Hotel Del Coronado

1500 Orange Avenue, Coronado, California 92118

In the year of 1892, a beautiful 24 year old woman named Kate Morgan checked into Hotel Del Coronado. After a few days of an uneventful stay, she was found dead on the beach by a bullet wound to the head. Her death was ruled a suicide. That is questionable.

Kate Morgan and her husband were con artists. Kate would con single, rich young men into falling in love with her. During the courtship, she would convince the man to win approval of her family by playing a high stakes poker game with her uncle. Her uncle was actually her husband, and an expert at cards. When the man was depleted of his funds Kate and her husband would disappear.

Kate became tired of this lifestyle. She and her husband would often quarrel. After many fights, and the abortion of her child, Kate seperated from him and found her way to Hotel Del Coronado. She stayed in room 3312.

Three days later she was found dead. While the coroner ruled it as a suicide, many believe that it was her husband or an old con that caused her death. Whatever the case, it is believed that Kate now haunts the hotel.

Today, Kate's ghost has been seen walking the beach and through the hotel. Electronic equipment behaves strangely in room 3312. Women have returned to the room to find their jewelry hidden under the pillows or in the bathroom. The indentation of a head will appear on the pillow, as if someone is lying on the bed. The phone has been reported to ring off the hook at night, only to be answered to silence.

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