I've never seen any lights there or found it that scary or had anything unusual happen when driving past it at night as I have MANY times. No orbs, no radio interference, nothing.

That said--I believe I have seen the "Ada Witch," however. When I was about 14 yrs old, at dusk, I was standing outside my house (in the woods down the road from the cemetery). I heard a whistling, rustling, rushing sound at the edge of the woods about 40 yards away. I turned toward it and saw a white form flowing out of the woods; it made a high-pitched sound as it flowed quickly across the field and then into the woods again. I stood there paralyzed, unable to believe I was seeing this. But, I absolutely, really saw it. And I had never heard of the "Ada Witch" (also called the "Conversation Witch") at the time.

Sam Powers
Apr 8, 2009 9:45pm [ 17 ]

Im trying to go to see her grave but i cant find the address for the cemetary if anyone can help me with the address that would be great

Jun 17, 2009 7:25pm [ 18 ]

My brother and I were there last Halloween and we looked for the so called "Ada witches" grave. I have never really belived in witches... but that night canged a lot. We walked from a friends house to the graveyard and looked for about 10min. for her grave. We found it then we sat next to it and heard what almost sounded like a cat, meowing and purring.Then my brother claimed he felt something rubbing against him. Then it just up and stopped. About 3 min. later we heard sort of a whimper, like a girl, really close to where we were sitting. Then there was like, a flash about 20 feet away fromus and a woman in a white ripped dress with long brownish hair came from the light and was crying and coming at us very slowley and we sat up and sprinted back to the house and haven't been back.

Jun 22, 2009 7:04am [ 19 ]

Me and a couple of friends went there this Saturday and had a crazy time. That place is creepy! I filmed the whole thing but was cut short when my fully charged battery drained. The cam quit working all together. Two of us saw a bluish pulsing light travel through the trees of the cematary, it was freakin crazy! We got some orbs in pictures we took but I also caught a crazy orb on video. That place made us uncomfortable the whole time and I got struck by sudden chill out of nowhere. I definitely want to go back there!

Jul 16, 2009 8:02pm [ 20 ]

I was just there today (in the afternoon, neighbors keep a tight watch on the cemetary and call the police). I was just curious about the grave site (the one between the two wooden posts, that probably isnt an Ada witch). It sure is there, on the ground, broken. You cant read what it says, just that the person died at the age of 29. Interesting stuff though. Lots of older graves mixed in amongst the newer ones. It is impossible to say if this story is true or not.

Jul 16, 2009 9:24pm [ 21 ]

I went there about 3 years ago when she left Hand marks all over the side of my clean car that I had cleaned just before I left to go. I have pictures of this.

Jul 20, 2009 7:04pm [ 22 ]

Ok, I went to the Cemetary the night before last and we had the cameras, and night goggles, we went to the cemetary seen the deer and we were there for a while and during that time we took lots a pics, didnt feel "erie" or anything else like that, this is not a real ghost, you people just need to find something else to better spend your time on, your all paranoid! she's not real and thats the cold hard truth get over yourselves! GOD!

zach king
Jul 24, 2009 1:01pm [ 23 ]

me n my 3 friends went to the cemetary last year, and at first it was just freaking us out so we would get scared and leave. after doing that about 3 times we manned up and said, we came out here to see something so lets stop being babies and go see something. so we went back, and all got out of the car. again, we got scared and my friend jumped into the car leaving me no room to get in so i also jumped, landing on top of him. my sandle fell off as we sped into the night. ofcourse we had to go back so we did, and i got out ran to get the sandle and hopped in the car. as we reversed into a dirt driveway across from the cemetary we put the brights on (seeing as how it was like 1:00 in the morning) and no further than 30 feet infront of us standing inbetween two gravesites was a pale woman with long, stringy black hair and a "glowing" white dress. arms straight down her sides. resembling the character from the movie "the ring" we stared, all knowing we were looking at the same thing. and what seemed like a 10 minute gaze (actually prob 10 seconds) ended when the driver mike said "what in the ** is that!" and we freaked out and tailed off. Three grown men and a grown woman were all too scared to even sleep alone that night, we ended up going to a college twenty minutes away and staying with some friends. changed things forever, im a believer now, we all are.

Aug 19, 2009 11:39am [ 24 ]

im going to this place tomorrow and i represent a team called P.I.T (paranormal investigation team) and if i see anything i will prove all of these stories

Sep 26, 2009 3:21pm [ 25 ]

we were there lastnight pulled up to the gate consaplatingif we should get out of the car we were all to scared to get out but as we started to drive away i saw this pale woman with a white dress walk across the cematary. that when i almos peed my pants.

Oct 18, 2009 8:10pm [ 26 ]

I was there a few weeks ago now with a whole bunch of friends and we split up into like 3 groups, the first two which i was in hopped the fence and went for it while the last cowered at the gate, anyway we went in and went different ways, there was a red glow coming from about where the stone is, although i never made it there because the cops came, but the other group that was headed that way i think went to it and said it was a glow stick, idk if they did go or not but itd make sense because there were like 3 stoners in the far back who were probably trying to scare people. anyway didnt see any woman or anything and my friend and i were stuck in the woods right next to it for like 7 minutes while we avoided the cops and waited to leave. probably will go back again, also, be sure to be quite because the cops ruin the fun

Oct 18, 2009 10:42pm [ 27 ]

me and my misfit team are going to investigate this throughly if we find anything we will post it here if u have any info that u would like to share send it to are goals are to 1. determine were they secret lover met in secret 2. obviously capture evidence 3. find adas grave 4. possibly find both of the mens graves 5. investigate and study the story more throughly to see how much information is similar and determine whioch information is corrupted

that is all XD anyways any and all help is appreciated

Oct 21, 2009 10:24pm [ 28 ]

I took my daughter there for a project she had to do for her Photography Class. She needed to get a picture of a "myth". It took us a while but after driving and driving we finally found the cemetery. If anyone hasn't been there that would like to but is unsure of where it is, it's on 2 Mile Rd, between Egypt Valley and Honey Creek. If you come from Knapps Corner Meijers, just go East on Knapp St, about 4 miles, turn Right on Egypt Valley and go about a 1/2 mile, turn Left on 2 Mile Rd and go about 2+ miles. Then cemetery will be on your left. If you reach Honey Creek, you've gone too far.

Anyway, we went while it was still daylight out and found the gravesite. Her stone is all broken in pieces and lying on the ground in front of the 2 wooden posts that used to hold it up. It's pretty worn and you can't make out much of the inscription. You can kind of see her age which appears to be 24 or 29 and you can read the month Nov. Nothing much happened while we were there but when I got back in the car, I could have sworn I heard something move in the back seat. We went to get the pics printed off at Meijer and then went back to the cemetery once it got dark. We pulled up to the cemetery and were too scared to get out. We took some more pics from the car outside the gate and caught quite a few orbs and one pic where it appears to be a foggy apparition of a ghastly face. Very creepy!

Nov 2, 2009 10:04pm [ 29 ]

this was our third time at the cemetary... this was our first time going alone... every other time we went there were lots of people . We didnt find the grave and we didnt see anything.. We also went to seidman park where the murder was comminted and didnt have the nerve to walk the trail in the dark. We would like to see the ada witch, def will go back in the daylight when we will be able to find her grave. would like some real proof on this

Nov 8, 2009 1:55am [ 30 ]

We checked out Ada. Ah, it was the perfect night for a haunting! Not only was it pretty dark out, but the dirt road was smothered in a thick fog and we had to lose a car following us before we could backtrack our way to the cemetery. The moon was nearly full, and we couldn't get up the nerve to go past the wrought iron gates. It was pretty creepy. Myself and my best friend and her husband all stood there shivering and looking around. We were afraid to use our flashlights for fear the neighbors would catch us, and when our lights were off, we kept thinking we were seeing things. No strange orbs though..and we never made it in far enough to search for the grave. But when we got back in our car, the gas meter lowered below empty. It slowly rose toward a quarter tank as we drove further down the rode, regardless whether we were going up or down. Can I also mention that our car was on pretty level ground when we parked it originally? Strange. And it only lowered down to empty again when we got turned around and passed 2mi again. We'd like to go back sometime and hope to have the courage to make it past the gates when we do. XD

Nov 10, 2009 11:15pm [ 31 ]

Last night a few friends and I went to find this cemetery. We've all heard the story and wanted to see if it was really true. After getting lost on 2 mile...we finally found it. None of us wanted to get out of the car because we were all too scared. This was all taking place around 3:30 a.m. Eventually we got out. Two of our friends were daring enough to actually walk into the cemetery, while the three of us stood at the entrance just inside the cemetery. My friend asked me if I could hear the shuffling of feet, but that wasn't what I heard. While standing there I heard the faintest voice yell to us, "Leave". At first, I couldn't understand it because it was muffled and quiet, but when I get into the car it came to me that it was a ladies voice. That was enough for one so we drove away, just as we were driving past the far right corner of the cemetery we stopped to take a picture of the area to see if maybe something would show. In the picture we found two faces which look like men. One is more demon looking while the other is closer to us and looks like a man with one eye and the other one is gone. So, this friday on an almost new moon and the 13th, we figured we're going back.

Carley and Paul
Jan 11, 2010 11:33pm [ 32 ]

My boyfriend and I went out to the Ada Witch area on 2 mile where the cemetery is located on the back dirt road and didn't see or here anything, however that is because we were both terrified to get out of the vehicle because of all the stories that we heard. We also drove down to Honey Creek and Finley park around midnight-1ish and drove past several times not seeing a hint of anything 'scary'. We both believe in ghosts and the afterlife, however I think that if your really scared your mind will let you see anything that it wants to see. I would like to go again at a later time, such as the 3am witching hour to find out more. It would be more interesting if we could get a group of us to go altogether and see something spooky and mysterious as more than half of the individuals who have been out here say they have experienced something of the sorts. If you have any more information on the best time, spot, etc. to go let me know! :) and put ADA Witch in the subject line of your response. Thanks!

Jan 28, 2010 4:23pm [ 33 ]

I've been to seidman park many times and usually get there during the day and leave at night. when we're leaving i always feel like we're being followed by something. once half of our group strayed off the trail and we were so lost and we could hear the fighting of the men

Mar 6, 2010 8:40am [ 34 ]

we went to maple hills cemetary yesterday night and we found nothing but our vidieo will be posted soon on so be there to see our debu

Mar 10, 2010 1:52pm [ 35 ]

My sister said that she went to stay at the hotel in front of the cemetery and lady that was running the hotel said that people usually don't stay there because of the cemetery behind it and my sister is terrified of cemeteries so she does not take one foot in a cemetery and she said that the ada witch died there and me and my sister's Whitney,Shelby and I went there and for once my sister Whitney actually went into the cemetery. We stayed there for about 30 mins and we found her grave and we got so scared and freaked out because we looked down at her grave then looked up and she was right next to the tree in front of us she looked exactly like the girl from "the ring" and we took a ton of pics and then when we got into the car to see the pics they all were deleted but the pics we took at my house were still on there just not the ones we just took and yes we saved them so we went back there and we herd a girl scream really loud but we wanted to get some real footage so we went back to her grave and she got MAD!!! and I mean MAD!!! she screamed louder than she did when we got back there and something was tapping me repeatedly on the shoulder but I didnt want to look back because I was afraid she was behind me so I turned back quickly and nothing was there so we got into the car but unfortunately with no footage we started driving and it was like she was right in the back seat with me just sitting there looking at me but I looked out the window and nothing was there but something was tapping my shoulder and I looked and nothing was there so I looked back out side and still nothing so I decided to just take pics of the woods so you could see how bad it would be because of the fog and right when I went to grab my camera she was sitting right in the back seat and I screamed so loud everyone in the world could hear me and my sister stopped the car and I jumped out of the car and then we all got out of the car and we looked back into the car and she wasnt there so we just decided to get out of there I could bearly sleep that night but I finally went to sleep im never going back there EVER!!!! unless we have more people with us. P.S. This was last night at 3:30am Scary!!!!

Apr 12, 2010 1:33pm [ 36 ]

Hello! I am currently writing a book about hautings and ghost legends around the Grand Rapids area, and will be adding the Ada Witch as a chapter. I am interested in talking with anyone who may have held a paranormal investigation or had a paranormal experience at the cemetery and the areas believed to be involved in the legend (ie: Seidman Park, the roadways where she has been spotted, etc.) All names will be kept private unless requested by the submitter. Full credit will be given for any submitted photographs. Feel free to email me anytime at


Nicole Bray Paranormal Michigan Book Series author

"Grand Rapids Most Haunted" - book #4 in the Paranormal Michigan Book Series

May 25, 2010 3:13pm [ 37 ]

LEXI: there is no hotel by the cemetary at the ada wicth i should know i live by there.. so your fibbing

Jun 3, 2010 7:33pm [ 38 ]

Vicky..I have to agree with you about the dream..Question to anyone, as I am new to the area, but have always heard about the Ada story..has anyone seen anything in the day time? I like to go to places in the day time to look and get a feeling of the places I go, also what is the stories about Seidman Park?? And what is the best way to get to the Ada graveyard, from 44th and Kalamazoo Rd..any help would be appreicated..thank you..

kara, zach & gang
Jun 8, 2010 1:15am [ 39 ]

We brought the ouija board there and talked to "sara" she was really cool and funny. The first thing they said was "stay awake" we asked why and they said "fun, try death". Some people went back to the car and they said to stay away from the car because of fear. It wasn't scary at all.

Jun 27, 2010 9:58pm [ 40 ]

one time i was looking for the ada witch i found absoulutely nothing....... but i searched for her again and i saw her in front of me........ she was not transparent at all she looked real... her hair was dark and was being blown everywhere.... there was a gash on her head where she was supposedly hit. and her skin, pale white. she screamed like a banshee and told me to leave her grave...... i didnt leave at first i layed flowers on her grave and i swear to you on my life the flowers just wilted and died...... but i said im sorry for your loss and i left peacefully..... i love ghosts and i hope to be a ghost investigator when im older

Jul 11, 2010 10:22pm [ 41 ]

Does anyone know if the cops patrol the area quite a bit? I'd like to go out there this summer but have my reservations when it comes to police patrolled areas.

Jul 17, 2010 3:14pm [ 42 ]

I just moved into the area with that Ada lady (The ghost) I have seen her only once. It was this past sunday and she was walking around honey creek road. She had long, dark hair and had on a long white gown/dress. A real pretty lady, So I walked up to her and asked her who she was and all she did was walk forward. I followed her alittle bit and I followed her onto this field on 2 mile and she turned around and asked me what I was doing there. I told her I was looking for soulmate and she told me my soulmate is not there. I asked for her name and she told me to leave. I followed her a few more feet and she took off into the woods. The woods were too thick for me to follow. Who is this lady and why is she walking around this area? If whoever she is looking for has not been there for like 100 years now, would she not just figure it out no one is coming and move on?

Aug 22, 2010 7:31pm [ 43 ]

I go there every sunday to visit my sister's grave usually in the afternoon. Nothing has ever happened. I live next to Seidman Park on Conservation and I've never heard or seen anything in the 16 years I've lived here.

Sep 26, 2010 2:34pm [ 44 ]

I went to Ada searching for Sara for my first time last night. It was 3:00 in the morning, there was 3 of us, at Devil's hour on a full moon. I was the only one who was drinking, so i was super paranoid. Literally taking ten feet into the cemetary, my friend felt something behind him, and we all turned around but nobody was there! We ran into more people and stayed with them. We discovered her tombstone, shattered to pieces with a dug hole next to the grave. U can only see Sara when the clouds are not in the sky on a full moon.

Emily C
Nov 1, 2010 10:03pm [ 45 ]

Yesterday was Halloween, so just to do something festive to the day, a group of 11 of us decided to head to the cemetary that the Ada Witch is supposedly in. It was about 2 a.m. when we arrived the gates were locked but there was an opening wide enough to walk thru to the left of the main entrance. We all went in and proceeded to walk around. We immediatley found the broken up headstone that we had heard of, and i was surprised that there were no momentos left behind by others. Ive heard that people often leave candles and flowers at that grave, and since it was Halloween night, we thought there might be something. Guess we were wrong. We split into 3 groups as some of us were braver than others and wanted to explore. Me and 2 others proceeded to walk thru and circle thruought the whole cemetary. I never heard, saw or felt anythng out of the ordinary. We rallied back up at the broken headtone, 3 people in our group had already hopped in their cars and left. We circled around the grave, held hands and a couple people shared some kind words to "Sarah" along the lines of 'rest in peace and sorry you had to die in and for the name of love because thats sad, take care, we are not here to bother you, we just wanted to bring you flowers and say hi..etc'. It was very calm, no one was afraid, and we simply left the cemetary after that. I am surprised we didnt encounter any others there, and that no police were patrolling. We were warned about them, but fortunately no one ruined our fun. All in all, it was enteraining and fun with friends, but i still think its just a silly tale.

Nov 7, 2010 7:19pm [ 46 ]

I went out to Findlay Cemetery for the first time on Friday the 13th, with a full moon, two weeks before Halloween, in 2005. I parked my car and was talking on the phone to someone. It was about 2:30 am. I saw what looked like the blue xenon headlights of a luxury car approaching from behind and i was in the road so i told the person over the phone that i had to go. i laid the phone down and turned around but there was no car. It freaked me out to say the least but could have very well been something else. It does seem to correlate with the blue light thing though.

I went back out there today to take some pictures and it was quite uneventful. Nothing stood out but I got some good chills when I approached the grave. Sad to say, the grave is in horrible shape now due to vandalism. This is its current state...

Mar 19, 2011 12:28pm [ 47 ]

Went there last night with some friends. Didnt see anything. VERY creepy though. Only thing that happened was something black came outta the sky and almost hit our car. Bird? Witch? Dont know. i wanna go back LOL

Apr 16, 2011 9:43am [ 48 ]

Its all BS! There are no such thing as ghosts and until it is proven to me beyond reasonable doubt....i have no reason to believe any of this "ada witch" nonsense. I researched this story years ago when i was in high school and found no evidence that a murder even happened...sounds like a yarn that was spun to keep children entertained. One night i even went to the myself, at midnight looking for some kind or sign that this "haunting" is real....nothing. Just a few boring hours alone in a spooky graveyard. I went there several times after that and i did the works; full moon, halloween etc...still nothing. Dont buy into ghost stories....they're ALL BS!!! No such thing!!!!!

Bradd Dantuma
Apr 20, 2011 8:45pm [ 49 ]

Possible picture of the Ada witch or just a shadow? You be the judge.

May 23, 2011 8:45pm [ 50 ]

@ L Hello... and who might that be, standing behind the tombstone in the background of the photo??

Jun 11, 2011 6:52pm [ 51 ]

Last october I went to visit this ada witch with my sister and two cousins. It was about 11 and the gates were closed to the cemetary so we had to hop the fence but once we got over we started walking around and I for some weird reason started to feel the urge to walk very fast as if some force was pulling me. I swear on my life I am not making this up. There is a lot of bs on this site but this is not it. We found sarahs grave and thee were two shriveled up flowers on it and before we left I heard a lot of strange noises it could have just been some animal in the woods.

Aug 13, 2011 1:10am [ 52 ]

Tonight myself and a few friends to decided to visit this graveyard. To be honest the scariest part was the dirt road going up to the enterance and the forest. We were scared at first to get out of the car but after a little while we realized nothing was going to happen so we all got out. The moon was almost full (going to be full tomorrow) so we didn't need flash lights we just used our phone lights to read the tombstones. We had a whole group of us and we were searching for the grave but couldn't find it. We didn't see any ghost (though we wanted to, that's why we went there) and nothing was really scary about the graveyard. It was just like any other. Just another calm summer night. The only bad thing that happenend was I tripped on a tombstone that I didn't see somehow came out of no where and got a huge cut on my leg. The Tombstone read Isabella. That was the only thing creepy though. We walked around some more then left cause nothing was happening.

Oct 31, 2011 8:44am [ 53 ]

I visited the cemetary the night the grave stone was broken. and I know where it is.bahahahah

I seen it later that night in Rockford at a Kegger! get that!!!

Nick D
Apr 1, 2013 3:27am [ 54 ]

Went to findley tonight with about 5 friends and nothing at the time was experienced. upon reviewing a few photos we took there are many orbs and a few green anomolies, and one of the pictures that was very dark, i messed with the color saturation and contrast, and a figure was staring at us from within the graveyard right behind the fense, its is just an outline but clearly arms and legs and head, very spooky, would like to come back some time. we got nothing on evp, and nothing on video, but something about this cemetery captivates me, ada witch or not i definitely FELT a presence in the cemetary, and at time is was very heavy feeling in certain areas.

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