Oliver House

24 Sowles Ave, Bisbee, Arizona

In 1909, the Oliver House was opened by Edith Ann Oliver, wife of a mining executive. Originally, the house was built to house other mining executives, but as time passed Oliver house became a boarding house. During this time the house acquired most of its ghosts.

In 1920, outside of his room, Nathan Anderson was shot between the eyes and died on the spot...his room number was 13. His murder has remained unsolved.

It's also believed that a mass murder took place on the property. A policeman's wife would use a room in the Oliver House for a place to cheat on her husband. One night the husband tracked his wife down and murdered his adulterous wife and her lover in the bed they shared. During the policeman's panicked exit he shot and killed a number of people that were in his way. The policeman later escaped to the edge of town where he committed suicide.

In all, it's believed that twenty seven people have died in the Oliver house since 1909.

Today, the Oliver house is a 12 bedroom bed and breakfast that is believed to be haunted by a number of ghosts.

People staying at the Oliver are often startled by a sound they have described as firecrackers and the sounds of feet hurriedly making their way down the hall. Upon investigation, they find they are on the floor alone.

A shadowy figure is often seen near room 13 where Nathan Anderson was murdered.

In a room known as the 'Grandma room' it's rumored that an older woman passed away. People have witnessed that the rocking chair in the room will begin to rock on its own. Others have seen and apparition of an older woman shuffling around in the room. People have often described that they have felt comforted and at ease with the ghost, especially that she is known to often smile and wink at a guest before disappearing.

Other ghostly activity have included doors and shutters opening and closing by themselves, disembodied voices, and the sound of running water where there are no pipes.

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Apr 4, 2015 6:41pm [ 1 ]

We stayed there last night. 4/3/2015 and in the early morning night. I heard foot steps like old fashioned hard healed shoes walking around and running water. Doors opening and closing. Of course my wife was sound asleep. We had a borrowed K2 meter that was lighting up like a Christmas tree!!

Tracy Benitez
Mar 1, 2017 1:55pm [ 2 ]

which room is the "Grandma room" so I can book that room?

Sep 13, 2017 12:04am [ 3 ]

We stayed in the Oliver house for a week. Besides hearing the piano playing with no one in the hotel, the door slammed shut although it had been locked. Every night, there was a constant knocking against the window although there were no trees, nothing nearby. My husband was locked out of the hotel....We also heard big band music and guitar music being played on the first floor on seperate mornings and again, noone was present but us.

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