Haunted Cemeteries

There are a lot of haunted cemeteries out there, virtually all towns and cities have at least one. Sightings of spectral images, lights, sounds, and eerie goings on are common place.

Have you ever known a cemetery that wasn't part of local legend? The very nature of the cemetery almost insists on it.

As an offering to kindred spirits, here is a list of cemeteries across the United States which are reported to be both haunted and accessible. Note: At the time of this writing, these were reported as accessible. If you see a no trespassing sign, please be respectful and leave immediately.

The local stories are sometimes shocking, sometimes poignant; truly worth a weekend car trip to the nearest one.

El Campo Santo Cemetery - San Diego, California: An old man has been seen climbing in and out of his grave. Artifacts such as pieces of crumbling gravestone have been taken by tourists and visitors, only to be returned by the horrified vandals after tragedy struck soon after they left the cemetery.

Union Cemetery - Easton, Connecticut: Haunted by the ghost of a woman known only as the "White Lady." While legends of "Ladies in White" are quite commonplace among graveyard enthusiasts, this one is notable because paranormal researchers investigating the haunted spot have become so unnerved that they have refused to return.

Oakwood Cemetery - Montgomery, Alabama: Civil war graveyard are particularly good for investigators, as there was so much pain and death associated with the sites. Often battlegrounds were so scattered with the dead that they were buried where they fell and consequently a cemetery was born. Unique to war graveyards is that the deceased often were buried exactly where they died. Photography here has revealed some truly disturbing shots, EVP monitors pick up voices and sounds, and orbs often are seen swooshing across the fields at night and show up on film.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Chicago, Illinois: Located in the suburbs of Chicago, the cemetery was named for the many young men lost during the creation of Illinois-Michigan Canal. Burials were discontinued in the 1960's, but more than 200 documented reports of strange phenomena have been collected since the early 90's. Ghost lights, odd photos, EVP's and unexplained phenomena have been reported and investigated. The ghost of a child can be heard crying in the evening hours. Chicago is also home to the famous "Resurrection Mary" haunting, one of the best known ''Lady in White" haunting.

St. Louis Cemetery #1, New Orleans, Louisiana: Of all the cemeteries in New Orleans, this is the most popular because of the legend of Marie Laveau's continued haunting. The famous Louisiana Voodoo queen still has followers, and offerings are laid at her tomb in the hopes that she will bless the quitrent. All of New Orleans' graveyards are above ground and open to the public. These provide some of the best ghost stories, EVP and orbs captured on film, and entertaining ghost tours guided by some of the cities more colorful characters.

*Editor's note - This area may not be accessible due to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I ask that you please visit this haunting's Haunt Spot and start a topic to inform us of this St. Louis Cemetery #1's current condition. Thank you.


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May 22, 2009 7:56pm [ 1 ]

pine grove is also a haunted cemetery in ansonia connecticut and it is accessible and a head in their moves at night and ghost guards that try to keep living people in there so checl it out if you dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 26, 2009 9:52pm [ 2 ]

Good grief? really? that would be an experience im sure...I wouldnt go alone, better to travel in pairs :)

Jun 29, 2009 4:44pm [ 3 ]

there is a haunted cemetarty by my house if you walk in it at 3am and you go by the statue of jesus the statues eyes will turn green. and i am not joking i was soo scared and for the rest of the night i herd screams but that all was the past but if you go to the weatfield cemetary in indianna...........it is sooo scarry!!!!!GO IF YOU DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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