Danvers State Hospital

Danvers, Massachusetts

Danvers State Hospital (officially known as the "State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers") was built in 1878 under the supervision of prominent Boston architect Nathaniel Jeremiah Bradlee, on an isolated site in rural Massachusetts. It was a multi-acre, self-contained psychiatric hospital that now harbors the ghosts of the insane.

The reports at the hospital vary greatly. Many have reported poltergeist activity, debris being thrown about violently, objects floating in air, and glass breaking. Others have reported activity more common with hauntings like disembodied voices, banging sounds, footsteps, the sounds of screams, and apparitions of past residents.

Whatever activity that is witnessed, one thing is for sure, Danvers is very active. What makes things more interesting is that the hospital is currently being demolished, condos will be built upon its remains. The developer of the site has agreed to preserve one-third of the Kirkbride building. What will residents of the condos experience from a place of such high supernatural activity?

A word of warning- since this site is currently in development it is very dangerous. DO NOT trespass on this property for your own safety. Recieve permission for a supervised visit for any investigation purposes.

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