Webber International University - Camilla Resident Hall

1201 N. Scenic Hwy, Babson Park, Florida

Camilla Resident Hall is named after Camilla Grace Webber, the granddaughter of Grace Knight and Roger W. Babson who founded the university in 1927.

Since the time of Camilla's origination a strange figure is seen on the second floor of the dorm.

It is described as a looming dark shadow that takes the shape of a human male.

The shadow stands petrous, when employees and residents have dared to shine light upon the darkness, it remains. It's as if the shadow absorbs the light, rather than be destroyed by it.

Those that have encountered this shadow person have described feelings of dread and fear. Others have stated that soon after witnessing the frightening being tragedy has struck in their lives. Many believed that the shadow person that appears in Camilla is a harbinger of death.

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Joshua Doe
Aug 3, 2016 2:19am [ 1 ]

I attended Webber International in 2007-2008. My 2nd semester I was moved into Camilla Hall on the 2nd floor via request for larger living area. My roomates & I already had performed genuine Ouija board rituals in our former dorm the recent semester having experiences that made us flee from our room for an extended period of time. We were just trying to have some fun & I think it went too far. After living in Camilla Hall that 2nd semester I would eventually dropout & my life has spiraled out of control in a way that never existed before I attended that college. I often feel endless dread & fear as mentioned in the post. I just came across this info regarding the school being haunted after researching the effects of Ouija board experiments gone wrong etc which brought me back to when I first acquired & used the board @ Webber. I would eventually give the board away few yrs back & never burned it like I was suppose to so its long gone now but something still lingers & I fear it could be the very entity that is being mentioned in these stories. I also find it very bizarre that my life started going downhill once I move into my dorm on that 2nd floor of Camilla Hall. Coincidence?? Only time will tell. Anymore info on this ghost & advice on who to contact in this situation would be greatly appreciated. Like I stated, I have often felt like I've been haunted by something ever since attending college but never connected the dots until now. I feel deeply that the source of my problem originated in this very location & this article has just made it all too real for me. Any advice appreciated.

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