Farragut State Park

13550 E. Hwy. 54, Athol, Idaho 83801

While today Farragut is a State Park it was once a naval base named for Admiral David G. Farragut who made the famous quote, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!".

During war time the base became a POW camp. German soldeirs were harbored at the base, often left to freely roam around. Violent and disruptive prisoners were put into the Brig. It's documented that one murder and one suicide took place in the Brig. However, it's believed that many more deaths went unreported.

The Brig is the area in the State Park that houses the most haunting activity. Inside the Brig people report intense feelings of dread and fear. Many report the sensation of being watched. Employees, that used to use the Brig as a storage facility have reported that objects, some quite large, would move suddenly.

Others have reported that ghosts of soldeirs and prisoners make regular appearances.

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