Fort Delaware

Fort Deleware, Delaware City, Delaware

Fort Deleware was built in 1859 as a harbor defense facility, but in 1862 it was repurposed as a prison during the Civil War. At one time the prison held more than 40,000 confederate prisoners. The conditions at Fort Delaware were notoriously bad, about 2,900 prisoners died during their stay.

With such a traumatic history Fort Deleware now houses the ghosts of many confederate and union soldeirs. Many have reported seeing the apparitions of soldeirs walking hallways and ramparts of the fort. Others have seen ghosts of union soldeirs still keeping guard. Other haunting pheneomena include disembodied sounds ranging from quiet weeping to loud howls and screams. Many have heard footsteps walking in areas where no one is allowed.

More activity includes feeling cold spots, and seeing mists and orbs floating on the premises. Photo anomolies seem to be a regular occurence. Many have seen objects in their photos that were not there while shooting the picture.

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