Hazel Green Cemetery

5 miles south of town, Ackley, Iowa

Hazel Green is an old cemetery with tombstones reporting dates back to the early 1800's.

Within the cemetery is a gazeebo. People have reported seeing an older woman in a rocking chair holding and comforting a baby.

People have often said they do not feel fear when faced with the apparition but do feel profound sadness. It's not uncommon for people to leave flowers at the gazeebo.

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Maria Brighton
May 3, 2010 12:45pm [ 1 ]

I live a few miles from hazel green and a group of my friends and i went to out to the cemetery we didn't see the old lady but as we headed back to our car some thing grabed at my foot and tripped me and i hit the ground when we turned around there was nothing there not even a stick.

Stacey Dubberke
Sep 24, 2010 10:45pm [ 2 ]

i remember hazel green cemetary me and mah friends went out there 1's and this scarey ol man was parked way back in the bean fiekd he approached us we didnt see any headlights or anything said that he knew the grounds very well even if you did know the grounds well theres no way in hell that you couldnt drive in pitch black at nite not hit something that wa screepy as hell lol we took off lol that was back when i was in highschool lol in the 9th grade neva been back there since lol

Stacey Dubberke
Sep 24, 2010 10:45pm [ 3 ]

field* darn typos lol sorry

Mike Weide
Mar 8, 2012 7:14pm [ 4 ]

Ive been to Hazel Green many times. Every time I have been there I have not left dissapointed. I have EVPs from all ends of the place. On the east side of the place near an unknown grave site marked 1847 I cought an EVP telling me to "Run, Go, Get Out." At about the same time I cought an orb of red light following me between the rows of graves. I did set a voice recorder in the Gazeebo. I caught an unexplained creaking sound that I believe to be the older lady rocking. If you go into the grounds keepers shed there is an old rocking chair. On the south side of that shed on the outside of the fence there are 3 unmarked grave sites. These sites are told to be of 3 witches killed for performing witchcraft back in the 1800's. I have cought video of mists forming and walking from them grave sites down to the creek below the cemetery. I have noticed that the most activity happens when a group of 4-6 persons are within the gates. Another site to check out that is close to this place is Eagle City Park. I have cought EVPs of chanting. It is told that this place was a place of warship for devil warshipers. I have one EVP that has been my favorite above all. I have an EVP from Eagle City clear as day a low male voice whispering, "Kill, Kill, Kill, Satan will kill." If you have any questions or have any advice or want to go with me and my crew on a "ghost chase" please feel free to email me at michael_weide@yahoo.com.

Jena Jones
Aug 17, 2012 10:48am [ 5 ]

I grew up in Ackley and my friends and I would always go to Hazel Green in highschool just for fun. Besides the "Bonewitz House", it is hands down one of the most unsettling (not scarey persay) place! I've seen the lady in the gazebo, and once when driving out, the gate doors closed behind us. As creepy as it is, i will always go back if asked. There's also Man's Wilderness down the road a bit, it's also known for interesting experiences.

Dienda Hommer
Sep 23, 2013 7:20pm [ 6 ]

Hey Mike Weide,

My niece and I would love to go with you and your crew on a ghost chase sometime. All these stories sound so amazing. We definitely need to check this cemetery out. Mike you can reach me at hom_jack@hotmail.com.

Jessica Schroeder
Sep 29, 2013 6:35pm [ 7 ]

I've been to Hazlegreen every day for 5 days in a row. I opened tge groundkeepers shed. All that's in there is 2 benches. I went behind it. There are like 5 unmarked stones, okay. NOTHING has happened while I was there. People say they heard what sounded like gunshots, but that can't be what they are. What they don't know is that around there is a public HUNTING area. Not to mention the farms around it. Being "tripped"? You could have tripped on your own feet. Hearing things? The place is surrounded by woods. Someone could have been messing with you. Pretty much everything people are saying happened can be debunked. I personally don't believe it's haunted.

May 30, 2014 5:59pm [ 8 ]

I have been there many of time with friends and can say each time is more creepy then the last. Although even creepy in the day its nothing compared to that place at night. Ive seen countless thing that others in the group have also claimed to see also. Many times the car wont start for several times and phones wont work, flashlights and other battery operating Things have stop working as soon as entering the ground even though they were completely charged. As for gun shots that can be explained with the hunting ground not far from the grounds. The woods behind the cemetery lead right to the gun range. I have seen many things that are hard for most people to understand. Just a fair warning, if u go at night watch eachothers backs and never go alone. You will get stuff you wouldnt expect to see or not what you were looking for.

tom r.
Aug 24, 2014 7:21pm [ 9 ]

its all a hoax with the lady in a rocking chair in the gazebo we have been there 9 or 10 times with a ir camcorder and got nothing its a hoax.

tom r.
Aug 24, 2014 7:21pm [ 10 ]

its all a hoax with the lady in a rocking chair in the gazebo we have been there 9 or 10 times with a ir camcorder and got nothing its a hoax.

Ashley eickelberg
Jan 11, 2015 3:22am [ 11 ]

I have a picture I took during the day there is tons of faces in the trees

Oct 11, 2015 11:36pm [ 12 ]

For the past two nights that i have decided to go, i have had stuff happen. Me and my boyfriend drove there yesterday. We had drove through the grounds calmly as to not disturb anything. As we were leaving, he had stopped at the end of the road by the stop sign. He had said he saw a hooded figure with hollow eyes standing about 15 feet away. Then when we stopped, it was standing right behind our truck. As we were driving away, his truck stalled a couple times. When we got home and checked his truck, he had a large scratch along the side of his truck. Tonight, when we went, i had my boyfriend, my 2 younger brothers, and my 2 friends with us. We had drove out there cautiously. As soon as we got to the gate we all had very bad feelings. Me, my youngest brother, and my friend jordan all stayed in the truck as my boyfriend, my other brother, and my friend go out and went into the gates. My boyfriend decided to bring suppose of holy water there. He then poured it around him and them three saw 2 figures turn away and run, 2 move to either side of him, and 2 step in front of him and backwards then. They then left. As we were driving down the road, jordan and my boyfriend both saw a figure following us on the side of the ditch, and then grab the driver side door and hang on till we got to iowa falls. For the rest of the night their has been 6 figures following us. For reasons unknown. Also when we came to the gates of cemetery, i had a sharp pain in my chest. I had asked my boyfriend if he had heard anything and apparently when the 2 figures had stepped in front of him, he had heard this conversation..... "Is that him samuel", "yes they will be joining us soon." This was very creepy and has been bothering us all night. This time when we checked his truck, the tire had a long gash along it, not deep enough to cause loss of air and it looked like someone dug their nails into the tire. One of the other tires had a hole in it, there were 2 more scratches one on back of truck and one on right side. There was a dent on left side, nail scratches on driver door, the breaks lights were going off as if he was using his turning signal, truck stalled, and a heel dent in driver door. All of this has made a very eventful night and we are still being cautious. The cemetery was for sure active tonight.

Walker Manning
Nov 18, 2015 10:23am [ 13 ]

Me and 4 of my friends went out there on Friday the 13th, when we got there the gates were open. We drove in and went and drove up to the Gazebo and after a while we saw something in the trees that seemed like glowing red eyes. After then we all screamed bloody mary, and nothing happened. But other than the eyes nothing really happened. On the debate weather its haunted or not i could say it more than likely is. Me and my friends are going back again tonight.

Oct 17, 2016 9:00am [ 14 ]

My and some friends went there the other night it was our third time going so it wasn't as scary so we all just ran down the path.When we where doing so i said this isn't even scary anymore we heard a girl scream and we just took of running

Oct 17, 2016 9:01am [ 15 ]

Me not my

Wayne Smith
Aug 2, 2017 5:41pm [ 16 ]

If you go there be respectful. I have several members of my family buried there. If I am there and your not respectful . You will have issues with me and the sheriff.

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