Indiana University - Read Hall

Read Hall, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Read Hall, known for it's distinctive 'X' shape, is haunted by the gruesome ghost of a former coed.

It's believed that during a time in the 1960's a volatile couple, a male medical student and his dark haired girlfriend, argued in one of the men's dorms. The medical student had succumbed to the pressure of university life, and had gone mad.

As the argument became more vicious, the medical student grabbed a scalpel that lay near. With a quick flick of his hand the dark haired coed's throat was cut. Overcome by bloodlust, the medical student continued to use the scalpel to remove her face.

Overconfident, the medical student believed that he could hide his gory murder. He carried his lovers limp body to the cellar of Read Hall and carefully hid her in an abandoned tunnel.

Over the next few days, the medical student went about his normal routine. His girlfriend, a popular figure on campus, quickly became missed. The medical student was strangely silent about his girlfriend's disappearance, so the police were called.

The police escorted the young man to his dorm room where he was questioned. The man was nervous, and was doing his best to subvert the officers. One officer noticed a red liquid dripping from the man's dresser drawer. The officer opened the drawer and was horrified to find the face of the young woman, eyeless, staring back at him.

The medical student finally led the officers to the young woman's body in the cellar. Soon, he was committed to an insane asylum where he spent the rest of his life. It's rumored that he still lives, at one time escaping, and on his way back to Read Hall. He was captured and now is shuffled between prisons and state programs.

Today, students have witnessed the ghost of the murdered woman haunting Read Hall. Students have described the ghost as wearing a white nightgown covered in blood. Her long black hair, tangled and mottled, hangs in front of her face. Brave students have stated that when they have approached the ghost she suddenly lifts her head to reveal her gruesome face, devoid of flesh. After giving the student a fright she vanishes.

In addition to seeing the ghost of the young woman, many have felt a phantom hand grab their shoulder, or take a hold of their hand. Others have experienced a strange phenomena where their television and stereo will turn on suddenly and the volume will continue to rise until it becomes deafening.

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Nov 18, 2009 9:23pm [ 1 ]

So...I lived there and saw no such thing. There is no cellar, and the only tunnels are the basement, which are frequently traveled. This is a prime example of b.s.

Oct 22, 2010 9:15am [ 2 ]

I have heard of this an other the one that I have partly based my Book "Elisheva & The Ways Stones" find it on, it goes back to the 1890's to 1933 an then a flash back to neolitlicial time's. The Place is on Grant street Bloomington Indiana, it has to do with a teacher that sircomes to the use of chemicals thru research of those with mental medical problems! He was able to hide his crimes up till his death only to pass them on to one person that tell the story.


alexis frazier
Oct 8, 2015 10:28am [ 3 ]

Is this a true story?

Aug 13, 2017 3:04pm [ 4 ]

It's a ghost story, but I lived in Read for three and a half school years without seeing anything out of the ordinary. It's an old building, so there are lots of old building noises. I did laundry at all hours down in what probably could be considered the basement and studied all over that building. The only thing weird that happened was that one of the showers on Beck 2 would never get warm and there were lots of fire alarms.

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