Stanley Hotel

333 Wonderview, Estes Park, Colorado 80517

Opening in 1909, this idyllic hotel would later become an inspiration for Stephen King when he wrote his famous novel 'The Shining'.

While widely known as a haunted hotel, the ghosts that haunt The Stanley have little in common with the malicous spirits in 'The Shining'.

The fourth floor of the Stanley once served as the servants quarters, and it is here where most haunting activity takes place. People often hear the disembodied sounds of children laughing and playing. Footsteps and the creaking of floor boards are also a common occurence on the fourth floor. Former guests have said that you are almost guranteed a ghostly encounter in room 418.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, the hotel's namesakes, are also said to haunt the hotel. The ghost of Mr. Stanley has been seen playing the piano in the music room, playing pool in the billiards room, and walking the lobby. Mrs. Stanley has been seen walking through the kitchen, dining areas, and concert hall.

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