Alma Cemetery

Alma, Kansas

Some time in the 1800's a cruel farmer owned the land that is now the Alma Cemetery. As Alma expanded and land was needed the officials went to the farmer with a generous offer to buy the land. The farmer refused to sell.

One night the farmer was pushed into the well by an unknown assailant. Days later when the officials came back with another offer they smelled something foul from the well. The sheriff called off any investigation into the odor and ordered the well be boarded up and left alone.

Many years later, the cemetery was built on the farmer's land and the well has become to be known as 'The Devil's Chair'. Legend has it that anyone that sits on The Devil's Chair will be dragged into the well by the farmer looking for revenge on the townfolk.

Other activity has been witnessed in the cemetery including orbs and strange mists.

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Apr 7, 2008 8:56am [ 1 ]

The Devil's Chair... I think i need to see that to believe that.

May 10, 2008 4:05pm [ 2 ]

I think I'd have a blast with this "Devil's Chair". I'd love to go and sit on it. I believe in the supernatural but.. someone or something dragging you into a well for revenge? Not likely. I'd still like to prove this false.... Or true. ^_^

Sep 13, 2011 1:06pm [ 3 ]

this thing about the devils chair is compleatly bs. i went there last night with some people and we walked around for a while looking for the damn thing we finally found it with no help from the shity directions and its not even from the right era, it was made from coregated drain tube not stone. i dont even think it was a well. just some bull someone has made up. and just in case all five of us tryed to sit on it, and when that didnt work we tryed to piss it off, one of us took a piss in it and i took a shit it. other than the well, the cemetery wasnt even giving off no vibes and we didnt see a thing. this was a complete waste of time and money, dont even bother going its pointless.

Oct 7, 2011 8:15am [ 4 ]

Seriously, Josh is right. Total waste of time! I saw on it last night and look, I'm still here! But yeah, total drain tube, no stone.

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