Power County Nursing Home

510 Roosevelt St, American Falls, Idaho 83211-1362

This nursing home is located within Harms Memorial Hospital. Like all nursing homes it has seen many of its residents pass away, some of those have remained.

The nursing home staff reports that call buzzers will go off in the middle of the night even though the resident in the room is immobile. At times the spirits have been very helpful alerting the staff with the call buzzers when the resident is not able. Other times, it seems as though it's playful.

It's said that the doctor who the hospital was named after took great strides to make patients comfortable. Staff and residents have seen his apparition which leaves behind the smell of the cigars he loved to smoke in life.

Other phenomena include apparitions of past residents walking darkened hallways or sitting by a window.

Another ghost that is seen regularly is that of a man and clipboard that seems to be keeping track of the staff. Some of the staff has been startled by the apparition after attending to a patient. They notice him keeping a watchful eye over their shoulder. It is assumed that this ghost was once a supervisor at the home, but he has yet to be identified.

Because of the helpful and vigilant activities of the ghosts that haunt the nursing homes many of the residents have come to call them 'angels'.

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