Union College - Pfeiffer Hall

310 College St., Arbourville, Kentucky 40906

James Garner was a star student at Union College sometime during the 1960's. He played on the basketball and football teams. James future was very bright.

However, tragedy struck on October 30, 1963. James occupied room 245 in Pfeiffer Hall and when he went to shut his window as the night grew colder he fell from his second story window. He did not survive the fall.

There have been several reports of sightings, especially around Halloween. While most activity is centered in Pfeiffer Hall he has been seen in other areas of the campus. It has been reported that if the window to room 245 is open on Oct. 30 that it will be slammed shut by James at midnight.

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Alison Mason
Nov 14, 2011 6:58pm [ 1 ]

im scared!!!!!!!!

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