Pounder's Beach

Pounder's Beach, Hauula, Hawaii 96717

Pounders Beach is located within Laie Beach Park on the windward side of Oahu, between the towns of Haula and Laie.

The shoreline has a sandy bottom that drops off abruptly where the surf breaks. Pounders Beach was given its name because it is known for its high surf and pounding waves all year, but especially during the winter months. Because of its powerful surf it has become a popular spot for bodyboarding, bodysurfing, and skimboarding.

The powerful surf, however, has also been responsible for the death of a mother and child.

On a winter's night, when the surf was at its most powerful, a mother was looking for her child. Over the sound of the pounding waves she could faintly hear her child's screams. She then saw her child struggling against the waves and the under current dragging her child into the open ocean. Knowing she was not strong enough to brave the waves herself she began to frantically yell and wave at a group of surfers down the beach. However, they could not hear her over the crashing waves. The mother was afraid to run down the beach to get them because she may have lost visual contact with her child.

Her child's screams had stopped and the mother knew she had to do something. Having a good idea of her fate, she fought against the waves in hopes of finding her child.

On that night both mother and child drowned.

Today, both the mother and child haunt Pounder's beach. People have reported that you can hear the child's screams. At other times you can hear the sound of the child running around you in the sand.

Late at night, people have reported that they have seen the ghost of the mother looking for her child. The ghost has also confronted people. Apparently, she has anger towards the living because of the lack of help she received on the night of her death. The ghost can also be heard wailing for her child.

Others have reported seeing strange mists on the shore. They have also seen a pair of strange lights under the waves.

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Nov 17, 2012 11:27pm [ 1 ]

We resided in Helemano reservation. One night our daughters 4yrs and 2yrs old at the time, interrupted our lanai group conversation and asked me if they could go to bed. My 4yrs old daughter asked," Mommy can we go to bed, our friends are up there, we want to play with them." At this point they were not in school or have I heard of them making any friends already esp. friends their age in our house. I asked her who these friends were. "They are little kids, they play with us, they read us stories and put us to sleep after." Chills ran down my spine and I asked," What do these kids look like?" My daughter responded," Oh just like us, little." From then on I made sure I checked their bedroom every hour after I put them to bed myself. A few weeks later, I heard who I thought was my daughter playing with the hallway bathroom sink. The water was running and then shut off, as if she was playing in it. I sprang from my bed and as my eyes adjusted, I saw who I thought was my daughter run away from me giggling with shrugged shoulders. She had short, sandy, curly hair. No more than 2 or 3yrs old, wearing what looked like her daddy's Large white T-shirt to bed. Saw the back of her and her little calves, heels as she ran off like a little rascal who just did something naughty. I felt it wasn't my daughter but I yelled out," Maribel, why are you playing with the water?" I stepped in the bathroom and the sink was dry. I quickly ran to the room, there both my girls were fast asleep, snoring. Maribel had her undies and PowerPuff Girl's night shirt. I then adjusted to the fact, my daughter's hair is long. I felt a strange sensation from then on, we weren't alone in the house. My husband hates it when I speak of such things he calls me crazy, so in order to confirm I wasn't alone in this, I asked him," Hey Memo, did you hear Maribel playing in the sink?" He responded," Yeah, what is she still doing up?" I then proceeded," So you heard her running too ya?" He responded," Yes, why is she up?" I then looked at him solemnly and said," Memo, that wasn't Maribel." He frowned and I could see in his eyes a look of fear, he turned around and laid his head back on the pillow and said," Oh...shut up, go to sleep." I knew then, I wasn't crazy and that we had unwelcomed visitors. It wasn't until my sister visited us and she didn't know about our story that further convinced me more than ever. She walked in the door, looked up my stairs and turned to me and said," Anna, who is that little girl in your house?" I don't think ghosts like my sister, she has a strong aura, almost dark. I feel safe with her. That night I slept so good. The next day, she told me,"I don't think she likes me, she pulled my leg once or twice and I got up and cursed her out." From that day on, we didnt' see or hear of ghost children in our home again. That sister of mine, oh boy. This is a very true and as detailed story as I can give. I thought I'd share my experience in Helemano Res. on OAHU island. (2002) I wonder if there are any histories of a little girl who died there or children who died in that area of Helemano Res. Sometimes I wonder if they were there to protect or were just lost. I would hear voices late at night once in a great while, for instance I heard someone say," Get up!QUICK QUICK!" I shot up out of bed looked around the hall, the girls' room and just as I was walking away I saw my brother left a candle burning and his picture he drew, pinned to the wall fell on the candle. Anyway, I don't know much about spirits, only what I was taught, but one thing is for sure, we are NOT alone.

May 26, 2014 9:54am [ 2 ]

I try not to give such entities much attention. They tend to leave after a while. I have experienced many werid phenomena in my life. One being right now, you see, I was searching for something of my past, and googled in my name and one of my favorite pass time, bodyboarding.

We shouldn't be afraid of the death, but of the living.

Spirits can guide us to. For all of them who watches over us, families and friends... Thxs :)

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