Avon Old Farms School

500 Old Farms Rd., Avon, Connecticut 06001

Avon Old Farms School is an all boys boarding school that first opened its doors in 1927. During a period of World War 2 the school was closed and used as a convalescent hospital for blinded veterans.

Avon is said to be home to a few hauntings. The most prevalent haunting is a little girl that haunts one of the homes attached to the school's dorms. People have stated that her ghost seems to be very friendly and seems to be looking for her mother. Many times she can be heard playing on the 2nd floor of the house.

Most often she is seen during the summer and at early morning hours around 3am.

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Aug 19, 2008 10:07pm [ 1 ]

I was a student at Avon old farms and lived in the dorm attached to the house where this little girl has ben spotted. Infact i lived on the second floor aswell and late a night i would hear running up and down our hall way. At first i dident think much of it, but ne night around 3:30 AM i heard the footsteps running into the bathroom right near my room and stoped. The automatic lights went on so i went in to tell whoever it was to shut up. I came to relize no one one was in the bathroom. There is a door in tha bathroom that leads right into the that house that is haunted by the little girl but is always locked. i assumed it was my dorm parents son, but in the morning i was informed they were away at their eldest daughters college and their house was empty that night. Im not a huge beliver in parinormal stuff but somthing weird is going on in that house for sure.

Jun 6, 2009 1:42pm [ 2 ]

Umm whkhd i live right next to the school. what mroe information can u tell me

Oct 27, 2011 5:41pm [ 3 ]

Bill, I am an AOF graduate, class of '85. I cannot believe that you went to Avon based upon your HORRIFIC use of the english language. Which dorm did you live in when this happened? D,E,E, or P? Who was the faculty member that lived in the house at the end of that dorm?

to greg and bill
Sep 15, 2012 7:02am [ 4 ]

Living there, I have heard these stories. The dorm you guys are thinking of is Elephant, and Mr. Borgaught has talked about these stories for in his bathroom. This story, is true.

Lived in the house
Oct 11, 2012 3:46pm [ 5 ]

I lived in the house attached to the dorm. It was Eagle dorm and I saw the little girl in August every year, each time at 3:17 am. I am a wife of the faculty member who taught at AOF. The little girl would say, "mommy, mommy, it's me." She had blonde hair and wore a pink dress. Her name is Misty. Mr. Driscoll can tell you all about it.....

Barry Randall
Nov 9, 2015 9:19pm [ 6 ]

I believe the little girl you are speaking of is named Betsy. She was my niece she passed away in 1953-1954, she drowned in a brook on Avon Old Farms property. Her parents were Edward Saxby and Terry Dillon Saxby. Edward was a teacher and a coach at Avon Old Farms, Terry was the secretary to the head master at the school. They resided there on the property in one of the dorms with there little girl named Betsy who had blond hair when she passed away at the age of three.

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