Millikin University - Old Gym

1184 West Main Street, Decatur, Illinois 62522

Along with many other places in Decatur, IL Millikin University seems to have it's share of hauntings.

The Old Gym is one of the older buildings on Millikin's campus, newer facilities have replaced the old gym's original purpose as a gym. Today the Old Gym is more of a utilitarian facility, it still houses a gym but also has offices and the area that once was the track is now used for storage and for the theater department to construct sets for plays. This area is also the home of Millikin's famous ghosts - The track runner.

The track runner is a ghost that still runs the old track, now cramped with props from past plays. Many have reported hearing the sound of someone running in the room. Others have actually seen the apparition dart from behind a corner. The track runner has been one of the easiest ghosts to witness on campus. Occurences happen almost nightly.

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