Henderson State University - Lady in Black

1100 Henderson Street, Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71999

A broken heart, from rival school Ouachita Baptist University, haunts the grounds of Henderson.

Years ago, when Henderson was a Methodist College and named Henderson Brown College, a young male student fell in love with a girl from rival school Ouachita Baptist.

The couple took on harassment from their fellow students because of their school and religous differences. Particularly cruel was one of the boys female 'friends' who constantly persuaded him to find 'one of his own kind'.

The boy finally gave in, and he broke up with his girlfriend from Ouachita.

The break up crushed the girl. Her hurt deepened when she found out that the boy was soon dating again.

The hurt deepened even more when she discovered he was dating the girl that harrassed them so much.

When she learned that the boy was taking the other girl to the homecoming dance the pain became unbearable...he had promised that he would take her.

On homecoming night the girl ended her pain by taking her own life...she was dressed all in black.

Today, the girl returns to Henderson's campus each autumn, during homecoming week. She is known to haunt the girl's dorms. It's believed that she is looking for the girl that stole her love away. Witnesses have described her ghost as a dark menacing figure. Those that have looked into the ghost's eyes have been reduced to tears.

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Jul 31, 2007 6:15pm [ 1 ]

I once had something happen to me when i was 5 years old. Me and my mother had went to visit my aunt and uncle one day. My mother had to borrow something from them, my aunt at the time lived in my grandmother and grandfather's old house, they had been passed away for sometime then. We came to the front door and before my mother knocked, she heard something. I had heard voices talking loudly but not clearly kind of a muffled effect. My mother did not say anything for a minute, then knocked on the door and immediately the voices stopped. My mother said to me i think there home so she reached for the doorknob and it wasn't locked so we preceeded in. The way my aunt's house was set up was, as you enter the room there is a long dark hallway on the left and the right there is the kitchen which is closer to the door. We went down the hallway first and to the left at the very end of the hallway there is a door and that was my aunt and uncles bedroom. So my mother knocked on the door and noone answered and she opened it and noone was in there. Then we turned right in to the living room and i remember i looked at the old television in the floor and felt like there was something wrong here and i told my mother at that point that i wanted to leave. She looked at me for a minute and said ok we will leave then. After we had gotten back into the car. I told her i had heard someone talking. She looked at me and said i'm glad you heard it too and smiled. She told me if it weren't for me that day she would of thought she had went crazy. But we never told anyone about that because we would be looked at like we were mental. The house is still there and my aunt and uncle moved out not long after that. But i never had the courage to ask why? But, now my cousin's live there and as far as i know they haven't came back and said anything about ghosts being there. I can't explain what happened that day. But i guess that was my first spirit encounter. I have had more over the years but this one stood out the most. I was only 5 and can't believe that i still remember it like it was yesterday .

Alex Martillo
Feb 27, 2017 12:32pm [ 2 ]


Calvin Brown
Feb 27, 2017 12:33pm [ 3 ]

Don't assume a ghost's gender

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