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At one time the makeshift town of Farrar was the epicenter for the surrounding farm communities. In the early 20th century a schoolhouse was built to accommodate the growing population.

Upon its dedication, the Farrar schoolhouse was welcomed by an orchestra playing in its auditorium. Outside, a grand banquet was held in which hundreds attended. The schoolhouse, built upon farm land donated by C.G. Geddes, was a replacement for the antiquated one room schoolhouses that dotted Farrar's farm land.

Dedicated and opened in 1921, the schoolhouse survived for 80 years. However, during its lifetime the population that surrounded Farrar abandoned their farms for easier lives in cities and suburbs. The Farrar schoolhouse was closed and shuttered May 3, 2002. Once again, an orchestra played, now with melancholy mourning the death of the Farrar schoolhouse.

For many children, the Farrar schoolhouse was the first time they met others outside of their isolated farms. Many made life long friends, developed first loves, and found a place of welcoming. However, like any school, some children found torment. Bullied, teased, and marginalized, some children found themselves ostracized in a building that promised a welcoming community.

For four years after its shuttering the schoolhouse stood alone and decaying until a couple, Jim and Nancy Oliver, bought the schoolhouse in hopes of restoring it into a grand home.

During the schoolhouse's restoration Jim and Nancy began to notice strange occurrences. Disembodied footsteps and voices echoed throughout its hallways, doors slammed, and shadowy figures roamed the abandoned rooms.

At one point during the restoration Nancy became unbalanced on the stairs leading to the gym. A helpful hand steadied her. Nancy, believing Jim was behind her turned to thank him only to discover that she was alone.

Shadow people have been seen throughout the schoolhouse. In particular, a small shadow person, measuring approximately 3 1/2 foot tall is seen where Nancy was helped.

Today, the Farrar schoolhouse is a welcoming spot for paranormal investigators. Jim and Nancy now welcome investigators to stay overnight at the schoolhouse with a paid admission that goes to restoring the schoolhouse.

Investigations can be overnight, or for the less brave a daylight tour.

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Matthew Spicer
Sep 21, 2012 3:56pm [ 1 ]

I saw a show about your school house and was very much interested in what I saw! I was also concerned. The particular episode i saw a man and woman was being physically attacked by an entity. I'm sure you have had people of my kind visit your school, for I'm of the Wiccan religion. What your using your facility for in order to restore it to is a good idea if those are your wishes,but I ask you to use caution in the way you are making money! For ordinary people to just go into this school is dangerous! The entity has a sole purpose and is one that can only get worse! That couple was assaulted and drained of energy which it is using to get stronger! The stronger it gets, the worse it is going to be and has the potential of doing even more harm! People think stuff like that is cool to experience, but in reality they don't know the true effects that something like this can do over a period of time. Being a White witch, and studying the old religion, we has witches battle entities for one sole purpose and that is to test our will power against the entity we are communicating with. To show the true power of positive energy that we can shoot out of our bodies to show the entity at hand who is really boss! Well, i must close for now but would like to give you my thoughts and feelings on the matter. I hope that we could talk sometime. here is my number if youd like too. (937)219- 1379 thanks

Sep 12, 2013 4:06pm [ 2 ]

Mike, Blessed be. I fully understand your concerns and yes there are people who go to 'ghost hunt' just for fun or to mess with a world that they have no idea about. I am going to this school this year and as a white Wiccan myself and a teacher I am sure I will have my self a classroom full. I can email you personally if you would like after my trip to talk.
Merry part

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