Haunted Children

Are children more likely to be able to see into the spirit world? It would make sense, and most people who believe in the ability will tell you yes. Babies often stare at a particular area just over their heads, as when they are lying in their cribs, and some would say that they are talking to angels. Children have imaginary playmates, so is it so much of a stretch to believe that some of these ''imaginary playmates" are not imaginary at all, but spirits sent to watch over and befriend them?

Many believe that small children and babies are close to the other side, having just been born, or born recently, and so are still connected somehow to the other side. As we grow older, distractions of the material world begin to replace this, and they lose their ability to see and talk to unseen beings. If they were in spirit form before they were born, perhaps they had communication with departed loved ones of the same family before they came to the physical world.

Most times spirits and children seem to have a friendship, there have been reports of ghosts and spirits comforting children during stressful events. However, Hollywood has taught us that seeing spirits is bad, wrong, or should be scary.

And, although rarely, it sometimes can.

Poltergeists are manifestations in the form of banging, thuds, movement of objects, such as doors or shutters and even kitchen drawers opening and closing without anyone near. There have been reports of foul odors, and unexplained electrical activities, such as lamps turning off and on by themselves.

This is typically associated with a female in the house under the age of 25, and scientific researchers who study unexplained occurrences such as these lean toward subconscious psychokenesis as the explanation. Often the young girl is completely unaware of the correlation between the happenings and it is unintentional, nothing like the Hollywood portrayal of, for example, "Carrie" by Stephen King, wherein she was very much aware that she was the cause of the commotion.

Psychiatrists and investigators have a theory that poltergeist activity stems from emotional problems such as the inability to express anger normally for the developmental stage, or anxiety. In some cases poltergeist activity associated with a teenage girl has been thought to have been brought on by schizophrenia. Almost always the activity stops as the girl matures. A modern (1800's) and well documented account of this type of activity was the famous "Bell Witch" case in Tennessee.

The difference between poltergeist activity and a true "haunting" is that the poltergeist occurrences are triggered by a living person's trauma while haunting is related to spirits of the deceased. Fear and anger are both made up of tremendous energy. The more energy you put into ''dealing" with poltergeist activity, the more frequent the occurrences will become.

Because of the 'openess' of children it's not unusual for true hauntings to revolve around them. While most cases of children and ghosts relate to a relative that has passed and has remained to look over the family, sometimes the ghost that attaches itself to a child has darker intentions. There have been cases of children being attacked by something unseen only for the family to discover that a violent individual once lived in the house. Children themselves have been responsible for their tormenting spirit.

Often children look at tapping into the paranormal as fun. Holding seances and using Ouija boards are often seen as a distraction during a slumber party. However, often dark spirits or even demonic forces are called through this activity. Cases of possesion have been found to correlate with the use of a Ouija board. Ridding the dwelling and child of these spirits and demons typically becomes a long and drawn out process involving exorcism and constant vigilance.

Children experiencing paranormal activity is common. However, because of their active imaginations, it is hard to tell if they are actually seeing a ghost or are simply playing. Some ways to determine if a child is experiencing a haunting:

    * Does the child have full conversations with someone you can't see?

    * Does the child know things that a child simply wouldn't know at their age?

    * Ask the child to ask the ghost about it's history. Do they come back with answers they wouldn't know or understand at their age?

If you have determined that your child is indeed being visited by a ghost then what do you do?

A haunting can be frightening for you and the child. It is important for you to be a solid influence that the child can depend on. Explain to the child what is happening. Most often, hauntings will not result in any physical harm, and ghosts will typically obey the child. Let the child know that if the ghost is frightening them they can sternly tell it to go away. Ghosts usually will not try to strain their relationship with a living individual that they can communicate with, so they will adhere to commands made by the child. The most important virtue to have when your child is being haunted is patience. In time the child's ability to 'see' will fade.

Typically, as the child is more exposed to daily life (school, jobs, relationships, etc.) their ability to see ghosts diminishes. Many times the ghost is communicating with the child because the ghost is in need of something. It needs a message passed on, or it needs something accomplished that it was not able to do in life. Once this task is complete often the ghost will pass on to the other side.


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Jun 20, 2007 12:35pm [ 1 ]

My hair stylist used to live in a haunted home that was once a place for workers who worked in tobacco. A man died in the house. When Sarah (my hair stylist) moved in, she would hear noises of workboats clunking and someone tapping on the window. Sarah recalled to me that her daughter, Abby, who was about 2 years old, would sit in the tub during bath time and stare at the doorway, where nothing was there. Abby would also make noises and point at seemingly empty space. Needless to say, Sarah and Abby moved out a few months later.

Amy Brown
May 30, 2009 1:55pm [ 2 ]

We definetly have a child haunting our house.. My son is 3 and always talks about a boy.. I didn't think anthing of it... Until one morning around 2:00 am my son's toys just went off by itself.. I said something to my husband the next day and he told me he was laying on the couch and seen a small boy standing on top of the stairs looking down at him.He also told me about an incident that happened when he was in the shower. All of a sudden the door knob started to move like somebody wanted in.. He got out of the shower and nobody was there.. My husband always see's him and i never do...The only incidents that happened to me is the shaking of our bed, and my son's room light turning on and off, i actually have never seen him...The shaking of our bed happens alot and i just ignore it.. It happens mostly at night time...He seems very friendly, i just want to know why he is here and what he wants???

Jun 14, 2009 7:24pm [ 3 ]

Usually the person(your husband) who can see the ghost can talk to him tell him to go away. If you really wanna know why he is there. Have your husband ask him next time he sees, but have a tape recorder ready. Cause most of the time you wont hear em with your human ears.

Samantha Nicewander
Jul 6, 2009 12:16pm [ 4 ]

My little sister is turning 2 in October and in the last couple of months she has been seeing something in her room that is making her scared. The first thing that happened was she woke up and my step mom went in to get her and she just kept pointing at a spot saying "guy guy guy guy" like someone was scaring her. The next thing that happened was my step mom woke up (at 1 in the morning) to sounds in the baby moniter like a 3 or 4 year old child was talking and thought that my sister had woken up but when she was getting up she saw my sister lying next to her sound asleep. The last insident we had was my sister was in her room getting a book then she ran out of her room pointing behind her saying "GUY GUY GUY GUY" my family is getting really freaked out. Wat should we do?

Aug 6, 2009 3:23am [ 5 ]

When I was young, I saw 'shadow people' and had a very heightened sensetivity to odd energies and presences around me as a young child. The shadow people were the most frequent experience, and upon telling my mother about these things she proceeded to tell me I had been making it up. So naturally I shrugged it off. I am 19 years old now and i feel more sensitive than ever. I've seen shapes and beings that in all logical and scientific reasoning, should not exist or be where I've seen them, but my eyes werent lieing. Seeing a skeletal figure formed of what appeared to be tv static is not a common occurance.

And to Samantha, I would get the family out as soon as possible before it scars the childs mind. They wont ever forget what they saw. And you might get some information on the house itself, find out if a guy did die there that was....well less than tasteful.

Oct 9, 2009 10:49am [ 6 ]

When I was about 11 years old, i was doing the dishes. My kitchen looks out to our side yard and i can see the tall oak. My dad and cousin were playing battleship and absentmindly talking to me about somthing. Then all of a sudden i looked outside and saw a girl in a white dress with blond hair running across the side yard. i screamed and told my dad what i saw. He jumped up and went outside looking around. He didn't see anything, but he didn't say that i was making it up, (my dad believes in that kinds of stuff). Now I'm close to sixteen years old and ocassionally when im doing the dishes i will still see the blond girl in the white dress running across my side yard. I don't really care and I'm not scared anymore, but i got to say that was probably the scariest thing that had ever happened to me, i won't forget it.

Becka R.
Oct 21, 2009 12:02pm [ 7 ]

I am 20 years old, my nephew was born when I was 15.. My mother and I lived in a VERY old trailer on some farm land belonging to my family (where we know several family members and non family members died on that land) My nephew stayed with my mother and I everyday and some nights. After a few months, Jeremiah, my nephew, would wake up out of a sound sleep screaming and crying and frantically waving his arms and legs. This continued for months until he was about 9 months old. When he started to get up and move around and talk things changed. He stayed every night with his mother and slept in her room, he was terrified of her walk in closet, always saying there was a bad man in there, naturally we chalked it up to his imagination. And when the "bad man" would visit him while he stayed at my mothers with me, I got a little concerned. The nightmares had stopped but he was terrified of something. During a small family gathering I had Jeremiah on my hip getting something from inside the house, and I saw what looked like the shadow of a person go past me and at that point Jeremiah got hysterical. Screaming and crying telling me about that bad man behind me.. That went on until he was about a year and a half old to two. At this point things changed once again, but wasnt so much focused on Jeremiah.. We would notice him playing with his toys acting as if he had a playmate when there wasnt anyone with him, we would see and hear him talkin and babeling on and on.. My mother thought he had an imaginary friend, I thought it was more serious. The nights that Jeremiah would stay with his mother we would notice when me and my mom got up in the morning, his toys would be all over the place.. After this happening for weeks, we had this "Itsy Bitsy Spider" stuffed animal who played the song if you would press his stomache. That doll went haywire for days on end. Constantly playing the song over and over and over. We even took the batteries out and it still played that song.. My mother and put the batteries back in, just knowing that there was more to this than just an imaginary friend so we took Jeremiah to my grandparens house down the road, with the Itsy Bitsy Spider doll, it would NOT work at all at my grandparents house. Even with brand new batteries in it. My mother and I decided it best that Jeremiah not spend so much time at our house.. And thats when me and my mother started notice that there was somthing or someone in the house with us. We would be in the livingroom day or night and out of the blue toys of Jeremiahs would literally be playing with themselves, moving across the floor, the sounds going off, and there wasnt an explanation for it.. I started to see a shadow of a small boy in my room at night, I would always wake up to my dog barking and grawling at my bedroom door and I would see the shadow run out except one night, I looked over when my dog started barking and I seen him face to face. He told me his dad never loved him much and turned to the right to exit my room and the left side of the childs head was a bloody pulp. A few nights later watching Television with my mother, we heard a child holler "HEY".. That was 5 years ago, we've all sinced moved.. But Jeremiah acts so different, he has such an angry temper especially towards his sister who now is experiencing similar events but in a less drastic way, All shes doing is constantly looking up talking to someone.. Can someone Please help me? What is going on with my niece and nephew whom I am now raising..

Jan 4, 2010 10:46pm [ 8 ]

im young all most 12 and i am seeing and heirng things i cant explane (as i was righting this first sentence i herd scraching on the window in my kitchen) i here a sound at night form my back yard......i can only explane it as a tipe of "moaning" and it dosent stop till like 3 or 4 am and i see "death" or the grim reaper if you will.......wen i was six i wuz in the car with my dad we wer comeing home from a long drive and i wuz looking out the window, there was a shadow but not big anuff to be the car's i wuz waching it as if i was scared to look away..yet i dident know wut it was at the time.....we wer in the forest so there wuz no lights i will remeber wut happend next untill the day i die i saw the city comeing up and as we left the forest the shadow disapired and a large black cat ran from the forset in form of are car and we all most crashed....

katie barnaby
Jan 8, 2010 1:42pm [ 9 ]

I am a mom of an almost 3 year old named mya and im so scared for her we lived with her dad wen she was born and then moved out into are friends apartment after there room mate pasted away witch waz one of her fathers and my best friends and not even two weeks later weird things started to happen to her she was just learnin to talk and only met are friend three times before he past and she would go into are room and have full conversations with him like she would just sit on my bed for hours and play talkin to some one and when we asked who she was talking to she would say uncle richard and that was his name she used to tell her dad that he said hi and talk about things that happend before she was even born. thats not even the scary stuff we moved out and moved back in with myas dad, she was about a year and a half old and thats when she started to talk to a little girl named alice she used to share eveything with her and she would only talk to her in are bedroom they would talk for ever and one day i asked her how old she was and she told me that she was 6 and missed her mommy and daddy that scared me so much i didnt know what to do so i just left it alone because she wasn't being hurt by anything and over time she stoped playing with her but would still say goodnight to her and try to share food with her. that went on for another year or so and me and her father broke up and i moved in with my mother and everything was good till my dog died and now she doesn't sleep at all and when she does its only for like 20min and shes waking up screaming her face off and crying and i dont know why and she wont tell me. i dont sleep anymore. its weird because we can go to her fathers house and she will sleep all night with out waking up crying and being scared and when we come back to my moms its back to no sleep and waking up again and crying its the same at my friends house she goes for the night and dont sleep and when she does she wakes up crying and scared im so scared for her i dont know what to do anymore WHAT DO I DO HOW DO I HANDLE THIS WILL IT END??????

Jan 15, 2010 2:00am [ 10 ]

Do people really help here? My son is 7 now and been haunted by something more then 1 since he was newborn. He tells me very odd things that a child wouldnt even know. can ghost spirits follow you or is it different ghost. I have seen 3 at different times, and all for different reasons. but these were for good not to scare or harm what he is dealing with is different it even scares me. where do we find help?

Feb 7, 2010 10:08pm [ 11 ]

i am 13 and i am being haunted and i can see, hear, and talk to them and it scares me and i cant wake up and it frighten peoples....what do i need to do...i need help....

Feb 26, 2010 6:47pm [ 12 ]

Heather, all i can say is pray. i have been that way forr uhhh 2 weeks. im 12. its called the 6th sence. me and about 7 people can see, hear, tlk to them also. Im terafied..

Mar 16, 2010 10:45am [ 13 ]

I have two year old twins and one of them is very, very advanced. She knows things she shouldn't know, she says words that she shouldn't say. She has learnt all her colours and shapes, and can even name words from when I give her a letter! EG. I said L, she said 'log' (what child knows this?)

In the last couple of weeks she has started talking about a man named Max, she talks about him all the time and says he is sad and scared. I really don't know what to do?

Is she being haunted or is she just bright? Any advice would help I really don't know what I can do about it. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and respond!

Mar 16, 2010 12:19pm [ 14 ]

Hi Liane ,

I would say first, don't underestimate the precociousness of a 2 yr old. Your daughter is very intelligent, creating an imaginary friend certainly is not out of the realm of possibility. First, I'd ask her why Max is sad and scared; she may be using Max to try to communicate her own real fears and anxiety. However, in the mind of a 2 yr old she does not know how to express her feelings, so she creates a 'friend' to play it out. When investigating any type of haunting it's important to rule out other possibilities. Your daughter may have simply saw something on television that disturbed her, and is recreating it through the character of Max.

However, imaginary friends are typically playful. The one matter of concern is that Max seems to be sad and scared. The possibility of a haunting should not be dismissed. In order to make that determination, I'd begin by asking your daughter some specific questions. Be conversational, don't make her anxious or fearful. Ask questions like 'Where is Max from?'. Your daughter may give a common imaginative 2 yr old answer like, 'the sky' or 'the television'. If your daughter gives you general playful answers like that, you can sigh with relief. She is more than likely playing.

However, if her answers are more specific, if she answers 'Max is from Lincolnshire' or if she insists that Max had lived at your house before you, then she may be in communication with a ghost. Continue to ask questions that would require some specifics. Determine what time period Max is from, can Max tell your daughter about historical events that happened during his life, etc..

Additionally, keep an eye out for other haunting activity in your home. Since Max has arrived, have you been hearing strange noises? Disembodied footsteps, faint voices, or knocking and scratching on the walls? Have you seen any apparitions, or noticed that doors will close and open unexpectedly?

It's important that if you determine that your daughter is indeed haunted to remain calm. You can imagine how traumatic it may be for your daughter, no reason to add to her stress. Additionally, Max may not have dark intentions toward your family. He may simply need help and is overly excited that he can finally communicate with someone, causing your daughter a good deal of fear. Be sure to tell your daughter that she can tell Max to go away. Ghosts typically do as they're told out of their own fear of loosing someone they can communicate with.

If you feel that your house may be haunted, the next step may be to contact a local paranormal investigation team or a reputable psychic. They can help you communicate with Max, and possibly help him move from your home.

Either way, you have my best wishes, Liane.

Mar 16, 2010 12:30pm [ 15 ]

Thanks so much for coming back to me so quickly. Its a relief what you have said. I have asked her where he is from and she says, "here!" when I ask her to be more specific, she just gets angry with me. I asked her before if he makes any noises (thinking it might be an animal) and she says he crys!

I did ask her if she was scared of him and she said no, but he is very very sad and scared. Which then upsets her. People have suggested that I try to get a local psychic to speak to her but I thought they might think I was making it up so you have really helped me!

Thanks again

Elizabeth Hernandez
Mar 25, 2010 2:12pm [ 16 ]

Hi, I have a 9 year old daughter who has been experience weird things. I don’t know what to think or what to call it. She has been having the same experiences since she was 2 months old. When she was 2 months old we lived in Rialto in a 3 bedroom house. When ever I had to change her, I couldn’t change her in her room because every time I would try to change her in her room she would start crying hysterical with her arms up in the air and her eyes really big staring at the wall like if she was seeing something or someone. Then when she was 2 years old we didn’t live in Rialto anymore, we had moved in with my parents at their house. We found out that she was experience the same thing again because she would wake up at about 3 am screaming and crying that there was a little boy in her crib waking her up and scaring her. My husband and I would tell her that there was nothing there and wait for her to calm down so we can put her back in her crib and turn off the light. But when we would do that she would scream again. It stopped for a while then it start it all over again when she was 5 yrs old. It was the same pattern but this time she said that they would talk to her and ask her for her help. My daughter would cry because she didn’t know what to do or why was this happening to her. One time she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth when she came out screaming saying that a girl around the age of 6 or 7 was saying her name and asking her to help her. I asked her what did she look like and she said she was light skinned with blond hair past her shoulder. She was wearing a crown made of flowers and a white dress but she was barefoot it. I asked her why she didn’t ask her what she wanted or for her to live her alone and she said that she didn’t say anything because she got very scared. My daughter got so scared that she didn’t like to be in the bathroom by herself, she would cry if my husband or I didn’t want to be in the bathroom with her so she wouldn’t be by herself. There would be times where my daughter would be in the room playing when she would come and ask me if I had called her, I would tell her no. She would get very angry and would tell me not to lie to her because she had heard me calling her. What I thought was weird is that I hardly ever call her by her name; I usually call her by her nick name. So it was weird when she would tell me that she heard me calling her and by her name and not by her nick name. Now my daughter is 9 years old, we no longer live with my parents. We now live in a 2 bedroom apartment. For the last 3 nights my daughter has been waking up at around 3 am again. She wakes up shaking, crying and very scared that she hears noises in her room, her bed shaking, knocking on her wall and the same women's voice calling her by her name. She refuses to go to sleep in her room to the point where my husband has to go to sleep in her room so she can go to sleep. I don’t know what to do or what to think because it doesn’t matter where we go it keep's happening to her. I don’t know if it's just her nerves that are making her hear and see things, can my daughter have some kind of paranoia or anxiety disorder problem, please can somebody help. Could it be that it really is a ghost that follows my daughter where ever we go, can she be like one of those people that can communicate with spirits??? Please help I don’t know what to do nor what to think. I don’t like to see my daughter go through this.

Mar 25, 2010 6:07pm [ 17 ]

Hi Elizabeth,

Your daughter is experiencing some extraordinary behavior. As I discussed with Liane earlier, it's important to determine that your daughter is not acting out due to another reason, something outside the paranormal. However, it would not be unusual that your daughter is indeed experiencing something paranormal at her age.

Psychics and spiritual investigators often state that they had their most vivid and alarming communication with spirits when they were young, around your daughter's age. However, even among the strongest psychics their perception fades a bit during puberty, for some it disappears completely.

It can be incredibly frightening and traumatic for a young person to have these experiences. One thing you must instill in your daughter is that she is in power. She has the ability to shoo away the spirits. Ghosts rarely harm those that can see and communicate with them. They will essentially do as their told out of fear of being shut out completely.

I'm assuming that you do not share your daughter's abilities. While these experiences can be frightening for a child it can be just as frightening for a parent. You want to protect your daughter, yet it's difficult when you are not able to see or hear what she does. If you determine that your daughter's abilities are indeed paranormal you may want to consider having her speak to someone that shares her abilities.

Contact a local paranormal investigation team, ask them if they could put you into contact with a reputable psychic that would be willing to sit down with your daughter and chat. It may relieve some of her fears and anxiety to meet someone that shares her abilities. Additionally, the psychic may be able to share with your daughter how they coped when they were her age.

All my best to you Elizabeth, as I said at the beginning; often psychic abilities that your daughter is experiencing fade away with time. However, it's important that if you do indeed determine that your daughter has extended abilities, teach her it's not to be feared, but a gift that few hold. Additionally, make sure she knows that she is in power when it comes to communication. The spirits that visit her are depending on her, not the other way around.

Elizabeth Hernandez
Mar 26, 2010 1:22pm [ 18 ]

Thank you so much for the information, I feel more relax knowing that there is somebody out there that can help out my daughter. I will take your advice and see if I can find a reputable psychic in my area. I would really like for somebody to talk to her and let her know that there is nothing wrong with her and that she doesn’t need to be afraid. One thing that I find very odd is that my daughter feels safe when she's with her little brother. My son is 3 years old and he also says that he sees ghost. But with my son it’s a different story. He doesn’t seem to get afraid, and out of nowhere he will point to a place or area and say look mommy there's a ghost right there. He has even told us their name as well as what they look like. There are times when he covers his ears and we ask him why he does that and he will say he does that because his tired of hearing them talk or that they are too loud. I do admit that I get scared when he tells me that but I try not to let him know that. My son even tells my daughter to not be afraid that they are not going to hurt her. I just don’t know what to think about all this. The first time he told us that he saw something he was 2yrs old, he told us that he was mean and that he was scary. He was scared for a while but then he got over it and now he talks about it like its no big deal. It seems like he accepted it and sees it like its very normal, like part of life. There are times that we hear him talking to himself and we will ask him who is he talking to and he will tell us but he will tell us as well as there name and if it’s a child or a grown up. As for my daughter I just find it strange that she has been experiencing this paranormal activity's since she was little. Also why is it the same voice that calls her name all the time? What could this mean, because it seems that it doesn’t matter where we go this thing goes with her. Is that possible, and If it is why.

Elizabeth Hernandez
Mar 26, 2010 1:35pm [ 19 ]

One thing that I forgot to mention, when I was pregnant with my son my daughter was the first one to tell me that I was pregnant. We where at Costco when out of nowhere she told me to be careful because I was pregnant. I didn’t know what to say I just smiled and sure enough I was pregnant. I just had another baby in December and my son told me as well that I was pregnant. He even told me that I was having a little girl; I was like 3 weeks along when he told me. But yeah sure enough I was pregnant and with a baby girl. Could this mean anything, can a child know when there will be a new baby?

May 17, 2010 1:56pm [ 20 ]

My grand-daughter is 5 years old and has full conversations with things I can't see. She has always done this. One house they lived in she played in a large closet that went under the staircase with a being named Arty that she had tea parties with. I asked her what Arty looked like as she can plainly see him. She said it was white with white hair, white eyes and a big white belly. She also said that a little girl lived in her bedroom and cried a lot and said that she was in the corner because Mommy said she was bad. One day my grand-daughter said she heard the little girl whisper in her ear that bad mommies get shoved down the stairs. Now lately she sits up in bed at night and points at the ceiling and says "You guys go away!" This is at my Mom's and she lives with me. She has no nightmares at my house but does talk to them still. Last night she sat straight up in bed and started this horrible screaming and started vomiting and continued until we had to take her to the hospital. They did not have a clue what caused it but had to give her a medication to stop the vomiting.

Aug 7, 2010 6:00pm [ 21 ]

Im 12, and i always feel like im being watched. my chihuahua is called mocha, will randomly look at stuff above us or even growl. i have heard growling, whispering,talking and childrens laughter. im not going through puberty so i dont know whats going on. me and my friend are experiencing stuff we shouldn't be seeing. stuff hits my window, the water is running in the morning in the shower, and im just lost. my brother thinks im crazy. my sister in the past has had imaginary frenns but none tht had hurt her. her imaginary frenns seemed to have turned out to be real people tht hav lived at some time. i need help!

Kayla <3
Aug 17, 2010 5:26pm [ 22 ]

ok well umm my aunt has a spirit in her yard and it is soo frecky and it comes in the house and night and one time it slapped her in the face when she was asleep and the ghost bothers my lil cousin and he is 3 and it scares me soo much :(

Aug 28, 2010 11:19pm [ 23 ]

Hey guys, ok I really need to know what's going on. My daughter just turned 12 and she recently revealed to me that she has been seeing & hearing people for the past couple of years. Well, I didn't think much of it because I did the same thing in my younger years, still do sometimes. However, tonight she went into her bedroom & started screaming & crying, so I went into her room & she said there was someone in there to het her out of there. My best friend was there with me & she proceeded to go into my daughter's room & she couldn't get the closet door to open, she said it felt like someone was on the other side keeping it pulled closed when there is no knob on the other side of that door. So, my friend said aloud that the closet door wouldn't open, so I walked in the room & as soon as I did, the closet door opened for her freely. My daughter also saw someone standing across the street ( I didn't see anybody) But, she descibed the "person" in her room as a mean man. She said he had brown hair & red eyes. Please help ???????????????

Aug 28, 2010 11:28pm [ 24 ]

I also forgot to meantion that some of the people she sees asks her for help. And, some of them just say her name. Come to think of it, she has always kind of what I thought talked to herself, but maybe she was talking to someone else...

Sep 13, 2010 12:20pm [ 25 ]

I need some advice. I have three children, 21-9-2. My oldest used to see things as a child: scary blobs of black shadows that won’t go away, feeling of people watching her, etc. ( I have seen them too and still do from time to time) I would like to know what they are as I get very scared and have a sense of dread and death when they are around. I have never mentioned them to any of the children, but both girls have seen them and described them perfectly. I have told both of them to pray and they will go away. By the way my oldest was forbidden to tell her sister about the ones she has seen in order not to scare her. Also my 9 year is very sensitive and has seen the same things, along with a boy in the bathtub, girls with wings that told her everything was ok when she lost her favorite toy, and other numerous things. The one thing that is scaring me the most is she used to have "tigers" in her bedroom really scary tigers. I used to get the "tiger spray" and spray them away, which worked sometimes and others not so much. After she was about 4 they seemed to go away and we never mentioned them again. Now my son (2) sees the same thing, Tigers, and he is scared to death. It started by them waking him up and him telling them to go away. Now he really freaks, goes into fits and I can’t comfort him or anything. It’s very strange and only happens at night. We have moved a couple times between children so I know it’s not the house. We don’t have any statues or weird tiger items around the house and we don’t watch any shows with tigers in them attacking or anything. Any explanations/ help would be great as I would like to get rid of the shadows and tigers. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

Oct 6, 2010 8:05am [ 26 ]

I'm not really sure what to do, me & my husband think my little sister Monique is being haunted. She's been at my house all week & has been saying really weird & creepy things. Just yesterday she said that she had a gost in her room at my moms house,( the room that she sleeps in, some has passed away in) she said that there was a "man" in her room that turns her lights on & off ,turns her tv off & on. She says that she can't see him but she knows it's a man. The scary thing is the person that passed away in her room was a man... Our uncle hung him self in her room in 2004 Way befor she was born. Tonight something really scary happened to her, she was upstairs in our other sisters room getting ready for bed, my sister Sabrina heard our little sister Monique scream & when she went up stairs to check on her see saw that Monique was bleeding alot from her nose , when she asked Monique what happened she said " he pushed me into the dresser" there was no one up stairs with her! When my sister told her that there was no one upstair that could of pushed her Monique got mad & said " no he pushed into the dresser!" I'm not really sure what's going with her & it's starting to freak us out. Please sone one help us, I don't know what to do I'm really starting to get scared for her she's only 4 & I don't want this to keep happening to her! Please help us!

Oct 29, 2010 2:35pm [ 27 ]

My 3 yr old granddaughter is scared to sleep in her room. My daughter lives in Vermont and I recently went for a visit and my granddaughter Chloe would scream and kick at night not to sleep in her room. She would sneak in my room and sleep with me. When asked why dont you want to sleep in your room she will only say "Because". Until lastnight my daughter said she got her to say "because of the two guys". My daughter does not know what to do. My son-in-law a previous Marine big tough guy not sensitive to Chloe' fright doesnt believe. So what can my daughter do, she is just at her wits end trying to figure this out. Any suggestion would help.

Oct 29, 2010 2:44pm [ 28 ]

I forgot to mention that there was some work done in the attic (over Chloe's room) and there was a box found with very old papers from a Dr. that lived there in the early 1900's, so old it was too hard too understand the writing on the papers and prescriptions I told my daughter to put that stuff back up in the same space and leave it alone. I dont know if this has anything to do with whats scarring Chloe but something has to be done. My daughter has a fight every night to get this child to sleep. Please anyone suggestions.

ashley c
Nov 8, 2010 1:19pm [ 29 ]

i was wondering if an infant can be haunted. ive seen things and heard things but i am really scared because I myself have woken up to scratches in the weirdest places and so has my daughter. ive tried to debunk everything but it just seems that it has no reasonable explanation. im scared for my 7mnth old daughter. after three she doesnt want to be in the kitchenn. she used to sleep during the night and now she doesnt she will wake up screaming for me or my fiance and pointing to the kitchen. at that point i want to show her theres nothing int he kitchen and she wont go in there she will shake her head and say no screams louder and louder till you stop trying to get hee to turn because i dont even believe it myselfr in the kitchen. i need help but i dont know wher

Nov 12, 2010 2:02am [ 30 ]

Long story short my 2 1/2 year old son is seeing someone he is afraid of in his room. It seems like a tall man that stands in the same spot. The other night he was looking at the spot and I asked him what he was looking at and it sounded like he said "cars". There were no toys cars in that spot and he was looking up. Then he said Cars is mad at me. And I said what do you mean. My son said, lets leave here mommy (meaning his bedroom) and then he ran full speed out of the room. Tonight he looked at the spot again and said Cars is smiling at me. Then he got scared and said, no Cars is mad at me. Then he said Cars is walking. I said "he is walking" and my son said yes, by my bed. (we were by the bed, so I think my son meant he was walking to the bed). So we went into the living room and my son looked back towards the hall where his room is, and he said Cars is walking and he seemed scared like "cars" was following us into the living room. He is only 2 1/2 and talks very well, but sometimes I can't understand what he is saying, so I am not sure he is really saying "cars" or if he is trying to say something, a name or something that sounds like cars. Anyway, he also wakes up everynight at 2:00 to 2:30am and then again at 3 am. I am scared. Many times I feel someone watching me from the hall. I see him out of the corner of my eye. People who come over, not knowing any of this have experienced things like toys going off in middle of night, pounding on wall in my sons room (i have a guest bed in there also) a little girl giggling. My neice felt someone grab her hip. I have never really believed in orbs, but when I was looking at recent Halloween trick or treating photos, I noticed orbs around my son in a few pics. I looked at old pics and notice them around him alot. Pics of him at home and also there are alot in the pics of his baptism in Jan. Alot of things have happened but I don't like it that my son is afraid and that he thinks this thing is mad at him. I am not sure what to do.

Nov 24, 2010 4:09pm [ 31 ]

I've been sensitive to paranormal activity for as long as I can remember (hearing noises with no explanation, seing shadows, hearing voices, bed shaking, feelings of being watched, etc.). My concern is not for myself, but my son who is only 15 months old. Obviously he cannot tell me who or what he is waving/talking gibberish to.

My husband and I purchased our home 5 years ago, and that's when I saw the first shaddow figure. Ever since our son was born it has increased, and even more so now that he is moble and more active, etc. A few months ago while sleeping something was shaking the bed my husband and I were in, and I was in a half-dream state but very aware of what was going on. I couldn't move, but saw a figure and it gave me a name...Luci (pronounced Lou-chee). A few days later a toy was thrown about 10 feet across the floor waking us up. That's what this entity or entities have done to me.

However, our son waves and talks gibberish to something. He sleeps through the night, but recently has been waking up screaming. I've told whatever this is to leave him alone, and the activity will stop for a while. Last night was the last straw for me. He was woke up 3 times, and on the third time he had a pacifier that my husband, or I, didn't give him. I distintly remember it being way under his crib. He cannot climb in or out of his crib yet, and still had the pacifier I gave to him. He was so upset, and we ruled out any other possibilities. He is starting to be scared by this entity, so I'm concerned that this thing may be masking itself and then frightening him.

I feel uneasy in this house, but it is my home, and I want my son to feel safe. What should I do next? I've told this entity sternly that this is my home now...but yet it lingers and is starting to push my mommy protective buttons.

Feb 1, 2011 10:32pm [ 32 ]

When I was a kid; I'd say from the ages of 3-5 I would see what I can only describe as a hand comprised of a white static that would just randomly "flicker" the fingers around. It looked like it just came out of the left side of a stairway wall and I'd be looking at the stairs from a 2nd floor room so I'd see it kind of at an angle- I couldn't see the face of the wall but I could see the hand coming out of the face of the left wall. - This wasn't a one time thing either; I'd see this hand all the time. Always in the same spot; always moving the fingers in the same random pattern. - My sister said she had seen black things moving at the bottom of the stairs at one time when she was a younger as well (shes 4 yrs older than me) - But I was the only one to see the hand- I was always afraid to look out into the hall at all when I got older; even during the day I'd avoid looking at the stairs from that angle. It made that much of an impression. This is all entirely true; not a story. I'd be willing to take a polygraph on this one. I know what I saw, even if I was a kid. This happened alot~

Feb 17, 2011 4:07am [ 33 ]

Does anyone know anything about a small red hooved creature? As a child, we first seen him when we were swimming in our aunts pool. She had a huge wooden area beside her house and he was standing at the fence. Afterward, he would aggravate us. He was never hurtful, just mischevious. He would do things like pull our blankets off at night, or walk our dolls across the room, make them sit up and talk, take jewelry and hide it, or bait us with it's tail from around the corner so that we would chase it and try to catch it. He loved to make keys disappear. He would also laugh or snicker alot. The adults would always put it off on our imaginations, which isn't possible. All five of us have seen him at different times and places and we all have the same stories. My sister and I were literally harrassed by him regularly until around 15. After that, it was every once in while, and now hardly ever. At 24, I still don't have any answers, and I now have a son and a neice, and I am afraid that he may do the same things to them. Someone please help. I don't want our children to suffer the same way we did.

Feb 23, 2011 6:53pm [ 34 ]

I played the ouiji board recently with some friends. Ever since then my daughter has been scared to sleep in her own room. She says she see a dark figure with wings. I am really worried. The only way to get her to sleep is if her daddy sleeps in her room or she sleeps with us. I don't know what to and my boyfried doesn't believe in this kinda stuff. I have tried to ask her details about this dark thing in her room but it's really hard to talk to a 3 year old when she just wants to play with her toys. Tonight I am going to try to get her to sleep in bubby's room. I can't afford to just move. I have never had this problem with either of my kids. I am worried too if I DO move, what if it follows.

Feb 28, 2011 3:49pm [ 35 ]

my niece is 2 years old and is waking up at 2 am jumping around and giggling until my brother walks in and she starts shouting and pointing at the door "enough now go away and repeatedly shouting witch she has even scratched the word witch on her tv screen and she cant even spell yet.Other times she will wake up at 2 am screaming im not worried that she may be seeing spirits but am worried the impact its having on her as she can be destructive and more often or not she refuses to eat. i have asked the spirit to show itself to me but cant get it to respond any ideas on how i can show the spirit im not there to remove them but just to talk to them and make sure their not harmful to my niece in any way

Mar 5, 2011 12:57pm [ 36 ]

My daughter is only 2 years old. She never had trouble sleeping til 5:00 in the morning on march 4. She awaked looking around, staring in the dark room. I told her to lye back down and she did but pop backed up. All of a sudden she became afraid. I turned on the light and she was fine. We laid down again and I held her in my arms. She decided to look around and scared from that point on. She never said that she seen anything but she jumped in my arm and screaming. She wouldn't put her feet down. Its was like someone was picking at her feet. We got up and went to the living room and I turned on all lights and she became fine. She watched her favorite tv shows and then it was daylight outside. By this time its 7:00am and it starts over again. She looking around saying SCARY but I couldnt see anything. She jumped back in my arms, climbing over my shoulder, like she was trying to get away. I prayed and sang gospel songs and held her and rock her. I just wanted to break down and cry but couldn't. I had to be strong for her. Next, she through her left leg on my chest, saying look. But I couldn't see anything. I rubbed and kissed her leg and telling her its okay. Its nothing there but she is still screaming and crying as if something was touching her. She always was looking down to the floor, like thats were it at. So my mom, said hit at and say go away. She did it, and she it toward the floor. This continue throughout the day, off and on. When it was time to go to bed, it started all over again, but worse. I was so tired, I decided to take her to the hospital. The only thing they said it was NIGHT TERRORS, I've seen children that have night terrors and its not what my daughter is going through. What am I suppose to do? I''m scared, tired and just want to break down and cry. She had a peaceful night sleep but started again this Saturday morning. What can I do? Should I take her to psychic? I need answers!!

Mar 14, 2011 9:47pm [ 37 ]

Hi my name is Leila, and i live in a house with 7 people, i sleep with my mom, and my brother in his wife and baby boy sleep together, and my 3 little nieces and nephew have there own little room. The main reason im here, is because i truly need help, my nephew has been fine until about a good 4-5 months ago. There would be nights when he would wake up, terrafied and scared of God knows what, i know it sounds typical, but recently, theres been occasions where he has woken up and has marks, and scratches all over his body. I have never in my life, seen the type of marks he has, and it scares me, Im his aunt and I dont know what to do anymore, ive put a rosary over his bed, and even prayed every night, but its just not working, today he woke up in broad daylight, and a huge mark on neck, as if someone was choking him, had a bruise on his eye, and a scratch mark on his chest and back, these i know for a fact are not self infilicited, so if you could please! tell me what i should do! hes only 3, about turn 4, and as a worried Aunt, i will do wahtever has to be done to save my nephew... signed, a worred aunt, Leila

Apr 9, 2011 4:16pm [ 38 ]

i'"ve heard scratching and people talking and whispering...im only thirteen so its kinda freaky to me my mom doesnt know yet about any of this what shud i do and shud i tell her????????????????

Fearful Mother
May 2, 2011 11:50pm [ 39 ]

My 8 year old daughter is seeing "dead people" She sees family members that have passed in the last 11 years. She sees 2 grandpas and and uncle and a great grandpa and a great uncle and a great great aunt and these are all fine and dont scare her BUT Recently she has started to see what she says is her father (my ex husband) 's father. This one she says shakes her bed and scares her so bad she isn't sleeping, barely eating, and terrified to tears. I took her to the doctor today due to cramps and found out just how scared she is of this new person. She drew me a picture and it is a dark figure with red eyes and blood. My daughter has been seeing the family around for a long time and wants them with her but this new one is terrifing her. I actually called her father and told him to tell his dad to leave her alone by her request. He thought I was crazy. A friend of mine thinks she is self poltergeisting. I dont think that might be all. She says the "good family" tries to push the dark one out but it is too strong and pushes them back. It is shaking her bed and waking her up. I cant see things but I feel them and I have never been scared in this house until recently. Things are being misplaced. I was getting some curry powder out of my pantry and black pepper to rub on the picture she drew (my friend said it would help and I am desprate) I had just had the curry powder in my hand and set it back on the front of the shelf, when I went to grab it it was moved into the back of another shelf I had to dig for 15 minutes to find it again. I put my father's urn and my uncles urn in her room at her request to try to make her feel safe. NOTHING is working. Does anyone know what to do to get this out?! She has started hurting herself, biting, scratching and punching herself..... I had similar experiences but never this constant and strong. She sees them at school and home. Oh and we have moved 3 times since this has started but it keeps happening. I dont care if the good family stays honestly it makes me feel better to have my dad here but this dark one has got to get the heck out of my house and leave her alone before she really hurts herself. She thinks she is crazy and that she is a monster! PLEASE HELP US!!!!!

Fearful Mother
May 2, 2011 11:51pm [ 40 ]

Oh and some of which she had never met but decribed in great detail and even knew what they smelled like. These people died before she was born.... Oh and the dark one she said is her father's father died when her father was 8........

Eileen Fritsch
Jun 5, 2011 8:58pm [ 41 ]

I am writing you with confusion and I really don't know what to think of this. My best friend of 10 years passed away 2 years ago from many years of health problems. I moved out of the house we lived in 3 months later and picked up my pieces as best I could. Last year my 3 yr old granddaughter came to live with me along with her infant brother and my daughter's boyfriend. In my room I have a wall of photos I have of many years of family portraits. Jayln who was 2 at the time looked at the pictures and never minded. I live in a single family house and my oldest daughter lives right behind me. Kim who is my oldest daughter and her husband and my 3 grandchildren live in that house. My daughter about a month ago started having a few strange things happen. Her door opened and shut on it's own, the handle actually turned by itself. My son in laws razor was on top of the T.V.and no uses that it has been broken for years. No one had the razor, it had been in a basket and left there since we moved. It was however John's, my boyfriend who passed away. In the same day the candy bowl on the counter tipped over very fast and candy went everywhere. We wondered but didn't think much of it and that was that. All as quiet and then the other day 5 days ago my oldest granddaughter had a dream our house caught on fire. People were standing in front of my house. The next day she was alone in the house in the A.M. and the Guinna Pigs water bottle came off the clamp and flew into her leg. Then the door shut by itself. Not more then a few hours our house actually did have a fire! We were in kitchen of my house and smelled smoke and the fire was in my under cabinets. We put the garden hose through the front door and sprayed as the fire department was in route. We managed to contain the fire that was in the crawlspace under my kitchen. When the firemen came they took an extinguisher and put it out. The main had caught fire and burned a whole in the GAS pipe the same time the size of a nickel. The firemen said the whole thing should of blown up and they could not figure out why it didn't happen. They said " Someone was watching over us". The electrician came and he had to repair the damage along with the plumber and they both said it was amazing we had no damage but to the wire and no explosion.Since the fire we had settled down and we thankful to be O.K. and blessed to still have the house. My middle Granddaughter Kara who is 10 had an experience with the door to her Mothers room, the same door as my oldest granddaughter, was shut the door knob turned, opened and then slammed shut once again. She ran out of the house and it frightened her and came over to my house. Later that morning she and I went to Walmart to get a few thing, I told her she could pick out a bag of candy as she helped me in the yard water and put flowers in. We stopped in the aisle and was looking and no one else was in the aisle, the cart started to roll on it's own. I jokingly said wait a minute Pa, that is we used to call John. The cart stopped, I stood with chills and took a breath. Kara picked out what she wanted so then I said O.K. Pa let's go and just before I could put my hands on the cart again, it started to MOVE! We left the store and came home to tell the others and now everyone was thinking he was here, is that possible? Last but not least my 3 yr. old granddaughter woke in the night screaming and wouldn't look in the corner. She was very scared of something and woke her brother up, he is 1 and was looking in the corner of their room smiling and laughing. A few months before there T.V. kept turning on and off on it's own in the middle of the night. The remote was on the table no where near them. They were sleeping. Now today we decided to look at the pictures on the wall in my room to see if Jayln reacted to any of them She didn't know John he saw her once before he passed. She looked and when she saw his pictures, she freaked out. She covers her eyes and refuses to look at only his. I don't understand what is going on here, could you please tell me.

Jun 8, 2011 9:50am [ 42 ]

My liitle girl is 3 1/2. She told her dad about a week ago that there were "haunts"scaring her. Her Dad nor I use this term. I ask her daycare teacher and she had never used it nor had heard any other children use this term. Yesterday I was reading to her and she said "Mom there are the haunts that are scaring me". I told her they were just watching over her. Then again this morning she told me the "haunts" were there again. I ask here where and she went right over to our stairs and said "right here" she told me that there are 3 of them and they are swirling around!! No one has ever died in our house but she does have 3 half siblings (1 baby, 1 toddler and 1 19 yr old) that are deceased. HELP!!! What do I do or not do??? She is very smart for her age.

Jun 13, 2011 11:00pm [ 43 ]

My three yr old daughter was being put to bed and as I was leaving her room she says nana is dead an what sounded to be is haunting me... she is really scared to go to bed... her nana is dead but my grandmother has been gone for awhile... what can I do?

Jul 31, 2011 9:38am [ 44 ]

one morning i was sleeping and ifelt tapping on my shoulder i sgunted my eye and i saw a shadow of a boy he was looking at me he was on my bed i opened my and there was nothing there

Jul 31, 2011 2:01pm [ 45 ]

Hi I'm Michelle. I am 10 yrs old. I have been awaking at 2:00 am to the sound of banging, dishes dropping, stuff like that. No one in my home would be down there. One night me and my friends were having a sleepover at my house. One heard noises outside and i said "It's the people outside. Don't Worry." But she asked me to go check. So I did. I saw a figure outside walking toward my car, trying to open the door. I was thinking it was just all up in my head. But when we were all laughing,telling scary stories. Behind my friend, There was 2 babies, a mom looking at my friends, I asked them if they saw it to they said " what are u talking about Michelle?". I thought it was in my head. A couple of weeks after that my best friend Sasha came over. She loved my house. We went upstairs. We heard a big thump coming up the stairs, we looked there nothing at all was there. Sasha said "Don't Worry" then as soon after that we heard glass drop. We ran so fast down the stairs. We both saw a figure. She was beutiful looked like an Angel she looked like she was doing the dishes she had a long wavy hair and bright blue eyes she was so pretty. Then Sasha said " What do u think ur doing?" She turned around and vanished that night we were releved then we saw something on the other bed. It was a ghost of Anna. She wasent and angel she was a ghost. I will never forget it. I then moved in with my bff Sasha because my mom died of brest cancer. I will miss her. She has Brown hair, brown eyes, she died with a dress on ( hospital dress that is) and if you see her in California, Los Angeles Hospital that's her..... :) love and miss you mommy !

Aug 9, 2011 1:20pm [ 46 ]

Hi my name is Britnie,( this has just started yesterday with my 3 yr old daughter) she was dancing on our bed sing "im katie im katie im katie....." i didnt think anything about till i was on the phone with my mother inlaw. she had told me to ask her a couple of questions so i did. i asked her who katie was. she said a little girl in nanna's kitchen. i still didnt think anything. so i kept on with the questions. what she looked like: brown hair bluish green eyes blue dress. by this time i was just thinking she was just playing or just made it up. later yesterday evening i took her over to her nanna's and no one said anything about "katie". right before we was fixing to leave she got sad because she did not get to tell katie bye. i asked her where katie was she told me that she was in the woods. i asked where at in the woods she said at her house. i continued to ask her questions and got alot of scary answers. i dont know if she might have over heard us talking about a creek behind their house but my daughter said that katie went into the woods and lost her mommy and daddy and she drowned in the creek. the only place she says that she plays with her at is in the kitchen or at the kitchen table. they did redo their house about a 3 years ago and when they was painting the foyer my husbands dad seen a yound lady about 18 walking down the steps to the downstairs. she had long brown hair and yellow looking summer dress on. my mother inlaw blessed and saged the house. (my mother inlaw part native american) there is a old gravesite with unmarked graves deeper in the woods past the creek. we have thought about putting a recorder in the kitchen when everyone goes to bed and see if we hear anthing on but i dont know if the little girl or ghost will be in the house if my daughter is not there. any information would help thanks so much.

Aug 29, 2011 2:25pm [ 47 ]

My daughter is 5 and she is a normal kid. Last night at bed time, out of nowhere, she said to me. " mama do you think I'm your real daughter?" I was wierded out so I said to her. " I dont know baby, are you?" she said "no, Im your bad daughter." Even though i was freaking out on the inside, In a very calm voice, I asked her where my good daughter was and she said to me, "she drowned in the deep part of the lake." I started paniking so i asked her why she would say that. I guess she noticed that I was worried so she told me that she was just playing with me and that she wont say that again. We were at a crowded lake a week ago and i didnt notice anything wierd or unusual that day. Or any other day after that except for this incident last night. Is there a chance that something might have been in the water that day and possessed my daughter. Did i leave the spirit or soul of my real daughter at the lake. Do spirits invade a child like that. If so how do i get my daughter back. I told my husband the situation and he said that our daughter is very smart with a vivid imagination. She was probably just messing with me. When we woke up this morning she understood what she had said last night because she said, "mama dont worry Im your real daughter if i wasnt would I know the names of my cousins?" and then she named them all.

what to do?

Aug 29, 2011 7:28pm [ 48 ]

My daughter will be 2 years old in 2 months.. She wakes up and sits at 4am and seems to awake but she stairs to the sealing and stretches her arms and open and closes her hands like when a baby wants you to pick him up. Her hole body is very stiff as she dose this! She'll smile and some time she'll be VERY Scared! This is my parents old house, they both made there own lives and are ok... But when I grew up in this house we knew there was something there with us. We all heard noises of dishes and glass in the kitchen and saw shadows, we just never really gave it importance. I've seen other stuff but my grand mother always told me not to doubt about all this. But she said it's important never say I believe.

I don't like that my baby is going thru this but my wife is terrified ! I don't want her to go thru this what can we do?

Sep 1, 2011 8:23am [ 49 ]

My 7 year old daughter told me last night that she heard something call her. When she came outside to me and told me and my friend she was terrified. My daughter is typically the child that is overly dramatic. However, when explaing the story to me she did not cry or shout but her eyes well'ed with tears and she was expressing anxiety behavior (tugging on her shirt, rubbing her arms). She explained that while she was using the bathroom she heard something call her saying "come here brianna" (in a stretched out speech) adding the tone was high pitched, sorta man and woman. Also adding that it sounds as though it peaked its head in the bathroom. She also thinks that it 'tiptoed' to her. I explained to Bri that sometimes when its quiet you hear voices in your head (I do at times, not that I'm crazy just being alone in quiet it has happened). She assured me that it was not in her head, she knew what I meant but this was outside of her and called for her. Once she sat outside with us she was very pale, and was acting "strange". She would stare at me blank and keep looking in the house. She told me too when I mentioned that we lived here and couldn't move "you will be sorry". During this time, she seemed possesed. And I know that it could just be that she was so scared her nerves where makingher act this way. Our house was built 40 years ago, however the ( 8 acres)has been owned by the same family for about 80 years. The man that lived in the house for his ENTIRE life passed away in the girls bedroom about a year ago. I doubt though that he would be an negative energy. My girlfriend told me that while watching out house when we went on vacation that she saw a figure in the attic window, she could not tell the gender but that when she made eye contact that figure dissapeared.

What do you think about all of this? Are any sites reccomended to do further research? We are Christians and I prayed with Brianna last night and placed Bibles in her room and the bathroom.

Rebecca Tucker
Sep 11, 2011 12:54am [ 50 ]

When my daughter was 9 years old her grandmother passed away. We were living in Alabama at the time. My daughter told me then that she saw people in her room at night and that they talked to her and kept her awake (this all started after going to the funeral home and to her grandmothers funeral). She also said that her grandmother had came to visit her one night and talked to her (this is after she had passed away).

My daughter described one incident when she was nine years old, in great detail, where she said she saw a man with skinny stick legs and skinny stick arms and he had a very mean look on his face and she said his face was black and his eyes were sunken in. She said she also saw a little boy who was in trouble and a large African American woman carrying a laundry basket. All of this in one night and hence she started sleeping with the light on.

My daughter is now fourteen and still sleeps with her light on and here recently has started leaving her television on for noise. I have tried making her shut the light and television off only to have her not sleep at all. She tells me that she is terrified with the lights off. She says that when she has the light on, she can still see "things" but they are only shadows and are less scary. She says that the television being on helps her to keep from hearing them talk to her and walk around her room. She has put a cross up in her room and she says that she prays every night and that it helps keep them away from her bed. She will not go and stay over night at friends houses because they sleep with their lights out and she says that these people she sees follow her. She says she feels more comfortable at home. I have never seen "these people" before but my husband and I both have felt our bed shake for no apparent reason and we have both felt the hair on the back of our necks stand up for no reason and our dogs have set and growled and barked at the corner in the living room and nothing be there.

I have awakened to her crying and trembeling with fear because of seeing these things. She seems paralyzed with fear and can not get out of bed to come get me. She just crys. I have asked her why she doesn't yell for me and she says that she trys to but nothing will come out of her mouth, she can't form the words.

Here's the thing, we no longer live in Alabama and we have moved to two different places since then. Every where we go, she says they follow her. I am really starting to worry about her because she doesn't seem to be outgrowing these fears. Could she really be seeing people and could they really be talking to her? If so, how do we get it to stop? She has told us that she has told them to stop and leave her alone but they don't listen.

Sep 15, 2011 12:30pm [ 51 ]

I have read these comments and they all feel very close to home. I have always been the person trying to find a "logical" explanation for things. And when odd things would happen, I would make up an excuse that seemed reasonable to me and forget about it. Things have been very different since I have had my daughter. Things she has seen and said that she couldn't possibly think of on her own, occurances that were far more than strange. Lightbulbs have blown and caught on fire when I have joked about it, things have been moved around. A part of my ceiling had started to sag the more my daughter stressed to me that a woman with boots was hanging there. I have always summed it up to the fact her father doesn't usually come around when planned and a vivid imagination that she may just explain in a different way (example: woman hanging could be woman on a swing). As well a boy in the closet that has since followed her during our move. I have begun to worry as now things are happening that I can't explain (for my own comfort of course). Windows opeing (sliding windows that I have trouble opening-my daughter cannot open it-we live alone). I was awaken by a loud banging last wednesday night. Only to see my door shaking so violently i thought it was going to fly off the hinges. windows closed. My first impression was some psycho had broken into our home and was taunting us. I opening the door with my music stand in my hand expecting to protect myself and my daughter. Opened the door.....nothing there. I've pretty much been awake since last Wednesday lol. So either we're haunted or Im going to end up in a straight jacket (women who are diagnosed with psychological problems are usually diagnosed in their 20's uneasy laugh). So just want to say- you are not alone.

Ron Lenovich
Sep 22, 2011 12:12pm [ 52 ]

my 2 1/2 yr old nephew wakes up in the middle of the night crying saying he sees a man, a dog, or a ghost almost everynight. the other night he said there was a dog sitting on one of his toy balls, and told the dog to go away and the dog did, then another night he was so scared that he was hiding between the couch and the coffee table and was so petrified to come out from behind the table, and was saying the ghost and the man when he was asked whats wrong? but it only happens when my mom isnt home and just him and my sister are in the house. what could be happening to him?

Oct 12, 2011 4:34am [ 53 ]

My son who is 3 years old talks of a boy named Rudy, my son tells me "he died mommy". He tells me that Rudy is 4 years old, died in water (from what he says most likely in the bathtub, its kind-of confusing!) and is "unable to go into the hole". He doesn't seem to be frightened of Rudy. He also talks also of a "baby boy" who he says is "crazy" and he says "he pushes my buttons".

I am up now because he woke up a little bit ago saying something was making noises in his room, he brought me in his room and said the noises were above his head in the bed. I now cant sleep and I came across this site!

He has talked of ghosts in his TV and once a ghost he said had his Clifford dog and he wanted the dog to sleep with mommy and daddy. He isn't overly afraid, just sometimes says they are scary. I have told him to tell them to go away and that he does not want them around and he says "good idea mommy" and I have told them but it hasn't helped. We have talked to local PD and neighbors and have came up with nothing!

I am unsure if this is the imagination of a 3 year old or something very real!

Before we moved to this location, in a different city, I (and sometimes other family members) would see a man walking down the hall and disappear into the bedroom. Also a particular toy of my sons would go off even when it was turned off and/or the batteries were taken out of it, but never would involve my son! He was 2 years old during this time.

At this point my son does not seem to be all that fearful. When he says "its scary" he says it but doesn't act the part so I am hoping its just imagination. Any suggestions b4 it gets worse if it is really real?!? The talks about Rudy, noises, ghosts and the "baby boy" are getting more frequent!

Oct 13, 2011 8:12pm [ 54 ]

For all of these people that are having difficulties: *if your being haunted, go to church and talk to a priest. *If you kids are hearing noises or talking to ghost, three options leave the house or call a priest and ask him if he can bless the house or see a sidekick for help. Hope this will help you. I believe it will help you. Trust me I have my reasons.

Oct 13, 2011 8:24pm [ 55 ]

Four more things, don't show no fear when you see a spirit. Try to talk to them. And have faith and believe in hold because it will help you threw this. And for people that don't believe in him, give a try and you'll find out if you believe or not.

anna andrews
Oct 22, 2011 11:11am [ 56 ]

my daughter has been speaking of a "mean lady" in her room. my sister placed a voice recorder in her room while no one was at home. what was revealed has terrified me. there was a womans voice that appeared shortly after my sister and daughter left. it said "mother effing (the real word) children...GET OUT!". then my husband put the recorder in the room last night when we all went to bed. all of us were in our room upstairs. strangely, you hear a lot of bumps and bangs. then it sounds as if someone walks into the room and turns the recorder of 17 minutes after it was turned on and placed on her pillow.
my daughter is turning 3, and we have always had a video monitor for her. we have always heard bumps and bangs, but i always chalked it up to the house settling.
please help me and give me some advice on what to do.

thank you

Joan Charles
Oct 26, 2011 1:02pm [ 57 ]

I have just come across your web site and read many of the posts with great interest - many of these are extremly sad cases where children are earth bound and caught between two worlds and others where the children clearly see spirit. I have always been psychic from an early age and have worked in this arena for nearly 30 years - this year my neew book called An Angel Walked Beside Me - published by Harper Element came out. It contains many stories like this of children from spirit who have tried to helpa dn assist somene on the earth plane while others are of childen who see and speak about spirit they may never have known. My aim with the book was to help educate and provide knowledge for parents or anyone who works with children to assist them on their wee journey and not to kill of their natural gifts that they come to this plane with and from the feedback I have on Amazon UK and the many emails it looks like I have been fortunate enugh to do this but we need more of this and web sites like this to help people who just don't know what to do or how to handle situations with spirit.

Keep up the good work and I would love to hear of stories like this too if anyone would like to share them.

You can connect with me on Facebook or by email at joan.charles@btopenworld.com

Thank you


Oct 28, 2011 3:41pm [ 58 ]

When my oldest son was 2 to 3 years old, he had "imaginary friends" which I later started to assume were something more than imaginary... There were 4 "friends" he had. Their names were Mr. Woggins(not sure if that's the actual name but my son couldn't pronounce certain letters very well at that age, for instance pronouncing R as W), Helen, "The Boosta" and Constance. He was very scared of Helen and "The Boosta". He slept in the bed with me at that point in time and while trying to go to sleep he would point at the wall and start crying saying "Helen, Helen is there!". He would walk down the hall with his hand in the air like holding someones hand who wasn't actually there, not that I could see anyway. When I would ask him what he was doing, he would say "Playing with Mr. Woggins". And I would hear him talking to Constance. Never could hear what exactly he was saying but when I'd ask him, he said they were secrets. There were also a couple of times he was playing with a ball and he would roll it and it would roll back on it's own. That happened to my niece as well.

Nov 1, 2011 2:00am [ 59 ]

Hi, I have a daughter that will turn 3 in 3months. About two months ago she started to act strange when we went upstairs to take a bath. She would suddenly refuse to go near the bathroom door, saying that there is someone. This didn't happen every night. What most scares me is that the last couple of weeks, she started speaking to the mirror in our bathroom. When I walk in, she would run to me grab my leg, look at the mirror and say "this is my mommy". When I asked her to whom she is talking to, she only says "to HER". Her behaviour also started to change, she would have tantrums, hit me, scream for almost 1/2 an hour, no-one can make her stop. When I speak to her it seems like she doesn't hear me at all, and she will not make eye contact with me when she is like that. She is a very bright child, ahead of her age and talkes extremely well for her age, very intellegent, and was always obedient, but now I'm really worried. Her personality changes without any warning. Do you think there is paranormal activity and that she is communicating with someone, or is this just a phase. I would really appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank You

Nov 2, 2011 6:42pm [ 60 ]

It started about 2 months ago with my 2 year old daughter waking up in the middle of the night. at first i thought it was because she was coming down wit a small cold...so i figured thats probably why she was wakin up at night .Well she has been over that cold for a month now...and she has been consistently waking up - specifically - between the hours of 1 and 3 pm - which we all know is considered "dead time" and she either will start talking or crying out for me...and when I go in her room she is usually sitting up or standing. And it's also strange that she can sleep sound and not wake up when she's in my room with me...but when she's in her bed she can't.i try puttin her back in her bed after layin wit me for a little and she says shes scared idk what to do its starting to freak me out a lil

Nov 20, 2011 11:54am [ 61 ]

My 7 year old Grandson just told me that he seen a dark figure in my bedroom while he was playing his game. He said it walk right pass him this is the first time he has mention anything like this and he lives with me full time is this waht some would call shadow people? I was told maybe a four runner..i dont no but i'm really scared now.

Nov 21, 2011 12:43am [ 62 ]

my nephew started talking and playing video games with someone that wasnt their wen he was 2 and now he is six and hes in school and he talks to someone name toby wen the teacher is talking in class she screams at him bcuz hes always talking to him self but he says its toby its affecting his school also they planning to take him to an evaluation in some office im kind of worried bcuz i believe in da super natural and ived seen allot of reality shows and it doesnt end up good at all plz can someone help me...

Nov 25, 2011 7:13am [ 63 ]

recently i have had strange things happening in my property. Lights being on when im sure i turned them off. Things not being were im sure i placed them. i also hear banging sounds in the walls however as my walls are very thin i assumed it was next door. My son is six 7 in three months he has suddenly become afraid of the dark could this be connected please help as i am very worried

Dec 8, 2011 12:52pm [ 64 ]

My eight year old grandaughter, confessed to my daughter that she has been seeing things. The description is a lady that looks very evil and like a witch.We are all speechless but trying to help her feel safe. Does any one have any suggesttions?e

Dec 9, 2011 5:34am [ 65 ]

My daughter is 9 and she sees things move in her dolls house she gets very scared sometimes and wont even go up stairs on her own while other times she is fine, i just try and down-play it (its not real, your just seeing things) she also hears voices and has been scratched on the leg, shaken while shes laying in bed, i do always try and comfort her trying to find logical explanations for what is happening but me and my husband have also seen and heared things that can not be explained - knocking on our headboard, the feeling of someone sitting on the end of our bed, the sence of being watched, hearing walking down the stairs when there is no one there and seeing something move from the corner of your eye, we have animals but they dont really react our kitten just watches unseen things move around the room but i thought they were ment to go mad if there was anything there? we have a 7 year old son aswell but he doesnt see or hear anything. its not all the time either it could happen for a day to a week long then nothing for weeks...

Dec 29, 2011 6:49pm [ 66 ]

i have been hearing odd things like oneday i was in my room with my friend sydney and we were sitting on my bed. suddenly we both heard loud banging on the door we started to freak out. my mom wasnt home so i called her and asked if she was banging on my door she was like no is this some kind of joke. i started to get freaked out then suddenly my friend gets pushed off my bed and she starts crying...... please help me what should i do?

Dec 29, 2011 8:55pm [ 67 ]

I'm not sure if it's a haunting or what the hell it is, but I'm really worried about my sister and I found this website so I hope you can help, what ever it may be.

My five year old sister named Yadhi sometimes gets up in the middle of the night and starts to cry. This happened a lot a couple of months ago, although I couldn't hear her because my room is above hers (she sleeps with my parents.) My mom was worried about it a lot. I don't know if it happened a lot these past few weeks, but this is the worrisome part; last night when I was trying to go to sleep I heard her trying to come up the stairs to my room, crying. My dad's voice then boomed asking her to come back to their room. I've never heard her cry like that, and it frightened me. The next day I asked my mom what happened and she said that she'd woken up, sat up and started shaking really hard and crying. When ever my mom tried to consolate her, Yadhi just screamed and shook some more. Then my dad took her to the restroom but she wouldn't stop screaming hysterically. So he told her to go chill out in the living room for a bit. Instead, she darted to the stairs, and then he stopped her. When Yadhi returned to my parent's room, my mom took her hand and asked her what was going on. Yadhi said, "I don't know!" and then she started looking frantically round the room, scared. My mom asked her if she saw anything and Yadhi said yes. Mom asked her what it was and Yadhi responded, "I don't know! I don't know!" and then Yadhi looked at my mom's hand round hers and then shuddered away, afraid of my mom. Yadhi then later fell back asleep. In the morning, my mom said she asked her what happend and Yadhi doesn't remember anything. What's wrong with my sister?

Jan 12, 2012 9:30pm [ 68 ]

We recently just moved into this new house, in October, that's 120 years old. (Mother-In-Law lives with us (MIL)

My 2 year old daughter is having things happen to her that nobody can explain or has a reason for.

It all started basically when we first moved in. 2 weeks after moving in, I was in the back room, getting stuff around and situated, more so organized. When I hears knocking on the front door. I came out into the kitchen and opened it up, nobody was there. My MIL ran over to my side of the house and asked if I needed something because something knocked on her front door (different sides of the house). After telling her what I heard, we both kinda got freaked out alittle, but just blew it off. A couple weeks after that, our cell phones were going haywire and calling every contact in our lists! My Sister-In-Law was scared, thinking something happened to us and called us back. We had no record of even calling her! We don't have touch screens, so I'm not sure what could of caused that. Around that same time, my 2 year old daughter was taking a nap on the couch.

I heard gasping and looked around the corner to find her in this seizure like state. Not shaking or anything, just frozen stiff and gasping for air, making a puking sound. Didn't last more then 5 minutes.

On Dec. 2, 2011 was the scariest night of my life! Since seeing my daughter like that, I have her lay in the middle of the bed, between my husband and me. My husband was working out of town that night and the 3 older kids (7 year old son and 5 year old twin girls) wanted to "camp out" in the livingroom, watching a movie. My bedroom is directly above them, so when they move around, I hear them. I thought I hear thumping in the livingroom. While my 2 year old was sleeping, I got up out of bed and checked on the 3 older ones. EVERYONE was laying and falling asleep on the couch and the matress we put down for them. When I went back up to my bed where my daughter was, the TV that I left on was in a White Noise state, she was doing the same thing she did in October. NEVER has she done this thing at the other house we lived at! She was starring at the ceiling, gasping for air, and stiff as a board. I grabbed her and took her down to my MIL. As we figured I should take her to the ER, I ran upstairs to get my shoes, the TV was back to normal. All this going on within a 10 minutes time!?!?!? I got this gut feeling it might not be a seizure, and it could be a poltergist (sp?)!!

I ran her down to the ER anyways because that's what Mom's do and who would believe me anyways! They kept her over night, did a CT scan and everything was normal. Now on the 31st we have a appointment 4 hours away to see a neuroligist. Im thinking this might be a waste of time!

The other night, my son's TV was on the white noise when I CLEARLY turned it off!!!!!! I don't know whats going on and have never doubt with so much activity in one location. As a child, I've had night terrors and NEVER was like what I see my daughter. I can remember seeing scary images floating and spinning so fast around my head and sitting straight up. She is still as can be like someone is holding her down! The Ped we saw said she might of had night terrors, but it something more. Nothing in her brain clearly, this place is FREAKY!! I don't know who to talk to other then my Mom who lived in a 2 haunted houses her who life and I feel comfortable talking to her about all this.

Jan 17, 2012 1:16am [ 69 ]

I have a huge issue and frankly it is scaring me a lot. To start it off I had seen something that made me fear for my life about 3 years ago when my daughter was 2. I had gone back into one of our rooms that we used for storage at the time and I can't really explain what I saw but I felt fearful of my life. That was the first and last time I had ever put a cross around my neck. Sounds stupid I know, but its true. Recently I have remarried and moved into my parents old house with my husband, daughter and animals. I am 23 and pregnant with our son. My daughters father passed away this last August of cancer. He and I were not together anymore. Some weird stuff happened before that date but nothing like it has been. It was on a night that my current husband had a work thanksgiving dinner and I was getting ready in one of our bathrooms, my daughter was at my parents house like every day after school. I was doing my hair when I heard foot movement in our other bathroom which was right on the other side of the wall. Didn't think too much of it at first. Then when they stopped about 15 seconds later it sounded as though our back screen door had slammed shut, I came out of the bathroom and called for my daughter thinking she had gotten home...she wasn't here so I checked the back door and it was locked along with the screen door, that's the direction the noise came from. I went back to doing my hair and about 15 minutes later my daughter showed up. One night my husband and I were sleeping and had turned off all our rooms lights and when I got up that next morning one was on. I asked my daughter if she turned it on and she said no, and so did my husband. My daughter said not too many days after that, that she saw a shadow in her room and was afraid to go back in there... Her bedroom is the one with the bathroom I heard the steps from... She came out scared one night saying that someone was walking in her room and bathroom. I had never spoken of what happened to me around her at any point so it worried me more. Then tonight which is why I'm on here, I was sitting in our game room reading a book when I heard my daughter talking very loudly and a bit off tone, saying... I can't go with you, I don't know how... So I got up and saw her sitting straight up and looking in a diagonal position at the ceiling with her right arm and hand also in a diagonal position above her body as if she was reaching. She had her eyes wide open and starring!! I said her name and she said ...what... Not even looking at me, then looked in the bathroom, back at the ceiling and then me. I went over to her asking what she was doing and she would not answer me. She then looked at me and back to the bathroom then the ceiling, laid her head to the side then went back to sleep. Freaked me out to no end!! Then my dog came into the game room and laid halfway behind a chair..I've never seen him do that. Now I've just heard very weird noises. Some clicking or tapping then like a door squeaking. I'm scared beyond belief and we need help. Could this be her father? He was a very abusive man and I'm afraid my family and I are in danger. HELP PLEASE!!!

Jan 20, 2012 2:51pm [ 70 ]

I have a 4 year old granddaughter. Who doesn't like sleeping in her bedroom. My daughter that Natalie came into their bedroom crying that she did'nt want to play hide go seek with the little girl. Another time she said she heard somebody knocking on her bedroom window...which is on second floor. Then one night Natalie woke her mom up and said their was a man in their bedroom with a gun . My daughter told her she was just having a bad dream. But Natalie started crying and told her mom that she wasn't a sleep when she saw the man. Then last week my daughter said her and her husband was a sleep and was awakened by the girls screaming they both jumped up scared went into the room and they both were crying and would say what was wrong. Natalie share's a bedroom with her 1 year old sister. I am scared for my granddaughter. please help

Jan 29, 2012 5:12pm [ 71 ]

Hi please could someone help me... my grandaughter (who is 3) has had a few terrifying nights lately and we dont know what to do.

She wakes up screaming shes terrified and saying someone is trying to take her, she screams saying shes trying to get my feet and shouting get her off me...all this while her legs seem to be being pulled but no one is there... also saying that there are spiders or flies everywhere and they are all on her mummys face. her mummy takes her out of the room and shes still hysterical and saying a woman id trying to grab her legs and stares into the room and noone is there. also my daughter woke up one night and the duvet had been put on my grandaughters bed....from in another room....she couldnt have done it herself it was a double size one and it wa all perfectly laid out an folded over at the top.

Thank you & Any help would be appreciated

Feb 3, 2012 10:22am [ 72 ]

I am 15 and I am shit scared of ghosts and that but my mum told me when I was younger I use to fear the little girl who lived under my stairs and it freaked my mum out I was five at the time and my mum told me to ask it questions like why it was here and things like that but it never answered. We moved house when I was eight and it stopped but then when I was fourteen we moved again and now it has started again. I will shadows passing on my wall and when I am downstairs I will hear foot steps and laughing of a child but only me and my mum live in that house. Also when I go for a shower it went off by its self but u have to push the button hard for it to go off. Only once I have seen the girl and she spoke to me she was about nine and had long blond wavy hair with a daisy chain on her head she had bright blue eyes. She said "get out!" I screamed and when I calmed down she was gone I looked in to my back garden and she was there I looked in her eyes and she walked of just disappeared and now I hear knocking and I'm not the only one my six year old niece sees it too and says a girl call Karen keeps telling her to leave and that's when my mum looked in to the history of the house and discovered that the people who lived there moved out after there daughter Karen got stabbed! WHAT DO I DO We can't afford to move again!!! HELP

Feb 10, 2012 5:31pm [ 73 ]

Hi, I am Mary and I actually around that age(sort of) I am under 18 let's put it that way:) but anyway I had a cat die a year ago and that night I had felt a cat curl up on my bed but the bed at that moment lacked cat and a little indent was on the bed where I felt it I was told I was crazy quite a bit and made fun of but I also had a experience relating to this article, last summer I was partying with some friends in their backyard and all of a sudden it felt as if we were being watched (there were four of us) so two of them left for the inside of the house my other buddy and I left shortly after because of the increasing feeling so we went up front and I felt something on my shoulder so my friend pulled my shirt over my shoulder and there was a big blue mark! Is it normal or am I going crazy

Feb 15, 2012 10:34pm [ 74 ]

My family recently moved and since we've been here the kids have been scared and complaining of noise. My son (age 4) is too scared to sleep in his room. Talks about shadows and cold. My daughter (age 2) constantly points to the corner of her room at bedtime and says "it's loud. it's loud." (while covering her ears.) Occasionally, she speaks of a boy.

The first week we were here my daughter drew blood from random falls (or things falling on her). 5 times out of the 7 days we were here. Sure my daughter is only two but she is very active and steady on her feet. Seeing her with a bloody nose is just not cool. My husband and I both witnessed a fall where it looked like she was being pulled forward. When she fell there was an added push or something which brought her up and hit her face on the DVD player. It was very odd since kids this age stumble and fall... they don't fall like adults do (where you are trying to catch your balance over a distance) and that is what it looked like. My husband actually called out to whatever it is and said "if you can't coexist - then GET OUT!" Strangely we didn't have any issues for weeks after that. Not one thing.

Now our biggest challenge is nighttime. My kids have always been great about going to bed and now it's a struggle since there is fear in their voice and complaints of it being loud or shadows in their room. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this??? We have smudged and told whatever it is to leave but that doesn't seem to be too effective.

Any help would be greatly appreciated....

Feb 17, 2012 10:55am [ 75 ]

Before I delivered my first daughter, my mother was staying with me to help with the delivery. Navy spouse, so hubby was deployed. Two days prior to my delivery, my mother was standing down stairs and she heard a little girls voice behind her say "Hello", and when she turned she saw a small child on the stair landing leading to the 2nd floor of the house, but she was gone with a blink. When she told me I rode it off, and did not think about it, but the morning of my delivery my mom and I were getting ready to go shopping and I heard a little girl say "Hello", but when I turned, nothing was there. I was a little freaked, but forgot about pretty much. About a month or two after my delivery small stuff started happening. The TV would turn on and off, a light would turn on, and I didn't think much about it. then another month or so went by and it got physical. My daughter would be laying on the floor facing the kitchen, and I would leave the room for like 15 - 20 seconds, and when I cam back in, she would be facing the complete opposite direction. this is as physical as it got. OK, so now we no longer live in that house in Hawaii, and not live on the East Coast. So this morning my daughter, no 2.5 years, and my 16 week 2nd daughter are getting ready to leave for daycare and work. I am packing up the car in my garage, but prior to that I turned off all the lights inside the house and put my dog in the kitchen. My youngest is in her car seat alseep, and my oldest is standing in the door frame leading out to the garage, when all of a sudden she scream at the top of her lungs, runs down the steps into the garage towards me yelling no, no, no. She is white as a shee, eyes as big as quarters, and can't breath. I hugged her to calm her down and asked what is wrong? she stated, the girl, the girl. She hurt me. she pulled my pony tail, the house fall down. Then out of no where my dog starts growling and barking, so i put my oldest into the car, shut the door, run into the house and grab the car seat with my baby in it. I did not see anything, but felt something, got goose bumps all over, dog still barking and growling. I get the kids in their seats and leave. all the way to school my oldest is saying she was scared, girl hurt her, house falling. Could this be the same girl I heard in Hawaii? Help.

Feb 18, 2012 5:50am [ 76 ]

hi i dnt know if anyone uses this website anymore but i am in desparate need of help i have always been able to seeghost but very few have spoke to me and none havescared me but now i am a mother of 3 and my middle child he wakes up in the middle of the night constantly screaminand i have never seen anything in our house but i get a very creepy feelin when i go into our computer room. i have tryed when i wake him up from his screaming n cryin episodes to ask why hes scaredbut get nothing and im really worried because he yells out at night that some one is mean and he had abad episode last night n my husband said when he went to wake him up from it on the couch it felt like something jumpd off the end of the couch and i asked him this morning what scared him n he said a monster i then askd him to discribe it n he told me its skin is rocks it has orange hands big ears and big blue eyes and is small like him hes about 3 ft. does anyone know anything discribed like that? and im lost wat todo please please help anyone!!!

Feb 20, 2012 3:37pm [ 77 ]

Korijune I can research it for u I am not one of the people on charge on here (I am 12) but if it helps I can look through mythology and other stuff if it will help

Feb 26, 2012 6:46am [ 78 ]

thanks mary any help would b nice

starrlena wiseman
Mar 15, 2012 1:58pm [ 79 ]

my 2 year old daughter keeps telling me she sees ghosts. at my grandmothers house she refuses to go into her living room because she said there is a ghost in there. shes been like this ever since she was a few months old. she was always scared of that living room, she used to scream and freak out every time i took her in there. but now she can talk & i can understand her she tells me there is an ugly ghost at nana's and she dont like it. i took her to the play ground the other day and she stopped in her tracks and ran over to me and told me she wanted to go home, i asked why and she said look mommy, look there. i did & i saw nothing,but she said there is a ghost & i wanna go home. so we went home & she was fine. today she has been telling me about a ghost at our house & she kept hiding her eyes in the arm of our couch. i asked her what was wrong and she said see the ghost mommy? all i could do is tell her it was ok its not gonna hurt her & hold her till she calmed down. but today was a lil odd because last night i had a dream and a of my best friend from my teenage years that had passed was in it and he was greeting everyone and he seemed a little down tellin me how he missed everyone. it just makes me wonder if he is actually around and my daughter saw him. i dont know how to help my baby girl. if anyone out there has any input on this, that would be a great help. i try to talk to other people about and they tell me shes just a kid and could be making things up. but i dont see her being so serious about something and making it up.

Mar 18, 2012 3:53pm [ 80 ]

I have. A 1month old granddaughter. She cries real. Bad all the time but only. When she is at home I think. That because she had a brother who past. Away. In 2009 I feel his present is messing with her. And we do have his ashes. In the bedroom and his pictures too what. Do I do to stop. Her. From. Screaming. And crying

Mar 22, 2012 10:34am [ 81 ]

I have little 2 year old girl. We moved into this apartment that is attached to a house. We moved in like 6 months ago. We the past month my daughter has been waking up screaming and pointing her figure at the side of the cornor of her room. (Lete me just say she is scared to go even close to the cornor even with me.) I came in her room last night and she was sitting up screaming with her eyes wide open, never seen her eyes do that before. And pointing at the cornor and crying and then she would move her finger to behind her on the wall and point, like she was following something with her finger. Sometimes she wakes up with scratches and then like 10 mins they disapeear. What is this??? ( Also, I was adopted by a family at age 6 years old, I was scared of my adopted father bc he did some horrbile things to me and he was a police officer. he died a year after everything went horrible.. Could this be him getting me back bc he got caught with what he was doing? Or what could this be?

Mar 24, 2012 10:44pm [ 82 ]

hi, my daughter is 3 months old and will be looking around the room then suddenly starts screaming, she calms down if we hold her close. something is scaring the heck out of my daughter, my mother in law the other night said she was hearing something then saw something walk past the door thought it was me then a few seconds later my daughter started screaming and she said the room was cold, we have holes around the frame of the window but its a different kind of cold. im able to feel it to, it didnt start happening till i went to my mothers the first incident happened there then after that its happened like 3 or 4 times. the day i came back my mother in laws boyfriend said he saw my daughter and i coming back but there was a girl that looked like my sister coming back with us, oh by the way my sister is alive and well.... please help.... p.s. we live in an apartment complex that is pretty new as far as i know....

Apr 3, 2012 12:47pm [ 83 ]

My best friend's son is cared of a "monster" this started happening late April of this same year 2012. After a sunny afternoon the tv downstairs like crashed and it turned off and on by itself as well as the lights in the room and kitchen they turned on by themselves. The t.v never worked again and he says the monster is in his closet and underneath the stairs. One entire wall is a mirror and my friend mentioned he would pint tho the bottom of the stairs as he would be crying hiding underneath the dinning table. I am wondering if it is a phase or is there really a demons/ spirit in this house/apt.??

Apr 7, 2012 7:05pm [ 84 ]

My little brother keeps having like panic attacks. He will be in the car perfectly fine and all of the sudden he's freaken out. Yelling Go away , no don't touch me I'm scared nd he keeps touching his chest nd he says he can't breath. Last night he woke up nd asked my sister if we had a basement in the house? He mentioned how the little people wanted to put him in there nd he felt trapped like he couldn't breath. Nd what's scary is that wen he has his panick attacks it appears like something's in front of him. He's eyes shift in terror nd he's crofting telling it to stop. Seconds later he's fine.

Apr 8, 2012 8:46am [ 85 ]

this all start about 8 yrs ago when I was dating now my husband. whatever it was sat on him one night, and it sat on me about aweek later, I lived in this house for 2yrs nothing never happed to me until he started moving in, although I would feel like I was being watched alot of the time but never no contact. I moved out 3 days later. As time went on we had our first daugther who was born on the same exact date & time one yr later. we went on with life as I started to see dark shadows run across an open window. I ignored it & went on with life we now have had our last 2 children we moved since then.Althought I notice things here with my childrens play rm door I close the door before we all go to bed I wake up & the door.is wide open or my childrens tv turns off by itself I will feel foot steps running behind me as if its my 4 yr old when I look back no one is there. pictures & sayings that represent our family always gets knocked down when we leave our home. somethings toys will go off in this room & loud banging nosies, once I get up walk towatds this room all nosies come to a complete stop. My 4 yr old sees dark shawdos entering my room alot. Our alarm goes off & its only set for.downstairs not the upstairs & went off while all of us were sleeping. It seems to be doing more & more activity. If there is anyone out there that can help my family & I. I dnt think its the house, cause this is our 6th home & it seems.it follows me & or my family.

Apr 18, 2012 1:22pm [ 86 ]

Well my 14 month old daughter don't sleep at night she wakes up crying in fear can this mean that there is something messing with her because I have a big closet and when my daughter goes pat it at night she starts screaming and when I walk past it I get a cold chill so does this mean I could have a ghost?

Apr 22, 2012 12:24am [ 87 ]

First my daughter started at around a year old she use to sleep with me and my boyfriend. She would wake up at like 3am jumping on me screaming no mommy no mommy very upset pointing at the corner of the wall. Well she got better as far as I know of when she started sleeping by herself of coarse she has always needed a tv on at all times of the night.. sometimes she has woke up crying but nothing at the same extreme.. Now my 2 and a half year old son woke up at like 2 or 3 am screaming like something was in his room.. I rushed to his room I turned on the hallway light and looked in at him he was screaming very upset and hitting at it telling it no go away no go away... I went in his room and before I turned on the light he was pointing in the corner of his room right above his bed.. I finally turned the light on and he points straight at the window he would not go back to sleep that night of coarse I put him in the bed with me and his dad and we both would wake up and look at him and his eyes would be wide open... Every sense that night I have not had to rush back in there but he wakes up crying.. please help me what do I do? Does he feel like he is in harm?? I also noticed he is angry allot he will walk up to me or anyone and hit them with a toy also bite or scratch and yell at them... Of coarse that might just behavior problem but do u think that may have anything to do with it??

Apr 26, 2012 8:23am [ 88 ]

i am 27 and since i was 14 i have seen,heard and felt things still do but its not so bad now as i ignore it, but since my daughter was a baby she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and when i was working night shift my mother would mention she would hear foot steps and like the sound of me coughing yet i wasnt even home and daughter was still in bed sleeping, she just turned 8 years, well this morning she was heading down the hall to use the bathroom and stopped her eyes got big and she said mom theres something in your room scaring me, i said well what does it look like and she said it has red eyes long hairy legs and its big, i asked her to draw a picture of it, it has several eyes and 6 arms i dont know what to think.

carlos barrera
Apr 26, 2012 11:54pm [ 89 ]

My little brother is 4 years old, and he was over at my house and says he saw a 'mans figure' in my room. The thing that got me freaked out the most is that I usually see a black figure in the same spot, but I never get to see it in detail. But my little brother was able to see the figure. He said that he was an all dark man. That he had no eyes, mouth nose, basically a blank face, but with ears. He said he has a black hat, a black shirt, dark brown pants, and grey shoes with red laces, and his skin was pitch black. He said that the figure was walking very slow with a limp as if his legs were broken. He said it was walking from my bed to my closet. And I usually see a black shadow figure going quickly from the outside of my bedroom into my other brother's room which is a couple of feet away from mine. ps. what do i do pleas email me

Apr 28, 2012 5:05am [ 90 ]

I have had paranormal experciences all my life so it really isnt suprising that my 5yr old son is having experiences as well,he sees shadows moving around,he says that they used to talk to him but he ignores them now, these occurances are making him very anxious and on edge.I really dont know what to do to make him feel better,any advice from anyone whos been through this with their child would be greatly appreciated!thank you!

Apr 29, 2012 4:27pm [ 91 ]

My friend's daughter was once helping them dig up their backyard for a garden they were planning on making and when the mother asked what they were doing (you know, just motherly curiosity, trying to get the child thinking) the little girl chirped "We're digging for the big snake!" The father had no idea what she was talking about, but just kind of shrugged it off. A few minutes later, the father pulled out a snake that was longer than both of his arms. When they asked their daughter how she knew, she just shrugged and said "They told me!"

That same girl also complained about the uncomfortable cold in her closet and how "they" wouldn't let her sleep at night; she said they always wanted to play with her even when she needed her sleep.

Apr 30, 2012 3:05pm [ 92 ]

I have a 2 week old daughter and she has just started having nightmares and waking up cryng. She blankly stares and nothing can snap her out of it. Her mobile has started to turn on by itself and her toys have been shaking. This is a huge concern to me. Her father and grandpa have a history of seeing the devil and slightly possesed by him. could this hurt her? Please help!

May 2, 2012 10:26pm [ 93 ]

Hi korijune i search the internet but couldnt. Find anything,sorry maybe it was the result of an accident or something, i am still here if you need help

May 3, 2012 9:08am [ 94 ]

I have an 8 yr old daughter that talks to people only she can see. She has done this for many years and I never really thought to much into it until resently when she became horrified of her room. She speaks of a women who gets in her face and scares her. She also speaks of a young blonde girl named elizabeth. She has begun speaking about seeing more and more people so I asked her where these people were from. I was thinking maybe researching these people to see if her imagination had run away with her. Her reply was that Elizabeth told her that these people come from all over in search of her. I know I have a daughter that seems to use words that are pretty advanced for her, but this doesn't seem to be something an 8yr old would come up with out of thin air.. Am I crazy? Could this really be happening to my girl?

May 9, 2012 8:11am [ 95 ]

I am about 12 years old right now. I have been having some weird experiences at my house. Or specifically my room. I do not know the history of my home and I do not know if anyone has died at my home. I would ask my neighbor but I doubt he would remember. It all started when I was about 5 years old. I had a best friend named Katie. We both loved to play and we both loved to act, sing, and dance. So, from what I can remeber, there was a show and tell contest at my Kindergarden. Or my school basically. I was getting ready to perform after her since it was her turn first. She sings a song and dances a bit then exits the stage. It was my turn and I just sing. (Please note that my memory is not very clear of what she performed so I took a guess.) It was then when I had to use the bathroom which is in the basement. I walk down and walk into the bathroom. It was then when I saw her laying on the floor. Hurt. I was panicked and ran away like any scared child would. I went home like nothing happened and held onto what I saw. Now over the years I would see a little girl in a green mist figure. I would always say,"Katie? Katie?" I would always get a reply,"Yes? Is that you?" And then she would disappear. She always does this. I try different tatics like 'How are you?' or 'What are you doing here?'. The answer would always be,"Yes? Is that you?" Or, "I'm scared Joana..I'm scared." It would be hard to understand her sometimes. I would always see the fright in her eyes or the sorrow. She would visit me sometimes, but it was always,"Yes? Is that you?" And she would disappear. Sometimes I would wake up with her sitting by the side of my bed, trying to brush the hair out of my face. Her touch would always be so cold everytime she tried. I was never scared. But I would sometimes be scared when I hear footsteps and she is a black shadow on the side of my view.

May 22, 2012 10:18pm [ 96 ]

My nephew says he has a invisible sister who's 2. His mom was pregnant about 2 years ago. Could this be the sibling that didn't go to term?

Jun 1, 2012 4:33am [ 97 ]

My one year old niece is almost a year and a half well my stories starts a few days back when I was watching her in the afternoon she was asleep I was in my room with the door open when I herd her laughing and pointing at a corner sealing then she stop and next incident is an hour ago I was asleep on my stomatch when all of a sunden i felt something over me and i couldnt scream move just nothing but then it stoped i was already frustrated because i couldnt find an answer to give my self when a few moments later my niece starts laughing like i never herd her befor shes also smiling kinda creepy and this is at 2:00 am i need an answer to get some rest

Jun 18, 2012 8:24pm [ 98 ]

I have a question that I could use some guidance on. My toddler son says he has friends he talks to in his room that were trapped in the wall and flying from the ceiling. He is 2.5 years old and remains consistent when speaking of them for the past week. He has shown me where they were on the wall and ceiling. He said he got them out of the wall and traces his fingers along the wall where his "friends" are. The house is about 50+ years old and it has had some odd "church" services held in it in the past but not in his room that I am aware of. I know that there is a lot of residual energy from the people who attended here as we found a large mass of 100's of rocks with their angst written upon them in our sideyard outside the room that the services were held. Like all their deepest grief and unhappiness. My husband and I respectfully removed them without reading them too much and laid the rocks to rest elsewhere in a beautiful pond. I know my passed away dad looks after me. My son says it is not his grandpa who are his friends but that he does see his grandpa some. Since moving in I had felt energy in his room but never was sure if it was well or unwell but it did make me nervous some. He says his friends want to stay and that they are very nice, super nice. Can I trust that whatever is with him in there is super nice or could it be possible that they are only portraying themselves that way? Please advise, any input would be greatly appreciated.

Hayden Davis
Jun 20, 2012 11:59am [ 99 ]

My nephew is 2 and a half and for the past two years I've helped my sister watch and take care of him. Today he's been telling me about this "bun" or "Bon" he wont go to sleep in his room to nap or sleep at night. My sister thought he was saying bugs but I have established he knows the difference between this Bon and bugs. I went into his room and he told me, "Bon doesn't like the light." so I tried playing with him in his room but he insisted we kept the lights on. I turned them off after a while, and asked if Bon was in the room and he nodded. How do I determine if this is a haunting or an imaginary friend. He is scared of what he is seeing, and he tells me Bon is in his room.. I love my nephew more than anything. Any advise would help.

Jun 20, 2012 2:47pm [ 100 ]

My daughter is almost 3, a few months after she was born we moved to her fathers mom's house in NC, at first everything was normal then we bagan to notice small things happening(items moved, unexplained shadows, sounds, etc) and at the time we thought we we're all just stressed and tired from having a newborn in the home. We lived on a dead end street with a small graveyard at the very end. My younger sister-in-law, and I would put my daughter in her stroller and take walks down our road. We went to the cemetary and it was trashed from storms so we fixed the fallen flowers from the graves and gleaned them up..well after that the things we didn't seem to notice often got more noticable. I would hear voices and laughter while I was in the shower and beating on the door as if someone wanted in. It got to the point I wouldn't go to the bathroom alone. One night I laid my daughter down to sleep in her bed and went to do dishes, when I went back to check on her she wasn't there. She was in MY bed surrounded by what seemed like someone was laying with her but no one was there. My daughter wasn't walking yet at the time, she couldn't even crawl yet somehow she could get out of her crib or play pen as I was cleaning and go across the house to the living room and play with her toys without me even seeing her move from her bed. I left her father and took her with me back to my mothers home in texas right before her 1st birthday. for the first few weeks nothing happened...then it was worse than ever. things would fly across the room. If we left the house and came back it looked as if someone broke in and trashed the place..My daughter and I were terrified..but one day it all just stopped...Can someone please tell me why it stopped so suddenly? and also why it was following us from place to place and if it will return again? please help me to understand..

Jul 1, 2012 4:15am [ 101 ]

Hi, my moms friend's 3 year old son has been waking up during the night crying saying that the witch in the corner of the room is shouting at him + he is pointing. Personally I think it's just his imagination, as his older sister (5) has never experienced anything or said to experience anything before. But then again this has been happening frequently. What should we do? Is it something we should worry about or not...

Jul 2, 2012 3:46pm [ 102 ]

Hi my name is liz and recently my sister has been seeing a lady in white she isnt a child anymore she is around 19 years old and she sees her a lot I only see her at night but my sister sees her in the morning and night we have noticed she goes from our room to the restroom and at time in the night we here things move scratching and bangs what do we do o-o?

Dulce Rodriguez
Jul 8, 2012 2:31pm [ 103 ]

my five year old cousin has been waking up in the middle of the night crying and when her parents go up to her she pushes them away. her mom says she doesnt recognize them for a while, also, when her brother watches movies that aren't too scary my little cousin tells her mom they're scary and she gets scared easily . my aunt and my mom are worried, what should we do? when my mom asks her what she sees my cousin says nothing that she doesnt remember what she saw, and she changes the subject. please help us.

Jul 14, 2012 12:30pm [ 104 ]

My friend thinks her house is haunted. I one time she said her 4 yr old son woke up from a nap pointing at the ceiling screaming dont get me. Once they thought they heard voices talking to each other. Recently they thought they smelled gas by their stairs leading to upstairs but nowhere else.so they asked neighbor to come see if they smelled it. When she said she could they called fire department. The fire department came and checked it out. They said they got no reading or found any signs of agas leak. Also they didn't smell it. When the person went back into house with the kids and neighbor they could not smell anymore. What do you think? Ghost or imagination

Jul 20, 2012 6:10pm [ 105 ]

HELP!!! I'm 11 and almost everyday I wake up, I see this huge black shadow. It's like 13 feet high, it has bright piercing eyes, and walks around like its drunk or something. Its not in my house, its in the factory across my house and it stares at me from one place...the top of the building! No one seems to see him (it) and they think I'm just crazy or kidding around. HELP I'm freaked.

Jul 24, 2012 5:22pm [ 106 ]

I am really concerned for my friend and her family. Awhile back my friend was in a bad situation and had to go to a shelter, there her daughter who is about to turn 5 kept saying she don't like this place and seemed really scared and said that there is something hiding under the bed that's black and has yellow eyes. When they looked there was nothing there. Well now she has her own place living there for about a month, everything seemed normal. Then weird stuff was happening like things would be misplaced, the lights wouldn't work and her daughter would not sleep in her bed. She also has a 7 month old that wasn't acting like herself. Her boyfriend and her started fighting all the time and he got really angry and was having really bad thoughts and dreams. She recently moved out because of all the fighting. The night after her boyfriend was watching a movie by himself and he smelled smoke and the air conditioner almost caught on fire, after unplugging it he was watching a movie and one of his movies hit him in the back of the head and he heard someone with a deep voice almost whispering in his ear. He freaked out so he had his house cleansed and once they got to the kids room the smoke kind of exploded. She said it was strongest in the kids room, underneath of the baby's pack and play there was a presence and she said it was evil. She cleansed the house for a couple of hours, now he can sleep good and is calmer and the house feels at ease. Now i'm worried about my friends daughter. Could it have followed them or is it truly gone? My friend also informed me that when she moved in the yard was surrounded by white gemstones and on a shelf in the house was a black stone and the guy that lived there before was pagan.

Jul 26, 2012 9:57pm [ 107 ]

Every now and then I would see something quickly out of the corner of my eye in a particular spot in my house (the hallway between my 2 children's bedrooms), I never told anyone and then one day my sister was at my house and said "oh my god I just seen someone in your house, just really quickly". When I asked her where, it was the exact spot I often see it. My 2.5yr old daughter always tells me there is "a man" in her room. Last week she told me that the man grabbed her by her pyjama's and she didn't want to go to bed because the man stands beside her bed and says "ssshhh". I put this down to her 2yr old imagination. Well last night my sister was staying over (thankfully because now I have proof that I'm not insane!) and as we were getting ready for bed my 11month old son started crying, as I got up to go into his room I froze, so did my sister...we both heard it, so clear and so loud over my babies crying, someone was saying "ssshhh" over and over, probably 6-7 times. I checked my daughter, it wasn't her she was sleeping and there was no one else in the house. What should I do?

andrei howles
Jul 31, 2012 1:48pm [ 108 ]

my wifes baby niece was crying the other night she is 2 years old and it was the first time ever we have withnesed this she woke up in her room screaming and pointing saying come get it no i dont want to it im not allowed it i dont want and i think she said i dont want to play just screaming her eyes out we filmed her doing this she did this twich in the same night during about 2 hours of it happening twich she has never done anything like this before here at my house or parents house what dos this mean whats going on my house has been built here for around 200 to 300 years i have a dog and the last night i was on the sofa and i heard like a dog jumping up at the back of me a turned roung and nothin was there but the dog was alseep at the other side of the room i realy felt sumthing there aswell whats happening

Aug 10, 2012 2:30pm [ 109 ]

My daughter is 18 months old and almost every night, she wakes up between 1-3am freaking out. A few nights ago she was rushing to her door trying to get it open when I opened it to get her and she was looking back towards her bed like she was looking at something that she was trying to get away from. When I went to put her in bed the following night, there was mud on her sheets and on the foot board of her bed. It was like she had went outside and played in the mud and then got back in bed, which I know she didn't do because she can't get the front door unlocked, she's too short and it's hard to lock/unlock, and she can't get down the stairs without some help. This isn't the first time that this kind of stuff has happened, it happened at the last house that we lived in, but this is the first time that I have found mud in her bed.

Aug 13, 2012 1:03am [ 110 ]

Me and my 19 year old daughter are a little freaked out. We were both in another room and her 7 month old daughter was asleep in bed. I thought I heard a noise and went to the doorway of her bedroom and noticed the mattress moving as if someone was getting out of the bed. I could not move and my daughter asked me what is it, what is wrong. I thought I am imagining this, there is no possible way that I am seeing what I am. My mind kept trying to think of any possibilities of why I was seeing this. I even thought well, I don't take any kind of medications or drugs or anything so what is going on? My daughter came to the doorway and she froze as well for a moment and then ran to pick up the baby. I asked her what she saw and she said the mattress looked as if someone was getting out of the bed, but it was happening so slow. I tried to explain it away that the dog was in the bed and got out of there before we saw her jump down. My dog sheds a lot so I checked the bed....no hair. I layed down in the bed, but her mattress is very firm so it did not do what we saw it do when I got up, no indention at all. We have both felt for a long time as if we are being watched but I don't feel anything negative. We are very freaked out with it being so extremely close to the baby. Any suggestions on what this could possibly be????

Aug 20, 2012 5:26pm [ 111 ]

My daughter will be 10 on Wednesday. In the last 4 years living in our country home, she has had the most experiences with the unexplained. When she was 6, she saw "hat man" in her bedroom doorway several different nights. She also saw an all white apparition appear in the middle of her room at night. The figure screamed out but it was a quiet scream. Then the figure was pulled back & disappeared. After several nights of her telling me about the black shadow man with the hat, I told her just to boldly tell him to go away. She did & she hasn't seen him again. Also, I found out after all this that she sees auras. We did eye exams & she is completely fine...doesn't even need glasses. When my 6 yr old daughter was 3/4, she would wake up scared & tell me she saw a dress. She would point at the corner of her room. She could barely talk at that time. This happened a few nights. To this day, we still hear footsteps in the hall & other noises when we're all in bed. Things seem very harmless in the house. I saw a ghost when I was 9 & I still get the creepy feelings from time to time so I'm scared too but I don't show it to my kids. I just deal with it & I'm trying to help them deal with it too. It's hard though because it seems like when we talk about it, it makes them more scared & they don't want to go to their own beds. My advice as a parent: Don't allow your kids to watch scary things! I loved scary movies when I was a kid & I believe it has made me think about scary things more. When your child tells you something, listen & take THAT opportunity to talk to them about it. Don't bring it up more than that. Let them be the ones to start talking. They'll confide in you knowing you'll comfort them instead of upset them out of the blue when they aren't thinking about that traumatizing thing. Trust/believe your child but don't encourage. I've seen this & I don't think it's a good idea. We don't know what spirits really are. They could be a trick of something evil. I would never act like it's a good thing. I wouldn't have my children interacting with it other than to say "Go away. I don't want you here. This is my house." My girls pray for protection every night & that makes them feel safer.

Aug 23, 2012 9:53am [ 112 ]

My son is 3 years old i was using the bathroom the night before last my son came in the bathroom and said mama theres a ghost in there named alice. omg i freaked out we went in the bedroom and i sat down with him and asked him where she was he said in the kitchen. I asked him if he talked to her and he said no i asked him well how do u know her name he said mama i already told you her name is alice. Before this I would always get a really weird vibe in my kitchen while cooking or cleaning their were days i ran out of the kitchen because i would get a weird vibe of being watched and turn around and nobodys there. I took all 3 of my kids from our apt that night and we wnt to my dads i asked my baby more questions like what did she look like my son whispered in my ear "a monster" it really scared me i mean my son whispered in my ear as if she could hear him. I asked him if she was his friend he told me no i asked him if she was pretty and he said no i asked him these questions after we left that apt. it has been 2 nights and i am still afraid to take my kids as well as myself back to that apartment. my sons dad said he seen spirits all through his life and I would like to know how i can help my child to the point of not communicating with whatever it is he is seeing it scares me and it cant be healthy for him.

Aug 27, 2012 1:00pm [ 113 ]

I am in need of advice. I need to know if my poor baby is being tormented. My son is 2.5 he will be 3 in Dec. We moved into our town home last year, I felt weird the first 2 weeks in the house, maybe since it was new to me and we were officially out of my husband's parents. Well fast forward to February of 2011 my son is with his parents hubby and I are in our bed my sons toy kept going off (husband turned it off he thought bad battery ) I freak move it down stairs (the button switch is turned on) it goes off again. Just me and my other child a newborn baby. My son has always been good with going to bed the other day during nap time he cried and begged me to let him out (not like him) he came downstairs mapped on couch with me. Bed time rolls around he cries and screams I bring him to bed with myself husband and our infant. Nap time today he cried and screamed I pat him to sleep, set up the video monitor and left the door open. So far he's asleep and SO FAR haven't noticed anything weird monitoring his Ned not the back side of his room tho. Could it be that he's sick and he was just at the hospital because he busted his forehead open could it be he's off schedule because of it. ? He's been sick before tho and has slept fine! Please help me! Idk to think if something is now tormenting him.

Aug 31, 2012 12:35am [ 114 ]

I have 2 year old twins and 2 weeks after their birthday their father who was a police officer took his own life. The morning he had took his life my little girl twin stood straight up in her bed with her eyes wide open screaming uncontrollably for about 3 minutes, it felt like forever and then all of sudden she laid down and went right back to sleep. The next day during therapy both of the twins were very sad, this was completely out of character for them, even I felt something very bad had happened and mentioned it to the therapist when she commented on their behavior being very out of characteristic. It wasn't until 6 that night that we found out what had happened. The next night while staying with a friend my boy twin woke up at the exact same time as his sister had the night before pale white, sweating, and his heart was racing and he was screaming he was trembling so much you knew he was completely scared, both my friend and I told his Dad to go away that he was scaring his son, My son quieted down and went back to sleep. A few weeks later we had more information about his time of death and oddly it was at the exact moment his little girl had woke up screaming. Over the next few months strange things happened around the house scaring my older children and sometimes scaring friends that were stopping to check on me. Needless to say they would leave shortly after. We ended up loosing our home and first the first time in my life we were renting a house. Then the strange things really began happening. My little girl was looking in a mirror I hadn't hung up on the wall yet, giggling and smiling and pointing to the corner of it which was the second floor of the home on the stairwell, she would turn to look and with a puzzled look, turn and look back at the mirror, she said Daddy, Daddy and smiled and giggled, the older children, their friends and I became frightened and just about then her twin brother came running from another room playing and stopped dead in his track and said Daddy, Daddy. And then, just like that it was over, as if nothing had happened both twins began playing and he was gone. Everyone, else had left for a walk once again completely scared. The twins are only 1 1/2 I just couldn't believe it. There were several more incidents and then 9 months later we moved it's now just over a year that their father has passed, their language skills have improved and they are now 2 and the boy twin has slowed talking about him, but the girl twin continually talks to him and now it is almost 2 years since his death and the twins are nearing their 3rd birthday. I don't have any pictures up of him in the house and other than telling the twins they are handsome like their Dad, I have never discussed him with them. At the beginning of the summer we were out in the pool when all of a sudden the girl twin looked up in the sky and said, Daddy's working he flys hes helping doctors, completely stunned how could she know this?? His second job he was a base manager for an air medical company and was a medic and flew helping people. I cried in private that night, these stories went on for about two months. Then we had to go to SS to deal with some benefit stuff and as we sat in a open cubicle and people to the right of us, my girl twin looked up and said Daddy's coming, everyone stared knowing that he was deceased and that was why we were there. Then 5 minutes later she stopped playing and got all exciting giggling and pointing and said Daddy's here, he's right there...the man looked at me stunned the women next to me began to tear up, all I could say is she sees her Daddy and talks about him when she sees him. A few weeks ago it was his birthday, and during her therapy session she blurted out, today's my daddys birthday, my mouth dropped and the therapist said No honey it's not your daddy's birthday, she again told her it was and I told the therapist she was correct, I still don't know how she could have known that, so the therapist told her OK lets sing happy birthday to him, and that we did. A week after that while we were out in the pool, she told me her daddy was sick and the doctors were trying to help him and that it was dark and he was sleeping. I asked her a couple of days ago if her daddy was working and she said, no he's sleeping and its dark, the doctors are helping daddy...The house has quieted and she isn't talking about him anymore. A few days ago I got my computer set up and found some pictures of him sailing a boat on one of our vacations and she was walking by and she stopped and said that's daddy, she was right....I have no pictures anywhere up of him, never have and still she knew. I'm convinced she would talk to her Dad, giggle and smile at him, she never engaged in conversation with him, only pointing, giggling and quiet play like peek a boo. When he was there you knew and when he wasn't you knew it, you could ask her if Daddy was there and she'd ignore you as if she didn't hear you or say NO! But, when he was there she'd let you know and he'd only be there for short amount of times. I'm not sure if I want her to loose this or not, I'm not sure if her saying he's sleeping means he's gone now, but the boy twin did tell me daddy fell on the rocks...I can't bring myself to ask his mom if she finally spread his ashes out to sea or not, it only makes sense.

Aug 31, 2012 12:39am [ 115 ]

Let me correct this, they had just turned 1 two weeks prior to his death. In a 2 months it will be 2 years since his passing and the twins will be 3.

Sep 6, 2012 9:05am [ 116 ]

What if when I told my son to ask the ghost it's history he asked and said I was not worthy of the answer of that question and when I told him to tell"man" as he calls him to leave....and he did.......but he said that "man said that he does not have to leave and I can't make him and that he is many and I am only one. My son is five any advice out response would be appreciated. There is alot more to this than what I posted.

Sep 6, 2012 1:39pm [ 117 ]

Hello, I am writing because I have a concern about my two year old son and I am looking for some answers. He has never been scared in the past and now he seems to be scared almost every night. He pulls covers over his head and tells me to cover my head as well, and if I don't then he gets very upset with me. Me and my husband have recently been feeling an unusual prescence in the house...and wierd shadows. We have had the door open halfway by itself and I have felt someone touch my hair...also my dog acts strangely in the room where we usually feel the presence. If my son hears a noise at night he feels frieghtened and always asks me "what was that?" At night he also points to things and says "its right there." During the day he is fine and even sleeps in his own bed alone in the room without hesitation....Do you think that a spirit is bothering him....wants to frieghten him or wants to look out for him?

Brenn Luna
Sep 8, 2012 4:02pm [ 118 ]

I hope someone can answer me with a concern i have. My 14 month old is a very courageous little boy, but there's one thing that sort of stops him and changes his behavior, nothing horrible but he mellows down, and changes the mood in the house whenever he sees a picture my mom has of her deceased father, who i never met nor did my son. My mothers father and her were very close just how out of all 8 grandchildren my son and my mom have the greater bond with one another. . I usually just from the distant my little stands at starring at the picture point and tell him its his great grandpa. He usually smiles, talks and waves at him when i tell him that. But should i be more concerned, or is it a good thing? Bit confused by it.

Sep 9, 2012 8:56am [ 119 ]

Hello...i have another story this time...not so much disturbances but awesomeness... Ok so for those of you who know who george harrison is (beatles,traveling wilburys, etc...) well my friend had him as an imaginary friend, except she could see him, and by age three she had memorized all of his songs, so she still knows him still basically (she is 14 now) and when i was getting screwed up about heaven and such and i smelled ciggarette smoke in my room and none of our neighbors smoke espically at 12:30 am and i told her and she said she had asked him to tell me that heaven was real in someway...and also my friend emily said someone was played guitar to her in the early morning...and the strangest occurances was that i was just talkting to gerge (no response) and i asked him to have her and her abusive boyfriend to breakup the next morning emily had sent me an email saying that she and her boyfriend brokeup...and emily had a extrodinarily weird thing happen to her she was in bed and all of a sudden a gold colored hawk came out if her ceiling and brush her arm before dissapearing into thin air, she told me in the morning...(we have a lot of weird stuff happen to us) ahe has also seen john lennon (awesome right?) and told him to come to me cos i love him and emily lives two doors over so she rold me that she had asked him to come to me i had an urge to look up and saw the midsection of a man cross its arms and dissapear i also have had when im getting ready for bed a small mist appear next to me in mirror and swirl out of the room...we of course had to use my ouija board after this and the night before i had left some crackers out on my nightstand for george (im crazy) and they were still there in morning so when we used the ouija board i asked if george was hungry the night before and we got a solid "no" and weve talked to john a little too...next we plan on trying to talk to linda...(paul mccartneys first wife) so yea we are the three crazy beatlemaniacs xD (sandy,emily, and myself)

Sep 19, 2012 6:41pm [ 120 ]

Im 16 years old and last night my mom came down stairs around 3:40am and told me she saw a girl crying in our front yard by a tree. She thought it was me because we had the same color hair and same size. My step dad said she was on her hands and knees at first then sat up. My mom came down stairs to get me and we came up to look and she was gone. does this mean any thing?

Oct 18, 2012 12:46pm [ 121 ]

I have a 4 year old daughter that says she sees angels. We live in my husband's homeplace. His father passed away when he was 12 years old. His father was doing an addition to the house when he passed away. My daughter has been talking to an angel in the new addition for several months now. I asked her who she was talking to and she replies my angel mom. For the past month, she is very scared to sleep in her bedroom. She will play up in her room with her 2 year old brother. When it comes to nap or bedtime. She will start screaming and saying that something is in her room. I asked her to tell me about it. She is trying to describe somebody. Also, while she was in my womb, my grandmother passed away. I was very close to her and had a great connection with her. My daughter will visit her in the cemetary with me. She talks about how she is her angel as well as she never met her while she was alive. I don't want the spirits to leave the house as they are good spirits. I believe they are our gaurdian angels watching over our family. I would like to let them know that my daughter does see them but is frieghtened by this. What should I do? I prayed and talked to them myself but have never seen them. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are not sleeping.

mark williams
Oct 21, 2012 7:54pm [ 122 ]

Hello my name is mark williams ,i am a ghost hunter for floyd county kentucky .i HAVE been a ghost hunter for 20 years now .i now just about every thing there is to know about the sprits and darkness .i all so have some story,s of my own to tell .WITH that being said that is why i am a ghost hunter today ,,,,,i love what i do and i thank it is great that we can talk to the other side . thank you for finding the time to read just a little of what i had to say .Mark williams /ghost hunter of floyd county /williams.marl37@yahoo.com

Nov 17, 2012 11:32pm [ 123 ]

We resided in Helemano reservation. One night our daughters 4yrs and 2yrs old at the time, interrupted our lanai group conversation and asked me if they could go to bed. My 4yrs old daughter asked," Mommy can we go to bed, our friends are up there, we want to play with them." At this point they were not in school or have I heard of them making any friends already esp. friends their age in our house. I asked her who these friends were. "They are little kids, they play with us, they read us stories and put us to sleep after." Chills ran down my spine and I asked," What do these kids look like?" My daughter responded," Oh just like us, little." From then on I made sure I checked their bedroom every hour after I put them to bed myself. A few weeks later, I heard who I thought was my daughter playing with the hallway bathroom sink. The water was running and then shut off, as if she was playing in it. I sprang from my bed and as my eyes adjusted, I saw who I thought was my daughter run away from me giggling with shrugged shoulders. She had short, sandy, curly hair. No more than 2 or 3yrs old, wearing what looked like her daddy's Large white T-shirt to bed. Saw the back of her and her little calves, heels as she ran off like a little rascal who just did something naughty. I felt it wasn't my daughter but I yelled out," Maribel, why are you playing with the water?" I stepped in the bathroom and the sink was dry. I quickly ran to the room, there both my girls were fast asleep, snoring. Maribel had her undies and PowerPuff Girl's night shirt. I then adjusted to the fact, my daughter's hair is long. I felt a strange sensation from then on, we weren't alone in the house. My husband hates it when I speak of such things he calls me crazy, so in order to confirm I wasn't alone in this, I asked him," Hey Memo, did you hear Maribel playing in the sink?" He responded," Yeah, what is she still doing up?" I then proceeded," So you heard her running too ya?" He responded," Yes, why is she up?" I then looked at him solemnly and said," Memo, that wasn't Maribel." He frowned and I could see in his eyes a look of fear, he turned around and laid his head back on the pillow and said," Oh...shut up, go to sleep." I knew then, I wasn't crazy and that we had unwelcomed visitors. It wasn't until my sister visited us and she didn't know about our story that further convinced me more than ever. She walked in the door, looked up my stairs and turned to me and said," Anna, who is that little girl in your house?" I don't think ghosts like my sister, she has a strong aura, almost dark. I feel safe with her. That night I slept so good. The next day, she told me,"I don't think she likes me, she pulled my leg once or twice and I got up and cursed her out." From that day on, we didnt' see or hear of ghost children in our home again. That sister of mine, oh boy. This is a very true and as detailed story as I can give. I thought I'd share my experience in Helemano Res. on OAHU island. (2002) I wonder if there are any histories of a little girl who died there or children who died in that area of Helemano Res. Sometimes I wonder if they were there to protect or were just lost. I would hear voices late at night once in a great while, for instance I heard someone say," Get up!QUICK QUICK!" I shot up out of bed looked around the hall, the girls' room and just as I was walking away I saw my brother left a candle burning and his picture he drew, pinned to the wall fell on the candle. Anyway, I don't know much about spirits, only what I was taught, but one thing is for sure, we are NOT alone.

Feb 23, 2013 1:01pm [ 124 ]

Hello to everyone, I am very concerned of my 2 yr old granddaughter, my son and his wife and my 2 year old granddaughter have lived with us for 3 years saving to get there own home. We love our granddaughter very much and she does too. She spends a lot of time with us and like to play hide n seeek and adores her grandfather. But, lt has been a few months that my daughter in law tells us that there is someone at our home like a ghost or something, because during the day they stay by themselves as we all work. My granddaughter tells my daughter in law that her grandfather is home because she sees him in our room and runs to the room but, there is no one. As he is still at work. Than she says where is he? And is looking for him. Than jus suddenly she is scared to move and calls upon her mommy and she has to go get her. Why is she seeing her grandfather when he is alive? Is she sensing something is going to happen to my husband? I am very worried that she is seeing his spirit as if he is already deceased. Or is it just any other ghost, but she does say it is her grandfather. Please I need an answer, worried about my husband since he is not very well and takes many pain meds during the day for pain. Thank you Elsa

Apr 12, 2013 11:03am [ 125 ]

Long story shortened. My daughter was a horrible baby, never sleeping thru the night. At 2 we had to gate her in her room because she would wander the house. One night when she was about 2 1/2 she woke me up from her room. I was so tired I just begged her why won't you go to sleep. She told me because the lady kept bothering her. I was so scared and never spoke of it again. We since moved and the day we did she finally slept through the night. She is now 11. Kidding with her one day I tried to tell her the story before I ended she yelled and stopped me saying don't talk about it that the lady was still here. I tried to assure her that when we moved that things changed but she told me that it was ok for a while but the lady found her again like after a year. She talked about the lady at her window but I told her the old house was 2 story there was no way. She said she didn't know how but she did. She has always kept her curtains duck taped shut but I never really knew why. When she was younger she used to scratch in her sleep so I would put gloves on her before bed. she is now doing it again. Deep horrible scratches down her chest and stomach. I am so scared I feel as if I have brought it all up my talking about it. I don't know what to do!!

simon black
Apr 18, 2013 3:19pm [ 126 ]

um im not going to say my name just my age im 13 right now and this happened to me when i was 10 my mum and me just moved into a old house out of the middle of nowhere with a big barn and i slept in the basement but i started to have the worst nightmares of beings with no faces dragging me out to the barn and then a man with a shotgun shooting them then i would wake up and this went on for sevral months then i started to see them in my sleep well i argued with my mom to leave but she said we didnt have the money to so i started to sleep in the barn where the hay use to be but then i woke up one night and saw a shadow of a little girl and she was pointing at me all of a sudden something grabbed my legs and dragged me down to the hay lofts and it stopped when my mom came to check on me because i was screaming my head off after this my mom took me to a doctor and he said i was fine but strange things kept happening to me then and this is the hardest to beleve but i woke up screaming and the words look under the barn had been cut into my chest my mum took me to the hospital but they couldent help but back then i had a bad heart condition and they said that i probaly did it to myself and i dont rember well that night at the hospital i saw the girl i got out of the hospital and walked the 2 miles home then i grabbed a shovel and i worked through all the pain and dug out the floor of the barn then what i saw made me sick there was a little girls body her head gone and 2 5 year old boys choped up i could tell by ther skulls then i heard a shotgun loading and i turned around and saw a man and i heard the words leave over and over finally i found where the man lived and studied up on him he was famous for murdering local kids but never got caught and the bodys never found until four years later execpt for one family a girl and 2 twin boys i burnt the mans house dow nthen i took the bodys out trying not to puke and buried them in the local symmetry next ot their parents grave i never heard anything but when my mom got home she saw everything i had words caarved in me like i was a wall i was covered in dirt and ash from the fire and my hands were bleeding from digging that big hole we moved 2 months later but before we did the house caught on fire but the spirits were gone i set the fire so no one can see that evils mans ghost i knew what he wanted he wanted to kill me after the house was rebuilt no one had any disturbances but only me and a couple of friends and other pepole with encounters beleive me

Feb 27, 2014 2:12am [ 127 ]

My best friend is super sensitive to the paranormal. She has encountered many strange things when my sister is around. We started talking about it and she flat out told me that my sister has a demon falling her. At first I didnt really believe it but then I talked to my mom and things started coming together. I played the ouija board (have for years and have a specific entity that I speak to) and we asked about my sister. It said that a demon has been with her since she was 1. I then spoke to my mom who said she always had a creepy feeling in my sisters bedroom when she was a baby. Also, my sister was known to be a terror all her life. She currently still at the age of 26 still has crazy mood swings, she blacks out from anger and doesn't remember what she said or did, every place she moves to strange things happen and shadows are seen. My main concern is her two little children, mental problems do run in the family but there are too many things connecting to a possibility that she is being possessed by something dark.

Jun 24, 2014 12:42am [ 128 ]

My daughter is 4 and sometimes she will scream and cry all night and when I asked her if something is wrong she will say that he is pulling my covers off and I'll ask her who and she says she doesn't know and other times when she cries and scream I'll asleep her what the matter and she will say she doesn't know and I'll say well what was together dreaming about and she will say Nothing so I was beginning to wonder if something or someone was messing with her or if she was just having bad dreams what can I do to find out cause it's starting to scare me I also have another daughter who is 3 and a son who is 1 and none of them do it besides her??

Sep 1, 2014 11:45am [ 129 ]

Well this odd but here goes. We have a great now 2 y/o son. When he was 6 months, we moved into a 2 bdrm apt from a one bedroom. At the end of Jan. 2013, I was in bed, around 2/3am, we kept our bedroom door opened at night so we could hear if our son stirred in the night. His bedroom doors are french type doors with glass panels no blinds or curtains, except for his bedroom window..

I was awakened by nothing really, I had just woke up. I was laying on my side kinda staring out of our bedroom door waiting to fall back to sleep when I noticed a light turn off somewhere in the living room. I didn't notice the light was on until it shut off. The wall in the living room, across from my sons bedroom lit up then went dark again. I laid there for a second until it registered that we have no windows facing any form of traffic so it wasn't headlights.

My next thought was maybe there is an intruder!! I woke up my other half and said that I just saw a light come on in the living room. We got up to investigate and found that the light that came on and went off was in our sons room. He was asleep as we crept around quietly trying to solve the light mystery. My other half stayed in his room and I laid back down to see if we could simulate the light phenomena that I had seen. It WAS a light that was in his room that did the effect I witnessed. He wasn't yet discovering the joys of light switches and he couldn't reach it even if he did, so we never found out why his light would come on like that.

A few days later, he was put down for an afternoon nap. He usually goes to sleep after a few minutes of fussing. Well I was in the bathroom during his fussy moments, we have an adjoining bathroom that has two doors, one from the master room and one for his room, I was heeding natures call when he decided to REALLY fuss. I try to keep quiet for about 5 minutes and he usually settles down, sucks his thumb and naps away. During his increase in fussiness, I distinctly heard, with out a doubt, someone in his room "shhhhh-ing" him. 3 shhhh-es in succession. The sound someone makes while comforting a crying baby and lightly bouncing the baby up and down. That kind of sound. He actually went quiet!!! I cut off "natures call" and immediately went to his bathroom door and cautiously opened it, because I KNEW for a fact someone was in his room. Nothing!! Just him looking at me through his crib rails...

I decided to let him take his nap on me that day. We have since bought a baby video monitor for when he sleeps but haven't caught any other occurrences since then. An interesting side note to this story, I decided to check on my family members a few days after the incident, for no reason really. Still, to this day I do not know why I decided to look them up via Facebook and internet... I have not contacted any of them for a few years because of family dispute reasons. They all live half way across the country, but I discovered my mother had passed away at the end of Jan. 2013, a few days before these events.... Could that have any relevance? Maybe.

Leonard Wilson
Jan 10, 2016 2:05am [ 130 ]

My 7yr old Daughter is being haunted and threatened by a convicted murderer named Brandon Wilson he stabbed to death a child in an Oceanside restroom while the child's family member waited outside he was sentenced to death on the same day of my daughter and twin sisters birthday he has threatened to take her soul . My wife and I are at a loss in what we can do to remove him from are home, I think that he may have some strength because at Christmas are tree was slammed to the ground with great force and my daughter and I constantly get goose bumps and the chill's. We are not in a position to pay for the help we need , and I'm really hoping and praying that you or someone else out there can help us before he tears are family apart with his malicious influence

Beth R.
Nov 24, 2016 7:31pm [ 131 ]

Every house we have lived in my daughter's bedroom is always cold. My mom passed away before she was born. Could she be my daughter's guardian angel ?

Nov 25, 2016 3:16pm [ 132 ]

My grand daughter says a monster lives in a house when her mother is driving her down a certain road in the country. The house she points to is a nice house on a corner. She has done this several times so my daughter-in-law and I want to know why she would point to this house repeatedly and say this. She is only 2 1/2 years old and has never been to that house nor has anyone talked to her about it, etc. Please advise. Thank you!


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