Pine Grove Cemetery

15 Church Street, Ansonia, Connecticut

Pine Grove Cemetery has a long history dating back to the 1800s. People have reported strong paranormal activity in the graveyard since that time.

Common occurences include hearing the sounds of children playing, a very strong smell of roses, the sounds of chains rattling along with moans, and some have reported having unkown names whispered into their ear.

Other occurences include 'warm spots', some areas are noticeably warmer than they should be. A more disturbing report states that while leaving the cemetery people have encountered three dark figures gaurding the gates of the cemetery, not trying to keep people out but trying to keep the living in.

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Joseph Simon
Jan 26, 2008 4:27pm [ 1 ]

Doesn't the statue look at you every time you turn around?

Susan B. Anthony
Sep 7, 2008 9:24am [ 2 ]

It's amazing how there soul's aren't at sleep.

Nov 4, 2008 4:01pm [ 3 ]

which entrance do u see the figures at?

hernan arroyo
Nov 18, 2008 9:04am [ 4 ]

i live right next to pine grove cematery they say the devil lives there.

Jan 6, 2009 4:42pm [ 5 ]

When i was about 12 a friend and i walked thrue the cematery to go to her house. We stoped and sat on a bench and a baby started to cry. When we got up and looked at the bench we saw that it was a a grave for a 1 year old. So we started to run and we were then chased by something and everythime that we would stop it would take a step or two then stop. We would look behind us really quick and nomone would be there. I thought that it was just us that stuff ever happen to.

Michael Sollami
Mar 9, 2009 2:47pm [ 6 ]

i was driving past the cemetery, and i saw a dark figure walking across. it stoped and looked at me. it had like very bright white eyes and then started to walk again and it slowly dissapered.

michael sollami
Mar 9, 2009 3:05pm [ 7 ]

when i went there with my friend trent, i only herd screaches, and sounds of a lady crying. and i only saw someone guarding the gate. so we left through a hole in the fence. but when we walked in the gate seemed to close behind us. then it wouldn't open. so we walked back up the path, and we herd the crying behind us, so we turned around, and there was two ghosts guarding the gate. and there was 4 ghosts walking to the gate. so we ran to the hole in gate and jumped through it. i looked back and some graves were not at the beryle place. there were just holes.

michael sollami
Mar 9, 2009 4:44pm [ 8 ]

what else had happened there? i really want to here about it.

Mar 17, 2009 8:05pm [ 9 ]

yeah me and a few buddies went there and we were just walking around and takin pictures to see if we could catch something, we caught orbs in almost every picture we've caught people in robes standing there but when we looked there they werent there, once we went there and my friend was getting choked then my other friend got hit on the shoulder and he had a red mark there for 2days i've personally felt warm spots and had my legs grabbed, the head statue does move when you walk by it, also there is this little girl there that walks around the graveyard and i believe she was about 6yrs old and most of the time when you are leaving the graveyard she says goodbye or even if youre lucky enough you can see her standing behind you waving and saying goodbye

May 2, 2009 5:51am [ 10 ]

I have been living next to the Pine Grove Cemetery for over 4 years now. I walk through it 7 days a week. I have gone in at all times of the day from early morning all the way to 9p at night. I have never seen any black figures nor have I heard any chains rattling. Of course there is a sense of a presence there but I think what everyone is feeling is the fear of something being their brought on by the stories they have been told. The cemetery is actually quiet peaceful and makes for a great walk with all the history that is in it. Trust me it is not that I don't believe in hautings I just don't believe that Pine Grove is haunted. At some point I should have seen or heard something I even bring my sons in there with me for walks during the day and they are 2 and 7 and my 2 year old have been going since about 6 months. Children are suppose to be sensitive to this type of thing and he likes walking there with me. Oh, well that is just my experience but I did enjoy reading the rest and maybe at some point I too will experience what you all have said occurs.

Michael Sollami
May 9, 2009 8:14am [ 11 ]

Hernan Arroyo, his little brother(we call him boobie), and i were riding our scooters in the cemetry last night. We were going down the huge hill were the big stone with the name DANA is last night. Then we thought we saw UCC.(under cover cops). Or as hernan calls them, "The Popo." So we hid behind a tomb stone and waited for them to leave. Then when we got up and started playing again, hernan said he saw a black figure pass by my back. So i said give me the scooter and started to ride away. Then i droped the scooter and said forget this and i jeted out. I could hear hernan laugh behind me while sayin " damn, michaels out!" Anyway while we were walking to the rode-side enterance where the gas station is, hernan fell on the ground. And after about 5 seconds i turned around and went to go help him up. When he got up, he and i relized there was a paw print made from dirt on his knee of his pants. So then he started to tell me about the hell hound. So i took my phone out and recorded us having a good time. Then i passed the phone to hernan. He had spotted the devil dog walking behind the tomb stone. Not once, but twice. The second time it was behind a tree. But i didn't see it while we were in the cemetry. We noteced it when we got back to his house. So we dont ever want to step foot in there again. BTW, i deleted the video because if u keep a evil spirit will follow you. So i didn't want to take any chances. If u have anymore info on this devil dog, please type it on this page.

May 23, 2009 6:44am [ 12 ]

I went to that cemetery I saw these people in the cemetery walking up the hill I call it suicide hill since its so steep i ride my bike in there all the time. The people disapeared I thought they were a ghost but I realized they went the other way so I wasnt freaked out but still it was soooooo scary. LOL my house is right down the street from there. it was the scariest cemetery.

May 30, 2009 8:38pm [ 13 ]

me and a couple of my buddies have been in there lots of times investigating and just walking around and to clarify there is no devil dog but you will smell roses that i have had happen to me and also something will hit you i was walking through there in the winter and got hit also i have heard the little girl say goodbye when it was about 9 degrees out at about 7:00 and no one was outside that was freaky but we have yet to see the figures but have heard moaning chains, sounds of children and one of my friends who works there believes that the girl's name is Emily Thompson she is 4 yrs old and her grave is located close to where i heard her voice also there is a small metal noose hanging from one of the trees pretty high up near the back towards the church really cool place though lots of history to it and lots of orbs and mist in pictures

Oct 26, 2009 7:37pm [ 14 ]

One night me and my friend went to go acrossed the cemetery it was around 9pm and i heard a little girl say hello when we entered and a girl screaming in the distance that got louder as we walked then we got scared cause we though we saw somthing big and slipped threw a side of the fence

Nov 23, 2009 10:43pm [ 15 ]

i been there. its too scary. i feel like some one was following me.........i am damn sure there is some thing in that place...........

Dec 18, 2009 12:43pm [ 16 ]

me and my naphu we whent to pine grove cemetery in ansonia ct we captcher some voices and captcher some images of shadow and mist alot of mist planeing to go there soon

Jan 23, 2010 3:11pm [ 17 ]

I belong to a paranormal group based out of Naugatuck, CT. We've been to Pine Grove a few times and each time we go, we have a VERY strong feeling of being watched. We have heard a group members name whispered and have also heard, while we were stopped, running footsteps coming up to the back of our van. We plan on doing a full scale over night investigation come spring. I'll update you once we do it

Simply D
Feb 7, 2010 10:58am [ 18 ]

I stopped by on a cold winters Saturday afternoon to check out the Civil War monument. The soldiers head was moving back and forth. But I think (hope) it was just cause it was kinda windy that day.

Mar 29, 2010 8:03am [ 19 ]

I use to walk in this cemetery everyday and I have never encountered anything until one Halloween a couple of years ago.. Me and a couple of friends were just walking through to get to my house when we stopped to sit for a while when all of a sudden we saw these white orbs floating over the grave stones..That didn't bother us too much..We thought it was kinda interesting actually..But then i decided to look down the hill and I saw this black shadow running towards us..At first i thought it was a person but then i realized that the feet weren't touching the ground..we got so scared that we ran out of the hole in the fence..Ever since then i have seen the white orbs but haven't seen the black shadow..It scared the hell out of us.. ( by the way, I was never a believer in the supernatural until now)

Apr 12, 2010 10:00pm [ 20 ]

me and my buddy just came from there tonight, he must have had the scariest experience tonight. as we were walkin up the hill he paused for a second and said the he something waddle across the road up in front of us so i didnt think to make a big deal out of it and i looked at my phone again then he started freaking out because he said it started sprinting at us so we turned around and and bolted as fast as we possibly could. unfortunatly i was not able to see it but i take his word for it

darby caneen
Apr 12, 2010 10:18pm [ 21 ]

me and my friend arek, went in through the holbrook street entrance. once we walk in i heard light footsteps to the left of us (he didnt hear them cuz he wasnt payin attention lol). we then were at the middle of the hill, then i see this small black figure waddle across to the right side from the left side of the road. seconds later i see the figure come in the middle of the road and does this waddle kind of sprint. we haul ass out of their. we then stop at the gate. while at the gate arek hears footsteps come at us, so we ran the hell away from their. from this encounter i swear to god it was so scary i teared up, and i have been in there many times before. i actually have gotten hit on the shoulder and had a mark for a day later.

Jul 14, 2010 9:42pm [ 22 ]

well i live a town over from pinegrove i know too people that work there. i havent been in theyre yet but i will go sometime this summer or around halloween. ive heard reports of the green lady in a house or cabin in the cemetery thats about it. but i will investigate with a band memmber

Sep 1, 2010 11:11pm [ 23 ]

I was out there tonight, and last night as well. My parents and I are firm believers in the paranormal and have gone to several cemetaries. Last night we went and things ran smoothly, we caught a few things on the cameras, nothing on the vid or voice so we chalked it up to a good place to explore. We however, did run into Emily. She was rather friendly and enjoyed pinching my elbows. My family has a...certain ability when it comes to spirits and it remains funny to us that every time we pass a graveyard my mother has to cover her ears. So as we walked last night she held a rather mundane conversation with her. She told us of her friend and she said goodbye to my mother as we left. Tonight however, was another experience completely. To say it was oppressive it putting it nicely. We decided to sit with the voice recorder for a moment and both my mother and I heard the weeping of a woman. It was then that things got bad. My mother decided to high tail it out of there and I whole heartedly agreed. As we walked out, both of us in a hurry my father decided to have us take pictures as we walked out. We did so. Reviewing the digital we were not happy. Right behind us was an orb which followed us to the safety of Church st. When we enlarged the photo, you could clearly see a skull within. We also captured several Faces, clear enough to tell they were faces, we also caught a woman wearing blue. "this place is active" Is a complete understatement, and we will probably return, and hope for a better atmosphere.

Oct 24, 2010 9:30pm [ 24 ]

This past Thursday i gave my nephew a ride home and he lives by pine grove so i have to past it going to my nephew"s house and leaving .. so after it dropped him off at about 10:48pm a THICK MIST suddenly appeared on the middle of the street then dashed across the street . it freak the shit outta me cause the streets were quiet and there were no other cars at that time ... i always get a erie feeling passing this place ... this shit is haunted ...

terrod amos
Feb 2, 2011 8:53pm [ 25 ]

I can see that the dead dont die, this is at every cememtry I go. The most activity is at arbustus memorial park and at cedar hill cemetry. I got a chance to meet all of my mother's side of her family thats past on so they say. My future husband died about two years ago from cancer, and lost his life and his leg to the cancer. I can see him when ever iI like. Ican see that all the spirits still like the sweets that were bake here in life like cake, cookies, and the baby spirits love the cup cakes I take to them every time I visit. The spirits allow me to take as many as pictures to show facts as much as I like. My dear JB. still dances for me.

Sep 18, 2011 1:12am [ 26 ]

Ok, so I practically live in the cemetery, though my house is all the way accross town on north end, I'm in the cemetery ALOT! A while ago I was walking to my friend's house and we went through the hole in the fence to cross through it. We were just about to leave when we all heard this reallyyy wierd voice. We looked back and were like "what was that?" Then we just kinda speed walked out. Another time, much more recently (like less than 24 hours ago) I was sitting on a bench (it said hurbert or something on it). It's by the statue with the canons. I heard what sounded like a little girl laughing. What i mainly experience is an overwhelming sense of being watched, or that there's a presence. Someday I'm going to spend the whole night in the cemetery with a couple friends and my camera and a voice recorder and do a little investigation.

Oct 31, 2011 8:21am [ 27 ]

It's me again. Well, it's halloween and i suppose some people will be walking through pine grove tonight. And i hope you're reading this before. Basically, i'm going to say.. don't do it! I was in there a week or two again and because i'm a bit sensitive i was being influence by a man who wanted me to strangle my friend. And just a few days ago i was in there fairly early in the night actually. It was dark, cold and just me and my friend. As we were walking to meet another friend of ours i saw the dark shape of a person with glowing white eyes. It was literraly no more than 3 feet away from me and i was looking at it for quite a long time. It wasn't like through the corner of my eyes, i was looking t it with my 100% vision. Once i noticed it was turning it's head and watching me and my friend walk on the path i freaked out. I started crying and like dragging my friend with me. I just knew it wasn't right to be in there. I thought it was a statue at first and it was like coming to life or something... But when i went back there yesterday and went where i saw this figure, there is no statue.

Jan 23, 2012 11:32am [ 28 ]

I assure you all cemeteries ARE haunted just, to different degrees. Generally when you feel like your being "watched" its fairly active enough for you to feel or witness evidence of a paranormal level. Now if you have a camera, simply point and ask "please show yourself after I count to 3" [Take Picture] 96% of the time you WILL get what you've asked for! Its best to use a digital so you can take as many as you'd like.. **Keep in mind- these are NOT dead people but rather Demons.. They lie , play mind games and they HATE YOU. Go seeking them "at your own peril!!"

Kris B
Oct 16, 2013 4:34pm [ 29 ]

I grew up right across the street from Pine Grove on the Wakelee Ave side. I played hide and go seek in there.Played football with my friends. I slept in that cemetery.You name it I have done it Not once did I see anything heard anything feel anything I even climbed that statue and not once did that statues head move. If anyone knows that Cemetery it is me. Over 30 years is a long time and my family still lives there.

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