Gypsy Grave Yard

North of Algona, Algona, Iowa

During the1800's nomadic travellers would go from town to town seeking work. However, some travellers went from town to town to escape the law after commiting a new con.

These travellers were often termed 'Gypsy's'. They were believed to have made their living through illicit means, and these ways were passed on from generation to generation. Along with their crimes, unusual traditions were passed on.

One of these traditions is that when one of their group would become too ill to travel they would bury them alive, not waiting for them to die naturally. One of these horrific burials is said to have taken place just north of Algona.

Beyond a small grave yard is a fenced off area known as the Gypsy Grave Yard. People have reported seeing apparitions in this area. Others have described seeing what looks like a fire burning in that area, and as they approach the fire burns out. Yet, there are no smoldering embers.

Legend states that if you cross the fence you will be cursed.

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Jul 11, 2017 2:05pm [ 1 ]

Actually IS worth the short drive out of town to see.... here's a YouTube of my trip there....

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